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WMO Hydrological Research Strategy – call for research proposals

As a partner organisation IAHS would like to draw your attention to the WMO call for research proposals.

WMO through its Hydrology Coordination Panel is seeking to fund research proposals that will address aspects of one or more of the three research priorities identified by the WMO Hydrology Research Strategy, contributing to build the capacity of WMO Members in the hydrological value chain. These aspects are:

1.     Improve Hydrological Monitoring to generate hydrologic and cryospheric information that enhances our understanding and assessment of the quantity and quality of water resources, including both surface and groundwater. This includes both issues related to hydrologic data collection, and to the design and evaluation of hydrological monitoring networks.
2.     Improve hydrological forecasting, including hydrological and cryospheric modelling and forecasting; precipitation estimation and forecasting;  understanding and predicting hydrological extremes; and assessing/modelling human-water-ecosystem interactions.
3.     Develop and improve relevant methods, procedures, and techniques for the collection, analysis, and transmission/communication of hydrological data for the user community. This includes issues related to data processing and quality control; data storage, access, and dissemination; and communications to the end users.

Additional background information and modalities are provided in the  WMO Hydrology research call for proposals

Submit your proposal
Proposing entities willing to submit a proposal should comply with the WMO Hydrological Research Strategy Proposal template, and submit it by 30 September 2022 using the email address with following subject : WMO Hydrological Research Strategy – research proposal

Received proposals will be evaluated by an external Technical Evaluation Board with representatives from WMO, UNESCO-IHP and IAHS.

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