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Opportunity to contribute remotely to the IAHS Next Scientific Decade

After two successful decades (PUB and Panta Rhei), IAHS want to once more boost the community through launching a third topic for collaborative efforts in hydrological sciences. The overall aim of the Scientific Decade is to accumulate knowledge and streamline research efforts worldwide. 

An open in-person event will be held 1-3 February 2023 in Córdoba, Spain, to decide on the topic for the next scientific decade. Ideas are already being discussed in the online forum. To enable a wider community input we are running three online sessions in different time-zones for remote discussions to further feed in to the plenary sessions in Cordoba (see questions below). 

To join a free online session you need to register in advance:

Oceania/Asia region organised by Barry Croke and Chris Leong: Monday 30th January 2pm AEDT  

Europe/Africa region (part 1) organised by Christophe Cudennec and Jean-Marie Kileshye: Wednesday 1st February 10-12 CET 

Europe/Africa region (part 2) organised by Melody Sandells: Thursday 2nd February 10:30-12:30 CET 

North/South America region organised by Stacey Archfield and Giova Mosquera: Tuesday 31st January 1-3pm EST 

Questions to be discussed and reported in Córdoba:

Input requested for Plenum 1 Feb at 14 hrs CET:

1. What defines a successful Scientific Decade?
2. What do we want to achieve in the long-term and short-term, respectively?

Input requested for Plenum 2 Feb at 10 hrs CET:

1. What are the current drivers/trends in Fundamental and Applied Research?
2. What are the societal needs of scientific results?
3. Where to position IAHS? (vs other global scientific communities)

Input requested for Plenum 2 Feb at 14 hrs CET:

1. Brainstorm potential topics (and sub-topics/science questions) of the Next decade!
2. Identify short and catchy names
3. Make a brief SWOT analysis for each one (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

NOTE: the voting for new topic will only be made by participants in Cordoba – and announced in the evening (CET) of Day 2!

Input requested for Plenum 3 Feb at 10 hrs CET:

1. Identify sub-topics, science questions and Results of the Next Scientific Decade!
2. Suggest an organisational structure and communication/work activities, based on previous experience from global community building.

Please, join us and contribute to the community effort to define the next scientific decade!

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