2019 IUGG General Assembly SYSTA Awardees

The IAHS Sivapalan Young Scientists Travel Awards (SYSTA) initiative was launched in 2018 and the first meeting eligible for an award was the IUGG General Assembly in July 2019. The aims of SYSTA are to: (1) strengthen attendance of IAHS Meetings from financially disadvantaged countries (FDCs) to address the currently low attendance; and (2) foster high quality science among a new generation of hydrologists.

In early 2019, IAHS were pleased to award 15 SYSTA awards for attendance at the IUGG General Assembly in Montreal, Canada in July 2019 up to the maximum award value of €2,000.

A reception and mentoring event was organised with Prof. M. Sivapalan at the 2019 IUGG General Assembly for all SYSTA awardees, members of the IAHS Early Career Committee from FDCs and early career recipients from FDCs of IUGG funding awards allocated by IAHS. Due to events beyond our control, 2 awardees were unable to make the trip to Canada.

The awardees who were able to attend the IUGG General Assembly were as follows:

ARUMUGAM Jothibasu  India
DANUMAH Jean Homian  Cote d’Ivoire
DAS Jew  India 
DEH Serge Kouakou  Cote d’Ivoire
DHIB Saoussen  Tunisia
FATY Abdoulaye  Senegal
MOSQUERA Giovanny  Ecuador
NAMUGIZE Jean Nepomuscene  Rwanda
OULARE Sekouba  Cote d’Ivoire
PRADHAN Rudra Mohan  India
SALAZAR Sergio Andrés  Colombia/Spain
VISESSRI Supattra  Thailand

Left to Right: Sergio Salazar, Supattra Visessri, Kasiviswanathan Kasiapillai Sudalaimuthu, Jean Danumah, Professor M. Sivapalan, Jew Das, Jothibasu Arumugam, Giova Mosquera, Rudra Mohan Pradhan

Reports from the attendees will follow soon and be published on this page.


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