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2015 International Hydrology Prize and Tison award medalists

Congratulations to the recipients of the International Hydrology Prize (Dooge medal and Volker medal) and the Tison award for 2015!


Dooge medal: Mary Hill (USA)

Left to Right: Christophe Cudennec (Secretary General, IAHS), Anil Mishra (UNESCO), Hubert Savenije (President, IAHS), Mary Hill (Dooge Medal Recipient), Paul Pilon (WMO).

Volker medal: Pierre Hubert (France)

Left to Right: Anil Mishra (UNESCO), Hubert Savenije (President, IAHS), Pierre Hubert (Volker Medal Recipient), Paul Pilon (WMO).

Awarded during the IAHS Plenary at IUGG 2015 in Prague, Czech Republic (26th June 2015).

The International Hydrology Prize is awarded annually by IAHS, with UNESCO and WMO, to two people who have made an outstanding contribution to hydrological science.

Nominations for the Prize are made by National Committees and forwarded to the Secretary General for consideration by the Nomination Committee. The Committee consists of the President and a Vice-President of IAHS and representatives of UNESCO and WMO.

Two medals are awarded under the International Hydrology Prize: the Dooge medal and the Volker medal. Both medals are intended to distinguish outstanding achievements by hydrological scientists but with a different focus. The Dooge medal is aimed at fundamental contributions to the science of hydrology, whereas the Volker medal is aimed at outstanding applications of hydrological science for the benefit of society at large.


The 2015 Tison Award was presented to A. Maltese and F. Capodici.

Maltese, A., Bates, P.D., Capodici, F., Cannarozzo, M., Ciraolo, G. and La Loggia, G., 2013. Critical analysis of thermal inertia approaches for surface soil water content retrieval. Hydrological Sciences Journal, 58 (5), 1144–1161. doi:10.1080/02626667.2013.802322

Left to Right: Christophe Cudennec (Secretary General, IAHS), Hubert Savenije (President, IAHS), Antonino Maltese (Tison Award Recipient), Zbigniew W. Kundzewicz (Retired Co-editor, HSJ). Photo courtesy of C. Neale.

The paper is available open access:

The IAHS Tison Award, established in 1982, aims to promote excellence in research by young hydrologists. The Award is granted for an outstanding paper published by IAHS in a period of two years previous to the deadline for nominations.

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