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Erosion, Transport and Deposition Processes

Author / Editor: D. E. Walling, A. Yair & S. Berkowicz
Publication Number: 189
ISBN Number: 0-947571-37-X
Year: 1990
Pages: 206

Price: £10.00

Erosion, Transport and Deposition Processes, Proceedings of a workshop held at Jerusalem, March-April 1987

Contents for Erosion, Transport and Deposition Processes

Title Pages File
Erosion, Transport and Deposition Processes, Proceedings of a workshop held at Jerusalem, March-April 1987
D. E. Walling, A. Yair S. Berkowicz, Editors
Schick, A. P., Walling, D.
v PDF Icon
Field experiments on the resistance to overland flow of desert hillslopes
Abrahams, A. D., Parsons, A. J., Luk, S-H.
1-18 PDF Icon
The sedimentary data base : an appraisal of lake and reservoir sediment based studies of sediment yield
Foster, I. D. L., Dearing, J. A., Grew, R., Orend, K.
19-43 PDF Icon
Empirical relationships for the transport capacity of overland flow
Govers, G.
45-63 PDF Icon
Evolution of an anthropogenic desert gully system
Haigh, M.J.
65-77 PDF Icon
The relationship between sediment delivery ratio and stream order : a Romanian case study
Ichim, I.
79-86 PDF Icon
A simulation model for desert runoff and erosion
Kirkby, M.
87-104 PDF Icon
Spatial variability of overland flow in a small arid basin
Lavee, H., Yair, A.
105-120 PDF Icon
Towards a dynamic model of gully growth
Kemp, A.C.
121-134 PDF Icon
The dynamics of gully head recession in a savanna environment
Olofin, E.A.
135-144 PDF Icon
Conditions for the evacuation of rock fragments from cultivated upland areas during rainstorms
Poesen, J.W.A.
145-160 PDF Icon
Seasonal variations of runoff rates from field plots in the Federal Republic of Germany and in Hungary during dry years
Richter, G., Kertesz, A.
161-168 PDF Icon
New developments in measuring bed load by the magnetic tracer technique
Spieker, R., Ergenzinger, P.
169-178 PDF Icon
Some applications of caesium-137 in the study of erosion, transport and deposition
Walling, D. E., Bradley, S. B.
179-203 PDF Icon
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