Call for Working Groups

The activity of Panta Rhei is carried out by Working Groups that refer to Research Themes. Working Groups are listed in this page as soon as they are approved by the Panta Rhei Chair and Target Leaders.

New to Panta Rhei?
If you are new to Panta Rhei and would like to get involved, please see the list of working groups already established. Each working group has a proposal document describing the aim of the group, and also including an email address for the Working Group Chair. If you find a working group relevant to your research, please email the Chair directly to find out more about the group and request to join the group if suitable. If you do not find a suitable group and would like to propose a new one, please instead follow the details on the rest of this page.

Call for Working Groups
The Panta Rhei community is invited to submit proposals for Working Groups that will be developing the research activity of the Panta Rhei Scientific Decade 2013-2022.
Working Group focus on Research Themes (see here for the list of Panta Rhei Research Themes) and therefore they also establish a link with the Panta Rhei targets and research questions. The call for working groups is permanently open during the first biennium of Panta Rhei.

Composition of Working Groups
Working Groups are expected to be composed by at least 6 researchers from at least 3 different countries. They are coordinated by a Chair who is expected to keep the connection with the Panta Rhei Chair and Target Leaders. It is highly recommended that the expertise of Working Group member is complementary therefore allowing an interdisciplinary approach to research.

Task of Working Groups
Working Groups are expected to promote the research activity of Panta Rhei. They should produce a sufficient number of papers containing an explicit acknowledgement to Panta Rhei (see this page for a list of papers and instructions on how to acknowledge Panta Rhei). Moreover, Working Groups are expected to organise international initiatives and symposia with the patronage of Panta Rhei (sessions at AGU and EGU meetings, summer schools, small scale workshops etc.). They should also produce an annual report of the activity that will be published on the IAHS web site.
Working Groups may be removed if they fail in providing a sufficient activity.

Proposing a Working Group
Working Groups can be proposed anytime during the first biennium of Panta Rhei (2013-2015). Proposals are evaluated by the Panta Rhei governance.

Please download the template for proposing the Panta Rhei Working Groups here. Please submit this proposal as an email attachment to the Working Group Chair.  A confirmation of receipt will be sent to you.

Please see the Panta Rhei Frequently Asked Questions if you have any doubt on the above procedure and please do not hesitate to contact us if you cannot find the answer to your questions.