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Contribute to brainstorming the next IAHS decade

IAHS invites you to participate in the discussion for the next IAHS Scientific Decade

Over the past 20 years, IAHS has initiated two scientific decades, which set the research agenda worldwide through collaborative forces.

2003-2012:  Predictions in Ungauged Basins (PUB)
2013–2022: Panta Rhei—Everything Flows: Change in hydrology and society.

After two successful decades, IAHS want to once more boost the community through launching a third topic for collaborative efforts in hydrological sciences. IAHS invites you to join our online discussion to contribute to the process and to share your ideas.

The overall aim with a Scientific Decade is to accumulate knowledge and streamline research efforts worldwide. Previous experiences has showed that such initiatives foster engagement, sharing and collective focus to better understand specific hydrological problems or phenomena - and thereby accelerate scientific achievements. 

Click on the image below to access the discussion forum.

In addition to the online forum, an in-person event with limited number of participants will be held in Córdoba, Spain, from 1 Feb to 3 Feb to capitalise on the online discussion and decide on the topic. Please note that this will not be a hybrid meeting but with frequent online forum iterations every day.  

Full details of the agenda, and how to register, can be found on the Córdoba workshop page.

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