Bureau Meeting

The next IAHS bureau meetings will be held in Port Elizabeth, South Africa as part of the Scientific Assembly.

First bureau meeting - Sunday 9th July 9:00-13:00 Chair Hubert Savenije
Second bureau meeting - Saturday 15th July 9:00-13:00 Chair Günter Blöschl

Tentative agendas

Here are the reports from IAHS and the Commissions for presentation at the bureau meeting.

Officers Reports:

President's Report - Hubert Savenije
President Elect's Report - Günter Blöschl
Secretary General's Report - Christophe Cudennec

VP's Report - Eric Servat
VP's Report - Gia Destouni
Treasurer's Report - Cate Gardner

IAHS Ltd Manager's Report - Claire Lupton
Report from Chair of IAHS Ltd - Cate Gardner

Reports from Commissions:

ICCE Continental Erosion
ICCLAS Coupled Land-Atmosphere Systems
ICGW Groundwater
ICRS Remote Sensing
ICSH Statistical Hydrology
ICSIH Snow and Ice Hydrology
ICSW Surface Water
ICT Tracers
ICWQ Water Quality
ICWRS Water Resource Systems

Reports from Working Groups:

Panta Rhei
Representation of Developing Countries - Honorary VP Report - Xia Jun

Minutes from 2016 Bureau Meeting