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Erosion and Sediment Yield: Global and Regional Perspectives

Author / Editor: D.E. Walling B.W. Webb, Editors
Publication Number: 236
ISBN Number: 0-947571-89-2
Year: 1996
Pages: 586

Price: £15.00

Exeter Symposium, 1996, Erosion and Sediment Yield: Global and Regional Perspectives

Contents for Erosion and Sediment Yield: Global and Regional Perspectives

Title Pages File
Exeter Symposium, 1996, Erosion and Sediment Yield: Global and Regional Perspectives
D.E. Walling B.W. Webb, Editors
Walling, D., Webb, B.
v-vi PDF Icon
Erosion and sediment yield: a global overview
Walling, D. E., Webb, B. W.
3-19 PDF Icon
A global modelling of the climatic, morphological, and lithological control of river sediment discharges to the oceans
Ludwig, W., Probst, J-L.
21-28 PDF Icon
Erosion and sediment yield on the Earth
Dedkov, A. P., Mozzherin, V. I.
29-33 PDF Icon
Suspended sediment yields in the Nairobi area of Kenya and environmental controls
Archer, D.
37-48 PDF Icon
Multi-scale estimates of erosion and sediment yields in the Upper Tana basin, Kenya
Brown, T., Schneider, H., Harper, D.
49-54 PDF Icon
Dissolved solids and suspended sediment yields in the Rio Madeira basin,from the Bolivian Andes to the Amazon
Guyot, J. L., Filizola, N., Quintanilla, J., Cortez, J.
55-63 PDF Icon
Suspended sediment yields of rivers in Turkey
Ozturk, F.
65-71 PDF Icon
Erosion and sediment yield in Norwegian rivers
Bogen, J.
73-84 PDF Icon
Sediment transport from glacierized basins in the Karakoram mountains
Collins, D. N.
85-96 PDF Icon
Suspended sediment yield from glacier basins
Gurnell, A., Hannah, D., Lawler, D.
97-104 PDF Icon
Sediment transport in Greenland
Hasholt, B.
105-114 PDF Icon
Discharges and yields of suspended sediment in the Ob' and Yenisey Rivers of Siberia
Bobrovitskaya, N. N., Zubkova, C. M., Meade, R. H.
115-123 PDF Icon
Regional patterns of sediment yield in the Laurentian Great Lakes basin
Stone, M., Saunderson, H. C.
125-131 PDF Icon
Sediment yields and denudation rates in Poland
Branski, J., Banasik, K.
133-138 PDF Icon
Rates of erosion and sediment transport in Australia
Wasson, R. J., Olive, L. J., Rosewell, C. J.
139-148 PDF Icon
Variation of suspended sediment yields around New Zealand: the relativeimportance of rainfall and geology
Hicks, D. M., Hill, J., Shankar, U.
149-156 PDF Icon
Regional variations of fluvial sediment yield in eastern Scotland
McManus, J., Duck, R. W.
157-161 PDF Icon
Sediment yield estimates from reservoir studies: an appraisal of variability in the southern Pennines of the UK
White, P., Labadz, J. C., Butcher, D. P.
163-173 PDF Icon
Soil erosion and sediment yield in the Indian arid zone
Sharma, K. D.
175-182 PDF Icon
The sediment load of Indian rivers - an update
Subramanian, V.
183-189 PDF Icon
Soil erosion and sediment yield in the Upper Yangtze River basin
Dingzhong, D., Ying, T.
191-203 PDF Icon
Patterns of sediment yield in the Upper Yangtze basin, China
Higgitt, D. L., Lu, X.
205-214 PDF Icon
Erosion and sediment yield in Southeast Asia: a regional perspective
Gupta, A.
215-222 PDF Icon
Sediment yields from selected catchments in Peninsular Malaysia
Lai, F. S., Ahmad, J. S., Zaki, A. M.
223-231 PDF Icon
Erosion, sediment delivery and sediment yield patterns in the Philippines
White, S.
233-240 PDF Icon
Patterns of erosion and sediment production in Hong Kong
Peart, M. R.
241-248 PDF Icon
Contribution of gully erosion to sediment production on cultivated lands and rangelands
Poesen, J. W., Vandaele, K., van Wesemael, B.
251-266 PDF Icon
Regional analysis of erosion from agricultural fields using global change scenarios
Nicks, A. D., Williams, R. D., Williams, J. R.
267-274 PDF Icon
Rates of soil erosion in Australia determined by the caesium-137 technique: a national reconnaissance survey
Loughran, R. J., Elliott, G. L.
275-282 PDF Icon
Erosion and surface runoff in small agricultural catchments
Lillian Oygarden
283-291 PDF Icon
Sediment yield and topographic change after major volcanic activity
Mizuyama, T., Kobashi, S.
