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4th International Conference on Snow Hydrology

SnowHydrology2024 will provide an excellent opportunity to discuss recent advances in all aspects of snow hydrology at a dedicated conference. It will be the event to meet your peers and exchange latest ideas in a focused and informal setting. 

The 4th International Conference on Snow Hydrology will be hosted in Grenoble, France in the foothills of the Alps not far from the famous Mont-Blanc. The scientific sessions will take place on Tuesday to Thursday (30 Jan - 1 Feb). On Friday (2 Feb) we will take you out to an exciting excursion, allowing you to enjoy the snow in the nearby mountains. An icebreaker event will be offered on Monday evening (29 Jan). 

See the conference website for further details, First circular and abstract submission guidelines 


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Dates: August 21 - 26, 2022
The Icelandic Meteorological Office together with international partners is hosting a symposium highlighting rapid changes occurring in all components of the Earth’s cryosphere: Glaciers, ice sheets, snow cover, sea ice, permafrost, lake ice and river ice. 
Leading scientists will present latest results on changes occurring all over the planet and their impacts, which are felt at high and low latitudes, affecting both the developed world, developing nations and indigeneous peoples. The occasion of this conference is the 100th anniversary of the Icelandic Meteorological Office and the transformation of GCW into operational stage. Along with oral and poster presentations on scientific results and new technologies, the symposium will allow time for panel discussions on research gaps and future perspectives in the light of the Paris Agreement that calls for limiting global warming to 1.5–2°C.
Abstract submission will be closed on March 15, 2022.
See the conference website


IAHS Scientific Assembly (IAHS 2021) 
Montpellier, France, 29 May to 3 June 2022.
Co-organized sessions by ICSIH:

Advances in snow and ice hydrology
Cold region runoff and groundwater change
Snow-melt driven erosion and sediment pathways in Polar regions

The scientific program is available online at

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