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Sediment Dynamics and the Hydromorphology of Fluvial Systems

Author / Editor: John S. Rowan, Robert W. Duck & Alan Werritty
Publication Number: 306
ISBN Number: 978-1901502-68-8
Year: 2006
Pages: 630+vi

Price: £96.00

Analysing the magnitude-frequency relations of erosion, transport and deposition processes is a classic theme within fluvial research. Hydromorphology, dealing with the physical structure and formative hydrological processes of fluvial systems is also an established concept, but has been given new currency by its prominent role within the European Union's Water Framework Directive. This volume links sediment dynamics to hydromorphology, and by extension to the biogeochemical functioning and eco-hydrology of fluvial systems. Fluvial sediment dynamics are explored over a range of spatial and temporal scales, spanning global and continental-scale flux rates to detailed, process-oriented work on small instrumented catchments, with particular to the role of extreme events. The process links between hydromorphology and ecology are examined and management-related studies are detailed. The utility of sedimentary archives for reconstructing long-term catchment sediment fluxes and elucidating the impact of land use and climate change processes on sediment delivery and biogeochemical cycling is also a focus. The critical issue of residence time, especially in relation to channel storage, is explored. Flume-based hydraulics and microcosm studies of diffuse pollutant behaviour and other recent developments in experiment-led research and modelling are reported.

Contents for Sediment Dynamics and the Hydromorphology of Fluvial Systems

Title Pages File
Sediment Dynamics and the Hydromorphology of Fluvial Systems Dundee Symposium July 2006
John S. Rowan, Robert W. Duck & Alan Werritty Editors
Preface of Volume 306
John S. Rowan, Robert W. Duck & Alan Werritty
v-vi PDF Icon
Suspended sediment yield from continents into the World Ocean: spatial and temporal variability - A. P. Dedkov & A. V. Gusarov
A. P. Dedkov & A. V. Gusarov
3-11 PDF Icon
Sediment yields in the Exe Basin: a longer-term perspective - Anna Harlow et al.
Anna Harlow, Bruce Webb & Des Walling
12-20 PDF Icon
Estimates and analysis of suspended sediment from a glacierized basin in the Himalayas - Pratap Singh
Pratap Singh
21-27 PDF Icon
Influence of different factors on the sediment yield of the Oka Basin rivers (central Russia) - Valentin Golosov
Valentin Golosov
28-36 PDF Icon
Sediment transport during a flushing flow in the lower Ebro River - Ramon J. Batalla et al.
Ramon J. Batalla, Damia Vericat & Antoni Palau
37-44 PDF Icon
Glacial erosion and sediment transport in the Mittivakkat Glacier catchment, Ammassalik Island, southeast Greenland, 2005 - Bent Hasholt & Sebastian H. Mernild
Bent Hasholt & Sebastian H. Mernild
45-55 PDF Icon
Flood and sediment transport response to hydrometeorological events of diverse magnitude in the Vallcebre basin, Eastern Pyrenees - Montserrat Soler et al.
Montserrat Soler, David Regues, Jerome Latron & Francesc Gallart
56-63 PDF Icon
Episodic discharge of coarse sediment in a mountain torrent - Richard Johnson & Jeff Warburton
Richard Johnson & Jeff Warburton
64-71 PDF Icon
The life-span of a small high mountain lake, the Vordere Blaue Gumpe in the Bavarian Alps - David Morche et al.
David Morche, Christian Katterfeld, Sebastian Fuchs & Karl-Heinz Schmidt
72-81 PDF Icon
Output of bed load sediment from a small upland drainage basin in Hong Kong - M. R. Peart & L. Fok
M. R. Peart & L. Fok
82-88 PDF Icon
A volumetric approach to estimate bed load transport in a mountain stream (Central Spanish Pyrenees) - N. Lana-Renault et al.
N. Lana-Renault, D. Regues, J. Latron, E. Nadal, P. Serrano & C. Marti-Bono
89-95 PDF Icon
Suspended sediment dynamics for June storm events in the urbanized River Tame, UK - D. M. Lawler et al.
D. M. Lawler, I. D. L. Foster, G. E. Petts, S. Harper & I. P. Morrissey
96-103 PDF Icon
Estimating soil erosion and sediment transport in the drainage basin of the proposed Selova Reservoir, Serbia - Stanimir Kostadinov et al.
