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Here is a list of the Red Books and Special Issues produced by ICCE members

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Books published before 2002 (Publs 1 to 269) can be downloaded as pdf files from the website without charge.

PIAHS book “Land use and climate change impacts on erosion and sediment transport” Volume 381, 2019

Editors: Sergey Chalov, Valentin Golosov, Adrian Collins, Mike Stone

Sediment source fingerprinting for informing catchment management: methodological approaches, problems and uncertainty

Edited by A. Collins, P. Porto, I. Foster, A. Gellis
Volume 194
Pages 1-108
Year 2017

Integrating monitoring and modelling for understanding, predicting and managing sediment dynamics ICCE Symposium 2016 – Integrating monitoring and modelling for sediment dynamics, Okehampton, UK, 11–15 July 2017

Editor(s) A. Collins, M. Stone, A. Horowitz, and I. Foster
Volume: 375
Year: 2017

Sediment Dynamics from the Summit to the Sea

Author / Editor: Y. Jun Xu, M. A. Allison, S. J. Bentley, A. L. Collins, W. D. Erskine, V. Golosov, Arthur J. Horowitz & Mike Stone 
Publication Number: 367
ISBN Number: 978-1-907161-45-2
Year: 2014
Pages: 470 + x
Price: £105.00
The volume can be downloaded free of charge at
Considering Hydrological Change in Reservoir Planning and Management

Author / Editor: Andreas Schumann et al.
Publication Number: 362
ISBN Number: 978-1-907161-40-7
Year: 2013
Pages: 214
Price: £61.00
Workshop on ‘Tracer Applications in Sediment Research’ Melbourne, Australia.

Special Issue on Hydrological Processes Volume 27, Issue 6

Author / Editor: Des E. Walling, Valentin Golosov, Jon Olley
Deltas: Landforms, Ecosystems and Human Activities

Author / Editor: Gordon Young & Gerardo M.E. Perillo
Publication Number: 358
ISBN Number: 978-1-907161-36-0
Year: 2013
Pages: 256

Price: £65.00
Erosion and Sediment Yields in the Changing Environment

Author / Editor: Adrian L. Collins, Valentin Golosov, Arthur J. Horowitz, Xixi Lu, Mike Stone, Des E. Walling
Publication Number: 356
ISBN Number: 978-1-907161-33-9
Year: 2012
Pages: 452

Price: £90.00
Wildfire and Water Quality: Processes, Impacts and Challenges

Author / Editor: Mike Stone, Adrian Collins & Martin Thoms
Publication Number: 354
ISBN Number: 978-1-907161-32-2
Year: 2012
Pages: 124

Price: £40.00
Sediment Problems and Sediment Management in Asian River Basins

Author / Editor: Des E. Walling
Publication Number: 349
ISBN Number: 978-1-907161-24-7
Year: 2011
Pages: 220

Price: £52.00
Sediment Dynamics for a Changing Future

Author / Editor: Kazimierz Banasik, Arthur J. Horowitz, Philip N. Owens, Mike Stone & Des E. Walling
Publication Number: 337
ISBN Number: 978-1-907161-10-0
Year: 2010
Pages: 376

Price: £74.00
Sediment Dynamics in Changing Environments

Author / Editor: Jochen Schmidt, Tom Cochrane.Chris Phillips, Sandy Elliott, Tim Davies & Les Basher
Publication Number: 325
ISBN Number: 978-1-901502-84-8
Year: 2008
Pages: 620

Price: £105.00
Workshop on Impact of Environmental Change on Sediment Sources and Sediment Delivery

Special Issue of Catena Vol. 79, Issue 3

Author / Editor: Des Walling, J. Bogen, P. Porto

Year: 2009
Water Quality and Sediment Behaviour of the Future: Predictions for the 21st Century

Author / Editor: Bruce W. Webb & Dirk De Boer
Publication Number: 314
ISBN Number: 978-1-901502-14-5
Year: 2007
Pages: 322

Price: £62.00
Sediment Dynamics and the Hydromorphology of Fluvial Systems

Author / Editor: John S. Rowan, Robert W. Duck & Alan Werritty
Publication Number: 306
ISBN Number: 1901502686, 9781901502688
Year: 2006
Pages: 630

Price: £96.00
Sediment Budgets 1

Author / Editor: Des E. Walling & Arthur J. Horowitz
Publication Number: 291
ISBN Number: 978-1-901502-87-9
Year: 2005
Pages: 372

Price: £15.00
Sediment Budgets 2

Author / Editor: Arthur J. Horowitz and Des E. Walling
Publication Number: 292
ISBN Number: 978-1-901-502-92-3
Year: 2005
Pages: 358