295-301 PDF Icon
Sediment-associated phosphorus transport in the Warwickshire River Avon, UK
Foster, I. D. L., Baban, S. M. J., Wade, S. D., Charlesworth, S. M., Buckland, P. J., Wags
303-312 PDF Icon
Sediment aggregation and transport in northern interior British Columbia streams
Petticrew, E. L.
313-319 PDF Icon
Soil erosion and effects of erosion control works in the torrential drainage basins of southeast Serbia
Kostadinov, S., Markovic, S.
321-332 PDF Icon
Specific sediment yield and drainage basin scale
De Boer, D. H., Crosby, G.
333-338 PDF Icon
Redistribution of sediment within small catchments of the temperate zone
Golosov, V.
339-346 PDF Icon
The contribution of subsoil to sediment yield in the Murrumbidgee River basin, New South Wales, Australia
Wallbrink, P. J., Olley, J. M., Murray, A. S., Olive, L. J.
347-355 PDF Icon
The distribution of erosion in the Mfolozi drainage basin implications for sediment yield control
Watson, H. K., Ramokgopa, R., Looser, U.
357-366 PDF Icon
Catastrophic discharge of fluvial sediment to the ocean: evidence of Jokulhlaups events in the Alsek Sea Valley, southeast Alaska (USA)
Milliman, J. D., Snow, J., Jaeger, J., Nittrouer, C. A.
367-379 PDF Icon
Effects of catastrophic floods on sediment yields in southeastern Australia
Erskine, W. D., Saynor, M. J.
381-388 PDF Icon
Bed load as a component of sediment yield from a semiarid watershed of the northern Negev
Powell, D. M., Reid, I., Laronne, J. B., Frostick, L.
389-397 PDF Icon
Erosional processes in small Carpathian watersheds
Bednarczyk, T., Madeyski, M.
399-404 PDF Icon
Long-term variations in mean erosion and sediment yield from the rivers of the former Soviet Union
Bobrovitskaya, N. N.
407-413 PDF Icon
Sediment yield decline and climate change in southern Iceland
D. M. Lawler L. J. Wright
415-425 PDF Icon
Land use change, conservation measures and stream channel response in the Mediterranean/semiarid transition zone: Nahal Hoga, southern Coastal Plain, Israel
Rozin, U., Schick, A. P.
427-444 PDF Icon
Sediment budget change in the fluvial system of the central part of the Russian plain due to human impact
Sidorchuk, A.
445-452 PDF Icon
Long term natural forest management and land-use change in a developing tropicalcatchment, Sabah, Malaysia
Greer, T., Sinun, W., Douglas, I., Bidin, K.
453-461 PDF Icon
The impact of land-use changes, especially logging, shifting cultivation, mining and urbanization on sediment yields in humid tropical Southeast Asia : a review with special reference to Borneo
Douglas, I.
463-471 PDF Icon
Trends in soil erosion and sediment yield in the alpine basin of the Austrian Danube
Summer, W., Klaghofer, E., Hintersteiner, K.
473-479 PDF Icon
Patterns of erosion and sedimentation in the Illinois River basin
Demissie, M.
483-490 PDF Icon
Environmental and socio-economic impacts of erosion and sedimentation in north Africa
Lahlou, A.
491-500 PDF Icon
Reservoir sedimentation problems in the Vistula River basin, Poland
Lajczak, A.
501-511 PDF Icon
Continent-scale reservoir sedimentation patterns in the United States
Renwick, W. H.
513-522 PDF Icon
Success of soil conservation works in reducing soil erosion rates and sediment yields in central eastern Australia
Erskine, W. D., Saynor, M. J.
523-530 PDF Icon
Erosion and sedimentation problems in India
Kothyari, U. C.
531-540 PDF Icon
Recent studies of the role of soil conservation in reducing erosion and sediment yield in the loess plateau area of the Yellow River basin
Jinze, M.
541-548 PDF Icon
Prioritization of basins based a on silt yield index an integrated approach
Adinarayana, J.
549-554 PDF Icon
Sediment yield and BMP control strategies in urban catchments
Ellis, J. B.
555-564 PDF Icon
Lack and surplus of sediments being transported by river systems
Habersack, H. M.
565-573 PDF Icon
Sediment monitoring, long-term loads, balances and management strategies in southern Bavaria
Weiss, F-H.
575-582 PDF Icon
Sediment management of the Kosi River in Nepal
Nayak, J. N.
583-586 PDF Icon
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