ICWQ Water Quality


Dedi Liu



Co-President (2023-2025)

Xiaohong Chen



Co-President (2021-2023)

Elango Lakshmanan



Vice President

Remegio Confesor

USA / Norway


Vice President

Stefan Krause



Vice President

Ann van Griensven




Alena Bartosova

Czech Rep. / Sweden


ECC Representative

Bertil Nlend


ICWQ is one of the Commissions of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS). Suggestions for activities by the ICWQ, such as organising workshops or symposia within IAHS Assemblies or standalone conferences or workshops, are very welcome. Please contact the President or Secretary with suggestions.


5th IAHS-ICWQ Workshop

The IAHS International Commission on Water Quality (ICWQ) will host a workshop entitled 'Flood-Drought Disaster Chain and Water Ecological Degradation in the Changing Environment' 2-3 December 2023 in Zhuhai City, China.

Topics will include:

1. Intelligent monitoring of hydrology and water ecology for the early perception of water risk
2. Extreme storm and non-point source pollution in the changing environment
3. Flood-drought-aquatic ecology modelling and risk early warning
4. Prediction of drought-flood alternation and flood-drought disaster chain
5. Water ecological responses to human activities and climate change
6. Storm surge - heavy rain - flood - waterlogging - ecological degradation "multi-encounter" and its derivative disaster occurrence
7. Simulation, prediction and assessment of flood and drought disasters and their derivative composite disasters
8. Restoration and governance of water ecological degradation 

Registration is free. Abstracts of no more than 300 words should be sent to Prof. LIU Zhiyoug ([email protected]) before 10 November 2023.

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