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Abstract submission is now open for 9th International Water Resources Management Conference

The 9th International Water Resources Management conference is being held in Cairns, Australia from Monday 20 to Wednesday 22 July 2020 (http://www.iahs-icwrs.org/conference/2020/index.html). This conference is part of the series of IWRM conferences organised by IAHS-ICWRS, and is also linked to the Panta Rhei Scientific Decade (2013-2022) of the IAHS. It has two very focused streams: ICWRS: advancing water resource management across the globe; and Progress in Panta Rhei: Change in Hydrology and Society.
Abstracts are due by January 31st. Please submit your abstract via the link below: https://meetings.copernicus.org/iwrm2020/contribution_management/how_to_submit.html

Full papers that have been accepted and presented at the symposium will be published in the Proceedings of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (PIAHS).

This event is eligible for IAHS SYSTA travel support.


Barry Croke and Yongping Wei
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