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Florence Symposium, 1981, Erosion and Sediment Transport Measurement / Mesure de l'erosion et du transport des sediments

Author / Editor: -
Publication Number: 133
Year: 1981
Pages: 521

Contents for Florence Symposium, 1981, Erosion and Sediment Transport Measurement / Mesure de l'erosion et du transport des sediments

Title Pages File
Florence Symposium, 1981, Erosion and Sediment Transport Measurement / Mesure de l'erosion et du transport des sediments
Preface of Volume 133
Walling, D. & Tacconi, P.
v-viii PDF Icon
Preface du volume 133
Walling, D. & Tacconi, P.
v-viii PDF Icon
Measurement of bed load in rivers
Emmett, W.W.
3 PDF Icon
Increase bag size improves Helley-Smith bed load sampler for use in streams with high sand and organic matter transport
Beschta, R.L.
17 PDF Icon
The eficiency of basket type bed load samplers
Engel, P. & Lam Lau, Y.
27 PDF Icon
The development of a sand bed load sampler for the Yangtze River
Dejia, Z., Daorong, L. & Haochan, G.
35 PDF Icon
Mesure des sediments charries par les rivieres
Vukmirovic, V. & Vukotic, R.
47 PDF Icon
Experimental investigations on the initiation of bed load ytansport in gravel rivers
Cavazza, S.
53 PDF Icon
Nuclear techniques for measuring sediment transport in natural streams - examples from instrumented basins
Tazioli, G.S.
63 PDF Icon
The development of nuclear sediment concentration gauges for use on the Yellow river
Zhi, L., Yuren, L., Leling, S., Xianglin, X., Yujing, Y. & Lingqi, K.
83 PDF Icon
Latest achievements in the development of nuclear suspended sediment gauges
Berke, B. & Rakoczi, L.
91 PDF Icon
Continuous measurement of suspended sediment in rivers by means of a double beam turbidity meter
Grobler, D.C. & van B. Weaver, A.
97 PDF Icon
Use of turbidity monitors to assess sediment yield in East Java, Indonesia
Brabben, T.E.
105 PDF Icon
Analysis of a simple suspended load integrating sampler
Becchi, I., Billi, P. & Tacconi, P.
115 PDF Icon
Recent developments in pump samplers for the measurement of sand transport
Crickmore, M.J. & Teal, C.J.
123 PDF Icon
Dispositif de prelevement automatique d'un echantillon moyen de transport solide en suspension pondere en fonction du debit, et dispositif de mesure par electrodes specifiques des concentrations en solutes
Colombani, J., Fritsch, J.M. & Susini, J.
131 PDF Icon
Field measurements of suspended sediment concentrations in the surf zone
Basinski, T.
137 PDF Icon
In situ measurements of particulate matter transport in rivers
Doll, B., Hahn, H.H. & Kaser, F.
145 PDF Icon
Sediment measurement techniques used by the Soil Conservation Service of New South Wales, Australia
Ryan, K.T.
151 PDF Icon
Sediment transport sampling for environmental data collection
Pemberton, E.L.
159 PDF Icon
Sediment sampling in rivers and canals
Singhal, H.S.S., Joshi, G.C. & Verma, R.S.
168 PDF Icon
The reliability of suspended sediment load data
Walling, D.E. & Webb, B.W.
177 PDF Icon
Accuracy and precision of suspended sediment loads
Dickinson, W.T.
195 PDF Icon
A study of the variability of suspended sediment measurements
Allen, P.B. & Petersen, D.V.
203 PDF Icon
Accuracy of estimating basin denudation processes from suspended sediment measurements
Branski, J.
213 PDF Icon
Techniques applied in determining sediment loads in South African rivers
Rooseboom, A. & Annandale, G.W.
219 PDF Icon
Measurement of debris flow and sediment-laden flow using a conveyor-belt flume in a laboratory
Hirano, M. & Iwamoto, M.
225 PDF Icon
Some problems related to sediment transport measurement in steep mountain streams
Raemy, F. & Jaeggi, M.
231 PDF Icon
Integrated debris flow observations
Okuda, S., Aoki, T. & Okamoto, M.
241 PDF Icon
Investigation and analysis of volcanic mud flows on Mt Sakarajima, Japan
Watanabe, M. & Ikeya, H.
245 PDF Icon
Studies of sediment production on mountain slopes
Hiura, H., Murakami, K. & Ohte, K.
257 PDF Icon
New methods of measurement of slow particulate transport processes on hillside slopes
Culling, W.E.H.
267 PDF Icon
Sediment measurement in the Yellow River
Yuqian, L. & Guishu, X.
275 PDF Icon
Measurement of sediment yield and transport in mountain torrents in Japan
Mizuyama, T. & Watanabe, M.
287 PDF Icon
Measurement of suspended sediment and bed load in sand bed channels and the associated problems
Bhowmik, N.G.
295 PDF Icon
Significance, measurement and analysis of sediment discharges of flashy rivers
Dhillon, G.S., Sakhuja, V.S. & Paul, T.S.
305 PDF Icon
The national erosion inventory of the Soil Conservation Service, US Department of Agriculture, 1977-1979
Holeman, J.N.
315 PDF Icon
Data requirements for sediment, erosion and transport simulation
Fleming, G. & Fattorelli, S.
321 PDF Icon
Upland erosion : evaluation and measurement (general review paper)
Chisci, G.
331 PDF Icon
Analyses of different processes governing soil erosion by water in the tropics
Lal, R.
351 PDF Icon
A study of the dynamics of drop erosion under laboratory conditions
Kerenyi, A.
365 PDF Icon
Field measurement of splash erosion
Morgan, R.P.C.
373 PDF Icon
Instrumentation for studies of the erosive power of rainfall
Hudson, N.W.
383 PDF Icon
Soil erosion under simulated rainfall in the field and laboratory : variability of erosion under controlled conditions
Bryan, R.B.
391 PDF Icon
Laboratory and field testing of a programmable plot-sized rainfall simulator
Neibling, W.H., Foster, G.R., Nattermann, R.A., Nowlin, J.D. & Holbert, P.V.
405 PDF Icon
An outdoor portable rainfall erosion laboratory
Onstad, C.A., Radke, J.K. & Young, R.A.
415 PDF Icon
Some laboratory techniques for investigating land erosion
de Ploey, J.
423 PDF Icon
An investigation of source areas of sediment and sediment transport by overland flow along arid hillslopes
Yair, A. & Lavee, H.
433 PDF Icon
Spatial and temporal variations in erosion measurements
Campbell, I.A.
447 PDF Icon
Rate of erosion processes on experimental areas in the Marchiazza basin (northwestern Italy)
Caroni, E. & Tropeano, D.
457 PDF Icon
The establishment of experimental plots for studying runoff and soil loss in the rolling loess regions of China
Jinze, M.
467 PDF Icon
A portable rill meter for field measurement of soil loss
McCool, D.K., Dossett, M.G. & Yecha, S.J.
479 PDF Icon
Relationship between three scales of erosion measurement on two small basins in Sierra Leone
Millington, A.C.
485 PDF Icon
Erosion and sediment transport measurement in a weathered granite mountain area
Takei, A., Kobashi, S. & Fukushima, Y.
493 PDF Icon
Field measurement of rates of bank erosion and bank material strength
Thorne, C.R.
503 PDF Icon
Wind and water erosion of waste heaps at concentration plants for potassium production
Bogomolov, G.V., Klementyev, V.P. & Turenkov, N.I.
513 PDF Icon
Land erosion, research equipment, forecasting methods and prospects for their improvement
Mirtskhoulava, T.E.
521 PDF Icon
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