The Next Scientific Decade

The next scientific decade

Topic for the Next IAHS Scientific Decade?

IAHS has initiated two scientific decades, which set the research agenda worldwide through collaborative forces.

The overall aim with a scientific decade is to accumulate knowledge and streamline the efforts so that coherent engagement, sharing, and focus accelerate scientific knowledge and understanding of a specific hydrological problem or phenomena. It stimulates vivid discussions between young and senior scientists globally. After two successful decades, IAHS want to once more boost the community through launching a third topic for collaborative efforts in hydrological sciences.

Please, contribute to the process and share your ideas – respond to the forum below

We search for a scientific topic that is broad enough to engage the wider hydrological community but narrow enough for concerted actions. All ideas are welcome to be discussed, debated, consolidated, and tweaked in this forum. Finally, one winner will be distinguished OR a merged consensus alternative will be elaborated and embraced by the IAHS research community.

Time plan for the process:

  1. 10 December 2022 – 20 January 2023: online forum open for suggesting topics
  2. 1-3 February: workshop in Córdoba, Spain + parallel online meetings
  3. 1 April: first draft of a Concept Note at the IAHS website
  4. 1-20 April: online forum open for comments
  5. 23-28 April: 1 or 2 Splinter meetings at EGU in Vienna, Austria
  6. 1 May: first version of the Concept Note published at the IAHS website
  7. 1-31 May: online forum open for comments and amendments
  8. 11-20 July: launch the new Scientific decade at the IUGG General Assembly in Berlin.


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