Call for Research Themes

Research Themes

The research activity of Panta Rhei is structured in Research Themes that will refer to the targets of Panta Rhei. Research themes provide a synthesis of the detailed goals of Panta Rhei, according to the scientific basis provided by the Science Plan (Targets and Research Questions). Research themes refer to a broad topic that can be potentially addressed by several working groups which are expected to focus on specific aspects of the theme. It is expected that working groups may cooperate within research theme by organising joint activities (workshops, conference sessions, etc).
Research Themes are listed in this page as soon as they are approved by the Panta Rhei Chair and Target Leaders.

Call for Research Themes
The Panta Rhei community is invited to submit proposals for Research Themes to be developed during the Panta Rhei Scientific Decade 2013-2022.

Research Themes are driven by one or more broad research questions and are described by a short abstract (no more than 150 words) describing the related activity and the link of the theme with the Panta Rhei Science Questions, with particular emphasis on the connection with society. Finally, proposers of a Research Theme should provide a first list of related working groups. If no groups are available, the proposers of the Research Theme are expected to submit at the same time a proposal for a Working Group (at this page).

Research Themes can be proposed anytime during the first biennium of Panta Rhei (2013-2015).

Please download the template for proposing the Panta Rhei Research Themes here. 

Please see the Panta Rhei Frequently Asked Questions if you have any doubt on the above procedure and please do not hesitate to contact us if you cannot find the answer to your questions.