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Wildfire and Water Quality: Processes, Impacts and Challenges

Author / Editor: Mike Stone, Adrian Collins & Martin Thoms
Publication Number: 354
ISBN Number: 978-1-907161-32-2
Year: 2012
Pages: 124

Price: £40.00

There is increasing global concern over the impacts of landscape disturbance by wildfire on a range of aquatic ecosystem services and drinking water supply. Profound and often irreversible changes in river ecosystem function, geomorphology, water quality and water supply occur due to the severity and magnitude of wildfire-related landscape disturbance. Such impacts have important management implications for source water supply and protection at the catchment scale. Themes addressed in this volume include: (1) impacts of wildfire on hillslope hydrology, (2) effects of wildfire on the physical, chemical and biological composition of soils, (3) changes in sediment transport dynamics and yields resulting from wildfires, (4) methodologies used to evaluate the provenance and fate of wildfire impacted sediments and associated contaminants, (5) prediction of hydrological and sediment transport recovery trajectories at the local and catchment scale, (6) impacts of wildfire on aquatic ecology, (7) post-fire sedimentation and water quality impacts in reservoirs, and (8) management actions to reduce the impact of wildfires on river ecosystems.

Contents for Wildfire and Water Quality: Processes, Impacts and Challenges

Title Pages File
Preface by M. Stone et al.
Stone, M. et al.
v-vi PDF Icon
The effects of wildfire on sediment-associated phosphorus forms in the Crowsnest River basin, Alberta, Canada
Don Allin, Micheal Stone, Uldis Silins, Monica B. Emelko & Adrian L. Collins
1-8 PDF Icon
The applicability of black carbon for tracing soil erosion: fire impacts on landscape dynamics in Cyprus
Jens Brauneck & Manfred Lange
9-16 PDF Icon
Suspended sediment yield following wildfires in a mixed species eucalypt forest, southeastern Australia
Deirdre Dragovich, Ashley A. Webb & Reza Jamshidi
17-24 PDF Icon
Sediment yields and water quality effects of severe wildfires in southern British Columbia
Peter Jordan
25-35 PDF Icon
The effect of in-stream wood structures on fine sediment storage in headwater streams of the Canadian Rocky Mountains
Kathleen Little, Mike Stone & Uldis Silins
36-41 PDF Icon
Hillslope erosion and post-fire sediment trapping at Mount Bold, South Australia
Rowena Morris, Deirdre Dragovich & Bertram Ostendorf
42-50 PDF Icon
Effects of flow regime on stream turbidity and suspended solids after wildfire, Colorado Front Range
Sheila F. Murphy, R. Blaine McCleskey & Jeffrey H. Writer
51-58 PDF Icon
Fire and sediment in an upland stream in Hong Kong
Mervyn. R. Peart, Lincoln Fok & Ronald. D. Hill
59-65 PDF Icon
Changes in benthic community structure and function in an Australian regulated upland stream following wildfire
Michael A. Reid & Martin C. Thoms
66-74 PDF Icon
Wildfire impacts on stream sedimentation: re-visiting the Boulder Creek Burn in Little Granite Creek, Wyoming, USA
Sandra Ryan & Kathleen Dwire
75-80 PDF Icon
Application of sediment tracers to discriminate sediment sources following wildfire
Hugh G. Smith, William H. Blake & Philip N. Owens
81-89 PDF Icon
Double trouble: the influence of wildfire and flow regulation on fine sediment accumulation in the Cotter River, Australia
Mark Southwell & Martin Thoms
90-98 PDF Icon
The issue below the surface: wildfire, riverbed sediments and flow regulation
Martin C. Thoms
99-107 PDF Icon
Reducing wildfire risk in water supply catchments using payments for ecosystem services
Ashley A. Webb
108-116 PDF Icon
Effects of wildfire on source-water quality and aquatic ecosystems, Colorado Front Range
Jeffrey H. Writer, R. Blaine McCleskey & Sheila F. Murphy
117-122 PDF Icon
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