PUB Working Group 6-7 (WG6-7): Application of new technologies, theories and methods for hydrological prediction in ungauged basins in China


Most catchments in China, especially in western China, are short of observed data for hydrological predictions. The initial and the most important task of the prediction problems in ungauged basins is to study the uncertainty. The uncertainty is from the input, the structure of the model and spatial variability and among others.

We gather participants from different research backgrounds on the common variables of interest from new theories, new methods and new technologies. The first results from this working group provide the application of new technology, such as remote sensing, isotope and GIS in PUB. Importantly, the uncertainty of the model parameters is identified for the prediction. Additionally, the uncertainty analysis is closely related with the accuracy of precipitation, which in this working group we will explore further.

Building on these results, the integration of the Problems of Uncertainty in PUB may be evaluated based on various catchments in China, and the experiences we get from these cases will add values to the PUB exercise.

Key Participants: