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IAHS-ICWQ International Workshop on Flood-drought chain disasters and water ecological degradation in a changing environment

The International Commission of Water Quality (ICWQ) of IAHS have organised a workshop on 'Flood-drought chain disasters and water ecological degradation in a changing environment' in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, China on 9-12 December 2022.

With climate change and rapid urbanization, precipitation and runoff show a more concentrated distribution trend. The extreme water conditions of flood and drought disasters are aggravated. More frequent flood-drought alternations have been seen in some countries as a result of global climate change and intensive human activities. Water ecology degradation especially in developing countries is still serious. The purpose of this workshop is to investigate the new characteristics and new laws of flood and drought disasters and water ecological degradation in the changing environment through invited presentations. Scientific strategies and practical measures for flood-drought early warning and disasters prevention and water ecology protection in a changing environment will be discussed.

Topics (not limited to):

1. Intelligent monitoring of hydrology and water resources and water ecology for early perception of water risk

2. Extreme evolution of hydrology and water ecology in changing environments

3. Flood-drought-aquatic ecology modeling and risk early warning

4. Flood and drought disasters and drought-flood conversion risks

5. Water ecological responses to human activities and climate change

6. Storm surge - heavy rain - flood - waterlogging - ecological degradation "multi-encounter" and its derivative disaster occurrence mechanism

7. Simulation, prediction and assessment of flood and drought disasters and their derivative composite disasters

8. Mechanism of water ecological degradation and restoration and governance

Important Dates: 

* Deadline for abstract submission: 20 November 2022. 

* Abstract of no more than 300 words should be sent to Dr. Zhiyou Liu  

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