Stanimir Kostadinov, Nada Dragovic & Mirjana Todosijevic
104-109 PDF Icon
The effect of the "Great Flood of 1993" on subsequent suspended sediment concentrations and fluxes in the Mississippi River Basin, USA - Arthur J. Horowitz
Arthur J. Horowitz
110-119 PDF Icon
An underutilized resource: historical flood chronologies, a valuable resource in determining periods of hydro-geomorphic change - N. Macdonald
N. Macdonald
120-126 PDF Icon
Hydromorphological adjustment in meandering river systems and the role of flood events - Janet Hooke
Janet Hooke
127-135 PDF Icon
Sediment erosion, transport and deposition during the July 2001 Mawddach extreme flood event - Graham Hall & Roger Cratchley
Graham Hall & Roger Cratchley
136-147 PDF Icon
Sediment transport rates of major floods in glacial and non-glacial rivers in Norway in the present and future climate - Jim Bogen
Jim Bogen
148-158 PDF Icon
Evaluating the impacts of impoundment on sediment transport using short-lived fallout radionuclides - Francis J. Magilligan et al.
Francis J. Magilligan, Nira L. Salant, Carl E. Renshaw, Keith H. Nilsow, Arjun Heimsath &
159-166 PDF Icon
Variety is the spice of river life: recognizing hydraulic diversity as a tool for managing flows in regulated rivers - M. C. Thoms et al.
M. C. Thoms, M. Reid, K. Christianson & F. Munro
169-178 PDF Icon
Multi-scale analysis of island formation and development in the Middle Loire River, France - Emmanuele Gautier & Stephane Grivel
Emmanuele Gautier & Stephane Grivel
179-187 PDF Icon
Geometric properties of the River Euphrates, Iraq: the nature of its slope variation - Moutaz Al-Dabbas & Mukdad Al-Jabbari
Moutaz Al-Dabbas & Mukdad Al-Jabbari
188-196 PDF Icon
Changing use and hydromorphological adjustment in a coastal lagoon-estuarine system, the Ria de Aveiro, Portugal - Jose Figueiredo Da Silva & Robert W. Duck
Jose Figueiredo Da Silva & Robert W. Duck
197-204 PDF Icon
Modelling flow, erosion and long-term evolution of incising channels: managing hydrology and geomorphology for ecology - Timothy Norton et al.
Timothy Norton, Julian Leyland & Stephen Darby
205-213 PDF Icon
The role of sediments in the dynamics and preservation of the aquatic forest in the Nestos Delta (northern Greece) - D. Emmanouloudis et al.
D. Emmanouloudis, D. Myronidis, S. Panilas &G. Efthimiou
214-222 PDF Icon
The use of buffer features for sediment and phosphorus retention in the landscape: implications for sediment delivery and water quality in river basins - P. N. Owens et al.
P. N. Owens, J. H. Duzant, L. K. Deeks, G. A. Wood, R. P. C. Morgan & A. J. Collins
223-230 PDF Icon
Sediment monitoring and sediment management in the Rhine River - Stefan Vollmer & Emil Goelz
Stefan Vollmer & Emil Goelz
231-240 PDF Icon
Are flood plain-wetland plant communities determined by seed bank composition or inundation periods? - Munique Webb et al.
Munique Webb, Michael Reid, Samantha Capon, Martin Thoms, Scott Rayburg & Cassandra James
241-248 PDF Icon
A practical method for the management of road runoff - Ingrid Takken et al.
Ingrid Takken, Jacky Croke & Simon Mockler
249-256 PDF Icon
Morphometric analysis of UK lake systems as a compliance tool for the European Water Framework Directive - John S. Rowan et al.
John S. Rowan, Iain Soutar & Geoff E. Phillips
257-266 PDF Icon
Flows that form: the hydromorphology of concave-bank bench formation in the Ovens River, Australia - G. J. Vietz et al.
G. J. Vietz, M. J. Stewardson & B. L. Finlayson
267-276 PDF Icon
The diversity of inundated areas in semiarid flood plain ecosystems - Orla Murray et al.
