Besides running a scientific journal (HSJ) and publishing proceedings (PIAHS), IAHS offers an inclusive environment for scientific-knowledge exchange in hydrology - by arranging conferences, meetings, collaborative publications (reviews, synthesis, opinion papers), web-based platforms and social-media presence. IAHS set the international research agenda in hydrological sciences e.g. by running the Scientific Decades and by recognising scientific excellency with medals and awards. This voluntary work is organised by Association Officers, 11 International Commissions, who form the IAHS Bureau (see organogram below), as well as specific Working Groups.


The Presidents are the highest executive officers and the front figures for their appointment. The IAHS President is Chair of the Bureau.

The Secretaries coordinate and manage the work tasks. The Secretary General is the main contact point for IAHS, coordinating the overall workflow, organising the programmes of assemblies and the IUGG contacts.

Each Commission has its own work plan and activities, including arranging and convening sessions at the Assemblies and specific events.

The Vice Presidents of the Association assist the President and the Secretary General, for instance with:

·        Outreach, community building, communication, and enhanced regional engagement.
·        Collaboration with UN organisations & partners, crew medal committees & provide awards.
·        Edition of the under-development Digital Water Globe, scientific edition of PIAHS, convening of sessions and events.

The officers of the IAHS Bureau and Commissions are elected every 4 years at the Administrative Plenary during the IUGG General Assembly. Countries which are IUGG members at the time, have one vote each.

Note that the HSJ is managed by the Editor-in-Chief, four Co-Editors and the Editorial Office at IAHS Ltd. The Editors, Treasurer and Chair of IAHS Ltd are appointed (not elected).   

IAHS Governance

IAHS is governed by statutes and by-laws of both IAHS and IAHS Ltd, accompanied with best practices and operational procedures as described HERE

The final authority of the Association in all matters of administration and finance is the Plenary Administrative Session of the Association. The Bureau is the second highest authority of the Association. IAHS Ltd is a charity company and legal body, established to employ staff of the IAHS Secretariat. Interactions and main roles for decision-making, managing and monitoring within IAHS are illustrated in the flowchart below.

Last Update September 2023

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