ICSW Surface Water


Alain Dezetter




David Hannah



Vice President

Ernest Amoussou



Vice President

Elizabeth Boyer


Vice President

Faiza Hallouz




Yonca Cavus



ECC Representative

Moctar Dembélé

Burkina Faso / Ghana

ICSW is one of the Commissions of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS) and promotes scientific and operational hydrology.


ICSW is responsible for promoting research in surface water hydrology and its interaction with other aspects of the hydrological cycle. The primary focus of activities is to advance knowledge of the dynamics and statistics of surface water hydrology and to encourage the transfer of this knowledge to the international scientific hydrological community and the water industry to improve the design and operation of hydrological systems. 


Core activities including flood and drought prediction, mitigation and forecasting will continue within ICSW; however, a higher priority will be given to interdisciplinary research including socio-economic aspects. This will include river and stream ecology, wetland ecology, water quality, poverty reduction, hydrology and health and knowledge building to reduce international conflict in water.

This will be achieved through joint activities with other commissions and agencies outside of IAHS. The Commission will maintain close links with UNESCO, UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Hydrology Programme, and WMO programmes - for example in supporting the global FRIEND (Flow Regimes from International Experimental and Network Data). The Commission will endeavour to support capacity building in developing countries by increasing activities in these regions.

Join us

The ICSW is open to collaboration and we encourage you to:

    • suggest symposia, workshops and co-convenors to IAHS Scientific Assemblies
    • submit contributions to the IAHS publications and newsletter.

Please send your suggestions and contributions to the ICSW Secretary, Yonca Cavus or the ICSW President David M. Hannah.

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