PUB 4th Biennium

Chair - John Pomeroy, University of Saskatchewan

Goals of the 4th Biennium

To enhance communication within the scientific community, and dialogue with the applications community
To encourage the inclusion and analysis of regional efforts and varying perspectives
To maximise the predictive value of available data
To incorporate process structure, variability and emergence into predictive approaches
To improve realism in conceptual approaches
To encourage uptake and evaluation of new measurement and information technologies for basin inputs and characterization
To develop improved models that reflect recently improved hydrological understanding
Professor Pomeroy's original views and plans for PUB's 4th Biennium are available from two documents:

The culmination of the 4th biennium was a major workshop held in Canmore, Alberta, Canada in May 2011, entitled 'Putting PUB into Practice'.

Whilst the essence of PUB is very much 'bottom-up' in terms of its organisation, it is nevertheless important that the movement as a whole is guided towards its strategic goals, that strands of discovery are drawn together in a co-ordinated manner, and that a vehicle is provided to facilitate the transfer of information, ideas and progress. The task of striking this balance was managed for the 4th Biennium by the Science Steering Group or SSG, composed of a Chair and Communications Director, the leaders of the eight Scientific Themes, two 'Young Hydrologist' delegates, and four Special Advisors, including the chairs of PUB's first three biennial phases.

Science Steering Group for the 4th PUB Biennium (2009-2011)

Chair John Pomeroy
University of Saskatchewan
Communications Vladimir Smakhtin
International Water Management Institute
Sri Lanka
Theme 1: Catchment Classification Ross Woods
National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research
New Zealand
Theme 2: Conceptualization of Process Heterogeneity Doerthe Tetzlaff
University of Aberdeen
Theme 3: Uncertainty Analyses and Model Diagnostics Thorsten Wagener
Pennsylvania State University
Theme 4: New Approaches to Data-Collection Danny Marks
US Department of Agriculture
Theme 5: New Hydrological Theory Alexander Gelfan
Water Problems Institute, Russian Academy of Science
Theme 6: New Approaches to Modelling Hubert Savenije
Delft University of Technology
Theme 7: International Working Groups Denis Hughes
Rhodes University
South Africa
Theme 8: Integration and Demonstration Projects Berit Arheimer
Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute
'Young Hydrologist' Olga Semenova
State Hydrological Institute, St Petersburg
'Young Hydrologist' Yukiko Hirabayashi
University of Tokyo
Special Advisor (ex officio - 3rd biennium chair) Günter Blöschl
Technical University of Vienna
Special Advisor (ex officio - 2nd biennium chair) Jeff McDonnell
Oregon State University
Special Advisor (ex officio - 1st biennium chair) Siva Sivapalan
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Special Advisor Kuni Takeuchi
International Centre for Water Hazard and Risk Management