Activities of the ICWQ

Past activities of the ICWQ

IAHS-IAPSO-IASPEI Joint Assembly "Knowledge for the future", Gothenburg, Sweden, 22-26 July 2013
  • Understanding fresh‐water quality problems in a changing world, Symposium
  • Characterizing water quantity and quality: new approaches and future directions, Workshop
  • How can models help to solve water quality problems? Workshop
  • Anthropogenic radionuclide contamination of water and sediment: short-term and long-term consequences, Workshop
  • Land-ocean interaction - Hydrodynamics and biogeochemistry, Workshop
  • IAHS Early Career Hydrological Scientist meeting

XXV IUGG General Assembly in Melbourne, Australia, July 2011
  • Interaction between fresh water and ecosystem in the coastal zone, Joint Workshop
  • Conceptual and modelling studies of integrated groundwater, surface water, and ecological systems, Symposium
  • Assessment of water quality under changing climate conditions, Symposium
  • Understanding and quantifying physical and geochemical processes during artificial recharge of groundwater, Workshop
  • Water quality and sediment prediction in ungauged basins, Workshop
  • Water supply and water quality in large metropolitan areas and megacities, Workshop
  • Quality and quantity aspects of green and blue water: Impact on agriculture, environment, energy and industry, Workshop

World Water Week, Stockholm, Sweden, September 2010, with theme "The Water Quality Challenge – Prevention, Wise Use and Abatement"
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