Orla Murray, Martin Thoms & Scott Rayburg
277-286 PDF Icon
Strategies for reducing sediment connectivity and land degradation in desertified areas using vegetation: the RECONDES project - Peter Sandercock & Janet Hooke
Peter Sandercock & Janet Hooke
287-294 PDF Icon
Evaluating the effectiveness of the Illinois River Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program in reducing sediment delivery - Misganaw Demissie et al.
Misganaw Demissie, Laura Keefer, Jim Slowikowski, & Kip Stevenson
295-303 PDF Icon
Unravelling the physical template of a terminal flood plain-wetland sediment storage system - Scott Rayburg et al.
Scott Rayburg, Martin Thoms & Erin Lenon
304-313 PDF Icon
River sediment/pathogen interactions: importance for policy development on safe water practices - Ian G. Droppo et al.
Ian G. Droppo, Steven N. Liss, Declan Williams & Gary G. Leppard
314-321 PDF Icon
Linking pattern and process: the effects of hydraulic conditions on cobble biofilm metabolism in an Australian upland stream - Michael Reid & Martin Thoms
Michael Reid & Martin Thoms
322-330 PDF Icon
Combining biology and hydrology - questions from an integrated study of chalk streams - Roger S. Wotton & Geraldene Wharton
Roger S. Wotton & Geraldene Wharton
331-338 PDF Icon
Reservoir sedimentation trends in Ohio, USA - William H. Renwick & Zachary D. Andereck
William H. Renwick & Zachary D. Andereck
341-347 PDF Icon
Dating of reservoir and pond deposits by the 137Cs technique to assess sediment production in small catchments of the Hilly Sichuan Basin and the Three Gorges Region, China - Zhang Xinbao et al.
Zhang Xinbao, Qi Yongqing, He Xiubin, Wen Anbang & Fu Jiexiong
348-354 PDF Icon
The role of organic matter on the adsorption of mercury in sediments from Amazon lakes, Brazil - Daniel Marcos Bonotto et al.
Daniel Marcos Bonotto, Marcelo Vergott & Ene Gloria Da Silveira
355-362 PDF Icon
Using geochemical stratigraphy to indicate post-fire sediment and nutrient fluxes into a water supply reservoir, Sydney, Australia - William H. Blake et al.
William H. Blake, Peter J. Wallbrink, Stefan H. Doerr, Richard A. Shakesby, Geoffrey S. Hu
363-370 PDF Icon
Variation of suspended sediment transport in the Timah Tasoh reservoir catchment, Perlis, Malaysia: human impacts and the role of tropical storms - A. Rahaman Zullyadini & Ismail Wan Ruslan
A. Rahaman Zullyadini & Ismail Wan Ruslan
371-379 PDF Icon
The use of 137Cs and 210Pbex to investigate sediment sources and overbank sedimentation rates in the Teesta River basin, Sikkim Himalaya, India - W. Froehlich & D. E. Walling
W. Froehlich & D. E. Walling
380-388 PDF Icon
The infilling of a terminal flood plain-wetland complex - Robert Cossart et al.
Robert Cossart, Martin Thoms & Scott Rayburg
389-398 PDF Icon
Sediment budgets and sinks in the Brahmaputra Basin and their agricultural and ecological impacts - U. C. Sharma & Vikas Sharma
U. C. Sharma & Vikas Sharma
399-405 PDF Icon
Holocene sediment budgets of the Rhine Delta (The Netherlands): a record of changing sediment delivery - Gilles Erkens et al.
Gilles Erkens, Kim M. Cohen, Marc J. P. Gouw, Hans Middelkoop & Wim Z. Hoek
406-415 PDF Icon
Changing fluxes of sediments and salts as recorded in lower River Murray wetlands, Australia - Peter Gell et al.
Peter Gell, Jennie Fluin, John Tibby, Deborah Haynes, Syeda Ifteara Khanum, Brendan Walsh,
416-424 PDF Icon
Unravelling flood history using matrices in fluvial gravel deposits - Lynne E. Frostick et al.
Lynne E. Frostick, Brendan Murphy & Richard Middleton
425-433 PDF Icon
The importance of temporal changes in gravel-stored fine sediment on habitat conditions in a salmon spawning stream - Ellen L. Petticrew & John F. Rex
Ellen L. Petticrew & John F. Rex
434-441 PDF Icon
Pacific salmon and sediment flocculation: nutrient cycling and intergravel habitat quality - John F. Rex & Ellen L. Petticrew
John F. Rex & Ellen L. Petticrew
442-449 PDF Icon
Sediment storage and transfer in the Mekong: generalizations on a large river ; dam; Mekong - Avijit Gupta et al.
