Working Groups

PUB Working Groups

The great majority of PUB research has been accomplished through its Working Groups: a full list is provided here - the links in the first column will load pop-up pages describing the aims and organisation of the group, and providing details of its principal contacts.

Group Title
WG1 Top-Down Modelling Working Group
WG2 MOPEX Working Group
WG3 Orographic Precipitation, Surface & Ground Water Interactions and their Impact on Water Resources
Basin Inter-comparison and Classification Relating Hydrologic Diversity to Landscape Elements to Establish a Realistic PUB Model
WG4-3 Establishment of a Guideline for Selecting Hydrologic Models through Development of Uncertainty Evaluation Indices
WG4-4 Dam Reservoir Operation Monitoring with Remote Sensing for Large Scale Hydrologic Modeling
WG4-5 Estimating Frequencies of Hydrologic Extreme Events in Ungauged Basins using Scaling, Regionalization, and Historical Record Analysis
WG4-6a Global-Scale Hydrological Modeling, Considering Interaction between Natural Variation and Anthropogenic Activities
WG4-6b Downscaling of Global Hydrologic Information for Local-Scale Watershed Management in Ungauged Basins
WG4-7 Japan Working Group - Suimon Adventure for Knowledge Evolution (SAKE)
WG5 Design Flood Flows for Ungauged Basins
WG6 China Working Group
WG6-1 Hydrological modeling and water resources assessment in Northern China under high water-stress
WG6-2 Evaluation and prediction of groundwater in northern China
WG6-3 Flood forecast and damage estimation in southern China
WG6-4 Prediction of Water Resources and Consumption in the Arid Region of Northwest China
WG6-5 Study of ecologically vulnerable basins in China
WG6-6 Development of coupled hydrological and water-quality models in urbanized river basins
WG6-7 Application of new technologies, theories and methods to hydrological prediction in ungauged basins in China
WG 7 Uncertainty Estimation for Hydrological Modelling
WG8 Remote Sensing and Data Assimilation
WG9 Mediterranean Working Group
WG 10 Drought and Flood Risk: Hydrology and Sediment Transport in Mountain Catchments
WG 11 Andean Catchment Flow Estimation
WG 12 Slope Inter-Comparison Experiment (SLICE)
WG13 United Kingdom Working Group
WG14 The Waternet of Southern Africa
WG15 Canadian National Working Group
WG 16 IP3: Improved Processes and Parameterisation for Prediction in Cold
WG 17 Low Stream Flows And Hydrologic Drought
WG 18 Extreme flood assessment and prediction in the monsoon climate zone of North-East Asia
WG 19 Process-Based Model Selection