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Sediment and the Environment

Author / Editor: R. F. Hadley E. D. Ongley, Editors
Publication Number: 184
ISBN Number: 0-947571-12-4
Year: 1989
Pages: 218

Price: £10.00

Sediment and the Environment, Proceedings of a workshop held at Baltimore, May 1989

Contents for Sediment and the Environment

Title Pages File
Sediment and the Environment, Proceedings of a workshop held at Baltimore, May 1989
R. F. Hadley E. D. Ongley, Editors
Hadley, R.F. & Ongley, E.D.
v-vi PDF Icon
Nitrogen and phosphorus in eroded sediment from corn and soybean tillage systems
McIsaac, G.F., Hirschi, M.C. & Mitchell, J.K.
3-10 PDF Icon
The role of sediment in metolachlor transport from agricultural fields
Buttle, J.M.
11-18 PDF Icon
The transport of mine tailings as suspended sediment in the Belle Fourche River, west-central South Dakota, USA
Marron, D.C.
19-26 PDF Icon
Rate of sedimentation and geochemistry of southeastern Hudson Bay, Canada
Biksham, G. & d'Anglejan, B.
27-36 PDF Icon
Sediment-associated transport and redistribution of Chernobyl fallout radionucleides
Walling, D.E., Rowan, J.S. & Bradley, S.B.
37-45 PDF Icon
Metal dispersal in the fluvial system of the River Geul : The role of discharge, distance to the source, and floodplain geometry
Leenaers, H. & Rang, M.C.
47-55 PDF Icon
Cross-sectional variability in suspended sediment and associated trace element concentrations in selected rivers of the US
Horowitz, A.J., Rinella, F.A., Lamothe, P., Miller, T.L., Edwards, T.K., Roche, R.L. & Ric
57-66 PDF Icon
Cropping systems effects on runoff, erosion, water quality, and properties of a savanna soil at Ilorin, Nigeria
Lal, R.
67-74 PDF Icon
Soil erosion and floodplain soil pollution : Related problems in the geographical context of a river basin
Leenaers, H. & Schouten, C.J.
75-83 PDF Icon
A case study of approaches for determining diffuse suspended sediment sources and processes
Hudson, H.R.
85-94 PDF Icon
Flocculation of suspended solids in southern Ontario rivers
Droppo, I.G. & Ongley, E.D.
95-103 PDF Icon
Hysteresis and nonlinearity of discharge-sediment relationship in the Atchafalaya and lower Mississippi rivers
Mossa, J.
105-112 PDF Icon
Placer mining operations and modifications of the physical chemical nature of the waters of the Rio Kaka drainage basin (Andes, Bolivia)
Guyot, J.L. & Herail, G.
115-121 PDF Icon
Soil erosion in the Yellow River basin and its impacts on reservoir sedimentation and the lower Yellow River
Quinhua, Z. & Wenhao, Z.
123-130 PDF Icon
Cost impacts of sediments in South African rivers
Braune, E. & Looser, U.
131-143 PDF Icon
Geomorphic design and management of disturbed lands
Toy, T.J. & Hadley, R.F.
145-153 PDF Icon
Long- and short-term episodic storage and removal of sediment in watersheds of southwestern Wisconsin and northwestern Illinois
Knox, J.C.
157-164 PDF Icon
Constraints on duration of sediment storage in a wide, gravel-bed river, New Zealand
Laronne, J.B. & Duncan, M.J.
165-172 PDF Icon
Sediment storage and movement on the Southern High Plains of Texas as indicated by beryllium-ten
Osterkamp, W.R.
173-182 PDF Icon
Hillslope and channel sediment delivery and impacts of soil erosion on water resources
Phillips, J.D.
183-190 PDF Icon
Developing accurate and reliable stream sediments yields
Singh, K.P. & Durgunoglu, A.
193-199 PDF Icon
Modelling agricultural runoff : Overview
Marsalek, J.
201-209 PDF Icon
Physical habitat simulation and sedimentation
Milhous, R.T.
211-218 PDF Icon
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