Avijit Gupta, S. C. Liew & Alice W. C. Heng
450-459 PDF Icon
River flood plains as carbon sinks ; carbon cycle; carbon sinks - D. E. Walling et al.
D. E. Walling, D. Fang, A. P. Nicholas & R. J. Sweet
460-470 PDF Icon
Investigating the remobilization of fine sediment stored on the channel bed of lowland permeable catchments in the UK - Adrian L. Collins & Desmond E. Walling
Adrian L. Collins & Desmond E. Walling
471-479 PDF Icon
The impact of changes in climate, upstream land use and flood plain topography on overbank deposition - Ivo Thonon et al.
Ivo Thonon, Hans Middelkoop & Marcel Van Der Perk
480-486 PDF Icon
A gradient or mosaic of patches? The textural character of inset-flood plain surfaces along a dryland river system - Mark Southwell & Martin Thoms
Mark Southwell & Martin Thoms
487-495 PDF Icon
The deposition and storage of sediment-associated phosphorus on the flood plains of two lowland groundwater fed catchments - Deborah Ballantine et al.
Deborah Ballantine, Desmond E. Walling & Graham J. L. Leeks
496-504 PDF Icon
Sediment phosphorus dynamics in tile-fed drainage ditches - D. R. Smith et al.
D. R. Smith, E. A. Warnemuende, B. E. Haggard & C. Huang
507-513 PDF Icon
A framework for predicting delivery of phosphorus from agricultural land using a decision-tree approach - Richard Brazier et al.
Richard Brazier, Michael Scharer, Louise Heathwaite, Keith Beven, Paul Scholefield, Phil H
514-523 PDF Icon
Nutrient and contaminant enrichment in rural areas of southwest Germany - Martin Schwarz & Stephan Fuchs
Martin Schwarz & Stephan Fuchs
524-530 PDF Icon
Salinity and erosion: a preliminary investigation of soil erosion on a salinized hillslope - Mel Neave & Scott Rayburg
Mel Neave & Scott Rayburg
531-539 PDF Icon
Analysis of local scour downstream of bed sills: preliminary results of experimental work - Donatella Termini
Donatella Termini
540-547 PDF Icon
Comparison of numerical and experimental study of dam-break induced mudflow - Szu-Hsien Peng & Su-Chin Chen
Szu-Hsien Peng & Su-Chin Chen
548-555 PDF Icon
MOSESS: a model for soil erosion prediction at small scales - Eduardo E. de Figueiredo & Herbete H. R. C. Davi
Eduardo E. de Figueiredo & Herbete H. R. C. Davi
556-563 PDF Icon
Predicting erosion patterns using a spatially distributed erosion model with spatially variable and uniform parameters - Dirk H. De Boer
Dirk H. De Boer
564-573 PDF Icon
Importance of watershed lag times in IUSG development - Kazimierz Banasik et al.
Kazimierz Banasik, Mariusz Barszcz & Leszek Hejduk
574-581 PDF Icon
Impacts of land-use changes on sediment yields and water quality within the Nairobi River sub-basins, Kenya - Shadrack Mulei Kithiia & Francis M. Mutua
Shadrack Mulei Kithiia & Francis M. Mutua
582-588 PDF Icon
Model investigations of the effects of land-use changes and forest damage on erosion in mountainous environments - Peter Molnar et al.
Peter Molnar, Paolo Burlando, Jorg Kirsch & Elke Hinz
589-600 PDF Icon
SWAT model for Integrated River Basin Management with application to the Mekong Basin - Riyadh Al-Soufi
Riyadh Al-Soufi
601-610 PDF Icon
Modelling the impacts of climate variability on sediment transport - Eileen Cashman & Kenneth Potter
Eileen Cashman & Kenneth Potter
611-619 PDF Icon
Effects of rainfall variability and land-use change on sediment yield simulated by SHETRAN - Eduardo E. De Figueiredo & James C. Bathurst
Eduardo E. De Figueiredo & James C. Bathurst
620-626 PDF Icon
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