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Upcoming IAHS sessions at EGU General Assembly 2020

The EGU General Assembly 2020 will be held in the Austria Center Vienna (ACV) in Vienna, Austria, from 3–8 May 2020. 

Please be advised that the abstract submission deadline is 15 January 2020, 13:00 CET

IAHS co-convenes several sessions, including the following ones, especially in line with its agenda-setting initiatives UPH, Panta Rhei, MOXXI, CANDHY and topics of the 10 commissions.

Unsolved Problems in Hydrology Sessions

HS1.2.1 | PICO
Pathways towards solving the Unsolved Problems in Hydrology (UPH)
Co-sponsored by AGU, IAH, and IAHS
Convener: Elena Toth | Co-conveners: Berit Arheimer, Günter Blöschl, Christophe Cudennec, Maria-Helena Ramos 

Panta Rhei Sessions

HS1.2.4 | PICO
Panta Rhei: Hydrology, Society & Environmental Change
Convener: Fuqiang Tian | Co-conveners: Enrica Caporali, Giuliano Di Baldassarre, Heidi Kreibich, Tobias Krueger 

Hydroclimatic change and unchange: exploring the mysteries of variability, nature and human impact
Convener: Serena Ceola | Co-conveners: Christophe Cudennec, Theano Iliopoulou, Harry Lins, Alberto Montanari 


Spatial extremes in the hydro- and atmosphere: understanding and modelling
Convener: Manuela Irene Brunner | Co-conveners: A.B. Bardossy, Philippe Naveau, Simon Michael Papalexiou, Elena Volpi

HS7.7 | PICO
Hydroclimatic and hydrometeorologic stochastics: Extremes, scales, probabilities
Convener: Jose Luis Salinas | Co-conveners: Marco Borga, Auguste Gires, Hannes Müller-Thomy, Alberto Viglione

MOXXI session

HS1.1.1 | Posters only
The MacGyver session for innovative and/or self made tools to observe the geosphere
Convener: Rolf Hut | Co-conveners: Theresa Blume, Elisa Coraggio, Flavia Tauro, Andrew Wickert 

CandHy session

HS3.2 | PICO
Innovative sensing techniques for water monitoring, modelling, and management: Satellites, gauges and citizens
Convener: Fernando Nardi | Co-conveners: Thaine H. Assumpção, Wouter Buytaert, Serena Ceola, Maurizio Mazzoleni

Further IAHS related sessions

Long-term catchment memory
Convener: Vazken Andréassian | Co-conveners: Berit Arheimer, Alban de Lavenne, Markus Hrachowitz, Amaury Tilmant

Advances in Socio-Hydrology
Convener: Britta Höllermann | Co-conveners: Iolanda Borzì, Giuliano Di Baldassarre, Murugesu Sivapalan, Ted Veldkamp 

Socio-hydrological approach to understand conflict and cooperation dynamics in transboundary rivers
Convener: Jing Wei | Co-conveners: Mohammad Ghoreishi, Murugesu Sivapalan, Fuqiang Tian 

Space-time dynamics of floods: processes, controls, and risk
Convener: William Farmer | Co-conveners: Heidi Kreibich, Luis Mediero, Alberto Viglione, Sergiy Vorogushyn 

HS2.5.2 | PICO
Large-sample hydrology: characterising and understanding hydrological diversity
Convener: Sandra Pool | Co-conveners: Gemma Coxon, Wouter Knoben, Nicolas Vasquez, Keirnan Fowler 

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