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IAHS 100 year anniversary plenary

IAHS celebrated its 100-year anniversary during the IAHS2022 Scientific Assembly in Montpellier, France. 

The well-attended plenary was divided into three parts:

  • Segment 1: Historical recap in building the future, chaired by B. Arheimer, with inputs by G. Blöschl, K. Beven and C. Cudennec
  • Segment 2: Future water challenges and scientific opportunities, chaired by C. Cudennec, with inputs by A. van Loon, I. Pechlivanidis, M-J. Polo
  • Segment 3: Emerging knowledge, technology, community building, chaired by G. Blöschl, with panelists B. Arheimer (IAHS), A. Amani (UNESCO), J. Cullmann (WMO), H. Makurira (Waternet), M. H. Ramos (EGU), S. Uhlenbrook (IWMI), H. Kreibich (IAHS), M. Sivapalan (IAHS)


During the historical recap we heard from Günter Blöschl about the history of the association including information on the PUB and Panta Rhei decades as well as lessons learned from the UPH process.

Christophe Cudennec produced 10 posters about IAHS history for the event (one for each decade) and detailed the growth and development of the Association.

During 'Future water challenges and scientific opportunities' we heard from Anne Van Loon about the Panta Rhei working group ‘Drought in the Anthropocene’ and Ilias Pechlivanidis about ‘Flooding beyond Prediction’ before María José Polo Gómez spoke about co-development with stakeholders and engaging citizens including the IAHS CandHy working group.

The audience were then invited down for a pop-up session to talk for 2 minutes on their thoughts for the new decade and many took the opportunity.

Finally a panel of IAHS Officers and invited sister organisations (WMO, UNESCO, WaterNet, WMO and IWMI) chaired an interactive session on ‘Emerging knowledge, technology, community building’ inviting provocative questions from the audience.

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