Education in Hydrological Sciences

Working Group on Education in the Hydrological Sciences


To promote education in the hydrological sciences at national and international level by facilitating interaction and exchange of information between those responsible for and/or seeking such education.


Request the following information from National Representatives and IAHS individual members:

  • web sites which provide information on national and international courses in the hydrological sciences, one particular focus being on distance learning courses,
  • web sites of academic staff who are responsible for such courses and/or can offer research possibilities for MSc and PhD candidates,
  • web sites which provide information on relevant curricula, text books, web-based systems and other teaching aids,
  • where the information specified in (a) to (c) above is not available through a web site, digitized summaries could be submitted.

Establish a web site, linked to and from that of IAHS, containing summaries of the information received in response to the above request, classified by country, specialisation, etc, and with a note that responsibility for the contents lies with those who submitted the information and its inclusion does not imply endorsement by IAHS

The above information to be up-dated at any time on advice from the source and formally confirmed and then either up-dated or deleted every two years

Organize meetings, workshops, symposia, etc... on relevant subjects either as stand-alone events or, more likely, as part of IUGG General Assemblies or IAHS Scientific Assemblies
Organize other activities and projects, as approved by the Bureau of IAHS


The initiative will run for a period of eight years, with the possibility of extension thereafter.Collaboration with UNESCO will be sought.

It will proceed in stages, as human resources and information become available, possibly starting with (b) and (c) above.

It will make maximum use of and link with existing projects at national and international level which share the same aims.

It will be overseen by a Working Group on Education appointed by and reporting to the IAHS Bureau and UNESCO will be invited to participate as appropriate. The Working Group will keep in regular contact with the IAHS Commissions and will seek their advice and inputs on activities relating to their particular topics of responsibility.

Present Chair of the Working Group is:

Dr Eric Servat, Centre IRD Hydrologie, BP 5045, F-34032 Montpellier Cedex, France -