Proceedings of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (PIAHS)

Since September 2014 the online open-access continuation of the IAHS Red Book series, Proceedings of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (PIAHS) has been published by Copernicus Publications on behalf of IAHS. The Editor-in-Chief is Christophe Cudennec, IAHS Secretary General.  Future papers published in the IAHS proceedings journal will be free to view/download, and so visible to a worldwide audience. The metadata for each paper are available to indexing organisations and citations will be recorded. Print copies of PIAHS volumes are available to order.

Volume 384, 2021
Hydrology of Large River Basins of Africa, Cotonou, Benin, November 16-20 2021
Editor(s): Amoussou, E., Mahe, G., Amrouni, O., Bodian, A., Cudennec, C., Dietrich, S., Kodja, D. J., and Vissin, E. W.

Volume 383, 2020
Hydrological processes and water security in a changing world
Hydrological Processes and Water Security in a Changing World, Beijing, China, 6–9 November 2018
Editor(s): Z. Yu, C. Lu, D. Yu, J. Cai, G. Mahe, A. Mishra, C. Cudennec, H. A. J. Van Lanen, D. Orange, and A. Amani

Volume 382, 2020
TISOLS: the Tenth International Symposium On Land Subsidence – living with subsidence
Tenth International Symposium on Land Subsidence, Delft, the Netherlands, 17–21 May 2021
Editor(s): P. A. Fokker and G. Erkens

Volume 381, 2019
Land use and climate change impacts on erosion and sediment transport
ICCE Symposium 2018 – Climate Change Impacts on Sediment Dynamics: Measurement, Modelling and Management, Moscow, Russia, 27–31 August 2018
Editor(s): S. Chalov, V. Golosov, A. Collins, and M. Stone

Volume 380, 2018
Earth Observation for Integrated Water and Basin Management: New possibilities and challenges for adaptation to a changing environment
The Remote Sensing & Hydrology Symposium, Cordoba, Spain, 8–10 May 2018
Editors: M. P. González-Dugo, C. Neale, A. Andreu, R. Pimentel, and M. J. Polo

Volume 379, 2018
Innovative water resources management – understanding and balancing interactions between humankind and nature.
8th International Water Resources Management Conference of ICWRS, Beijing, China, 13–15 June 2018
Editors: Z. Xu, D. Peng, W. Sun, B. Pang, D. Zuo, A. Schumann, and Y. Chen

Volume 378, 2018
Understanding spatio-temporal variability of water resources and the implications for IWRM in semi-arid eastern and southern Africa
IAHS Scientific Assembly 2017, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, 10–14 July 2017
Editors: H. Makurira, D. Mazvimavi, J.-M. Kileshye-Onema, E. Kapangaziwiri, and W. Gumindoga

Volume 377, 2018
Water quality and sediment transport issues in surface water
IAHS Scientific Assembly 2017, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, 10–14 July 2017
Editors: G. Mahe, K. Heal, A. B. Gupta, and H. Aksoy

Volume 376, 2018
Water security and the food–water–energy nexus: drivers, responses and feedbacks at local to global scales
IAHS Scientific Assembly 2017, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, 10–14 July 2017
Editor(s): G. Jewitt and B. Croke

Volume 375, 2017
Integrating monitoring and modelling for understanding, predicting and managing sediment dynamics
ICCE Symposium 2016 – Integrating monitoring and modelling for sediment dynamics, Okehampton, UK, 11–15 July 2017
Editor(s) A. Collins, M. Stone, A. Horowitz, and I. Foster

Volume 374, 2015
Water Resources Assessment and Seasonal Prediction
International Conference Water Resources Assessment and Seasonal Prediction, Koblenz, Germany, 13–16 October 2015
Editor(s): W. Grabs and S. Demuth

Volume 373, 2016
The spatial dimensions of water management – Redistribution of benefits and risks
7th International Water Resources Management Conference of ICWRS, Bochum, Germany, 18–20 May 2016
A. H. Schumann, G. Blöschl, A. Castellarin, J. Dietrich, S. Grimaldi, U. Haberlandt, A. Montanari, D. Rosbjerg, A. Viglione, and S. Vorogushyn

Volume 372, 2015
Prevention and mitigation of natural and anthropogenic hazards due to land subsidence
Ninth International Symposium on Land Subsidence (NISOLS), Nagoya, Japan, 15–19 November 2015
K. Daito and D. Galloway

Volume 371, 2015
Hydrologic Non-Stationarity and Extrapolating Models to Predict the Future
IAHS Symposium HS02, 26th General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, Prague, Czech Republic, 22 June–2 July 2015
J. Vaze, F. Chiew, D. Hughes, and V. Andreassian

Volume 370, 2015
Changes in Flood Risk and Perception in Catchments and Cities
IAHS Symposium HS01, 26th General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, Prague, Czech Republic, 22 June–2 July 2015
M. Rogger, H. Aksoy, M. Kooy, A. Schumann, E. Toth, Y. Chen, V. Borrell Estupina, and G. Blöschl

Volume 369, 2015
Extreme Hydrological Events
IAHS-IACS-IAG Joint Symposium JH1, 26th General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, Prague, Czech Republic, 22 June–2 July 2015
C. Cudennec, A. Eicker, P. Pilon, M. Stoffel, A. Viglione, and Z. Xu

Volume 368, 2015
Remote Sensing and GIS for Hydrology and Water Resources
3rd Remote Sensing and Hydrology Symposium (RSHS14) and the 3rd International Conference of GIS/RS in Hydrology, Water Resources and Environment (ICGRHWE14), Guangzhou, China, 24–27 August 2014
Y. Chen, C. Neale, I. Cluckie, Z. Su, J. Zhou, Q. Huang, and Z. Xu

Volume 367, 2015
Sediment Dynamics from the Summit to the Sea
ICCE 2014, International Symposium On Sediment Dynamics, New Orleans, USA, 11–14 December 2014
Y. Jun Xu, M. A. Allison, S. J. Bentley, A. L. Collins, W. D. Erskine, V. Golosov, A. J. Horowitz, and M. Stone

Volume 366, 2015
Hydrological Sciences and Water Security: Past, Present and Future
11th Kovacs Colloquium, Paris, France, 16–17 June 2014
C. Cudennec, S. Demuth, A. Mishra, and G. Young

Volume 365, 2015
Complex Interfaces Under Change: Sea – River – Groundwater – Lake
Symposia HP2 & HP3, IAHS-IAPSO-IASPEI Assembly, Gothenburg, Sweden, 22–26 July 2013
C. Cudennec, M. Kravchishina, J. Lewandowski, D. Rosbjerg, and P. Woodworth

Volume 364, 2014
Proceedings of ICWRS2014
6th IAHS-EGU International Symposium on Integrated Water Resources Management, Bologna, Italy, 4–6 June 2014
A. Castellarin, S. Ceola, E. Toth, and A. Montanari

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