Price: £15.00

Sediment Transfer Through the Fluvial System ICCE

Author / Editor: Valentin Golosov, Vladimir Belyaev & Des E. Walling
Publication Number: 288
ISBN Number: 978-1-901502-67-1
Year: 2004
Pages: 498

Price: £15.00

Erosion and Sediment Transport Measurement in Rivers: Technological

Author / Editor: by J. Bogen, T. Fergus & D. E. Walling
Publication Number: 283
ISBN Number: 978-1-901502-42-8
Year: 2003
Pages: 238

Price: £15.00
Erosion Prediction in Ungauged Basins (PUBs): Integrating Methods and Techniques

Author / Editor: Dirk H. de Boer, Wojciech Froehlich & Takahisa Mizuyama & Alain Pietroniro
Publication Number: 279
ISBN Number: 978-1-901502-22-0
Year: 2003
Pages: 250

Price: £15.00
The Structure, Function and Management Implications of Fluvial Sedimentary Systems

Author / Editor: Fiona J. Dyer, Martin C. Thoms & Jon M. Olley
Publication Number: 276
ISBN Number: 978-1-901502-96-1
Year: 2002
Pages: 484

Price: £15.00
The Role of Erosion and Sediment Transport in Nutrient and Contaminant Transfer

Author / Editor: M. Stone
Publication Number: 263
ISBN Number: 1-901502-26-0

Year: 2000
Pages: 307

Modelling Soil Erosion, Sediment Transport and Closely Related Processes

Author / Editor: Wolfgang Summer, Eduard Klaghofer, Wei Zhang
Publication Number: 249
ISBN Number: 1-901502-50-3
Year: 1998
Pages: 453

Price: £ 57.00

Human Impact on Erosion and Sedimentation

Author / Editor: D. E. Walling J.-L. Probst
Publication Number: 245
ISBN Number: 1-901502-30-9

Year: 1997
Pages: 311

Erosion and Sediment Yield: Global and Regional Perspectives

Author / Editor: D.E. Walling B.W. Webb
Publication Number: 236
ISBN Number: 0-947571-89-2

Year: 1996
Pages: 586

Price: £24.00

The Effect of Scale on the Interpretation and Management of Sediment and Water Quality

Author / Editor: W. R. Osterkamp, Editor 
Publication Number: 226
ISBN Number: 0947571345, 9780947571344

Year: 1995
Pages: 301

Price: £28.00

Variability in Stream Erosion and Sediment Transport

Author / Editor: L. J. Olive, R. J. Loughran J. A. Kesby
Publication Number: 224
ISBN Number: 0947571191, 9780947571191

Year: 1994
Pages: 498

Price: £28.00
Sediment Problems: Strategies for Monitoring, Prediction and Control 

Author / Editor: Richard F. Hadley Takahisa Mizuyama
Publication Number: 217
ISBN Number: 0947571787, 9780947571788

Year: 1993
Pages: 284

Erosion and Sediment Transport Monitoring Programmes in River Basins

Author / Editor: J. Bogen, D.E. Walling & T.J. Day
Publication Number: 210
ISBN Number: 0947571434, 9780947571436

Year: 1992
Pages: 538

Erosion, Debris Flows and Environment in Mountain Regions

Author / Editor: D. E. Walling, T. R. Davies B. Hasholt
Publication Number: 209
ISBN Number: 0947571388, 9780947571382

Year: 1992
Pages: 485

Sediment and Stream Water Quality in a Changing Environment: Trends and Explanation

Author / Editor: N. E. Peters & D. E. Walling
Publication Number: 203
ISBN Number: 

Year: 1991
Pages: 374

Erosion, Transport and Deposition Processes

Author / Editor: D. E. Walling, A. Yair & S. Berkowicz
Publication Number: 189
ISBN Number:

Year: 1990
Pages: 203

Price: £26.00

Sediment and the Environment

Author / Editor: R. F. Hadley E. D. Ongley
Publication Number: 184
ISBN Number:

Year: 1989
Pages: 218

Sediment Budgets

Author / Editor: M. P. Bordas D. E. Walling
Publication Number: 174
ISBN Number:

Year: 1988
Pages: 591

Drainage Basin Sediment Delivery

Author / Editor: R. F. Hadley
Publication Number: 159
ISBN Number: 0947571809, 9780947571801

Year: 1986
Pages: 487

Price: £ 9.00

Dissolved Loads of Rivers and Water Quantity/Quality Relationship

Author / Editor: B.W. Webb
Publication Number: 141
ISBN Number:

Year: 1983
Pages: 431

Recent Developments in the Explanation and Prediction of Erosion and Sediment Yield

Author / Editor: D.E. Walling
Publication Number: 137
ISBN Number:

Year: 1982
Pages: 430

Erosion and Sediment Transport Measurement

Author / Editor: D. Walling & P. Tacconi
Publication Number: 133
ISBN Number:

Year: 1981
Pages: 521

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