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Water Quality and Sediment Behaviour of the Future: Predictions for the 21st Century

Author / Editor: Bruce W. Webb & Dirk De Boer
Publication Number: 314
ISBN Number: 978-1-901502-14-5
Year: 2007
Pages: 322

Price: £62.00

This volume is an outcome of a symposium organized by the IAHS International Commissions on Water Quality (ICWQ), Continental Erosion (ICCE), and Groundwater (ICGW), and the Predictions in Ungauged Basins (PUB) Working Group, with the objective of bringing together experts to provide a state-of-the-art review of our current understanding of how water quality and sediment behaviour might alter as a result of climate and land-use change during the 21st century. The aim was to examine, for both surface water and groundwater systems, not only the nature and controls of future changes in water quality and sediment behaviour, but also what the implications of these will be for human use of water and for freshwater ecosystems, and how well our science is equipped to predict the future in this regard. Thirty-six reviewed papers were accepted for publication. They are grouped in three sections in this volume: Sediment and Nutrient Behaviour in Surface Waters; Metals and Other Water Quality Problems; and Management Issues.

Contents for Water Quality and Sediment Behaviour of the Future: Predictions for the 21st Century

Title Pages File
Water Quality and Sediment Behaviour of the Future:Predictions for the 21st Century, Symposium held at Perugia (2007)
Bruce W. Webb & Dirk De Boer Editors
Preface of Volume 314
Bruce W. Webb
v-vi PDF Icon
Suspended sediment yields in the Amazon basin of Peru: a first estimation
Jean Loup Guyot, Hector Bazan, Pascal Fraizy, Juan Julio Ordonez, Elisa Armijos & Alain La
3-10 PDF Icon
Impacts of human activities on the sediment regime of the Yangtze River
Qiongfang Li, Zhenhua Zou, Ziqiang Xia, Wei Zhang & Huiqing Wang
11-19 PDF Icon
Modelling extreme suspended sediment concentrations in North America: frequency analysis and correlations with watershed characteristics
Yves Tramblay, André Saint-Hilaire & Taha B. M. J. Ouarda
20-27 PDF Icon
Predicting the impact of projected change in agriculture by 2015 on annual mean fluvial suspended sediment concentrations across England and Wales
Adrian L. Collins, Steven G. Anthony, Tony Turner & Julia Hawley
28-37 PDF Icon
Neuroevolution methodologies applied to sediment forecasting
Alison J. Heppenstall, Linda M. See & Robert J. Abrahart
38-44 PDF Icon
Modelling discharge, water chemistry and sediment load from a subarctic river basin: the Tanana River, Alaska
Kazuhisa A. Chikita, Tomoyuki Wada, Isao Kudo, Daisaku Kido, Yu-Ichi Narita & Yongwon Kim
45-56 PDF Icon
Measuring the fluxes of suspended sediment, trace elements and nutrients for the City of Atlanta, USA: insights on the global water quality impacts of increasing urbanization
Arthur J. Horowitz, Kent A. Elrick & James J. Smith
57-70 PDF Icon
Assessing the effects of design and climate change on sediment removal in urban stormwater ponds
Catherine T. Morgan, Kate V. Heal, Steve G. Wallis & Rebecca J. Lunn
71-78 PDF Icon
Scale-related sediment and phosphorus transfers in small agricultural catchments
Clare Deasy, Richard E. Brazier, A. Louise Heathwaite & Robin Hodgkinson
79-89 PDF Icon
Modelling climate change impact on phosphorus load in Swedish rivers
Jorgen Rosberg & Berit Arheimer
90-97 PDF Icon
Groundwater-surface water exchange fluxes in a Pleistocene lowland and the impacts on riparian zone water balance and nitrate conditions
Stefan Krause, Axel Bronstert & Erwin Zehe
98-107 PDF Icon
Effect of frequent storms on nutrient discharge in a mountainous coastal catchment, western Japan
Shin-ichi Onodera, Misa Sawano, Mitsuyo Saito & Hidehiro Takahashi
108-116 PDF Icon
Evaluation of estimation methods for nitrate and atrazine loads during rainfall events in agricultural catchments
Adilson Pinheiro, Flavie Cernesson & Jean Fran�ois Dubernet
117-124 PDF Icon
Modelling catchment-scale nitrate transport using a combined process-based and data-driven approach
Rajesh Raj Shrestha & Michael Rode
125-134 PDF Icon
Long-term trend of uranium concentrations in Beaverlodge Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada, under mine decommissioning
Huaxia Yao, Robert Kidd & Michio Hashino
137-144 PDF Icon
The distribution of heavy metals in a highly regulated river: the River Murray, Australia
Martin C. Thoms
145-154 PDF Icon
Assessing water-sediment processes for metals in rivers polluted by mining to predict environmental impacts in developing countries
M. Aurora Armienta, Azucena Dotor, Flor E. Arcega-Cabrera, Oscar Talavera, Alejandra Aguay
155-162 PDF Icon
The distribution of metals (Co, As and Zn) in a residential urban watershed, typical of the Brazilian suburbs
Cristiano Poleto & Gustavo Henrique Merten
163-172 PDF Icon
Quantifying sediment deposition and the spatial variability of sediment-associated metals in ponds treating urban diffuse pollution
Alan J. Jones, Kate V. Heal, Neil Stuart, Steve G. Wallis, Rebecca J. Lunn & Barbara Barba
173-180 PDF Icon
Kohonen self-organising map (KSOM) extracted features for enhancing MLP-ANN prediction models of BOD5
Rabee Rustum, Adebayo Adeloye & Aurore Simala
181-187 PDF Icon
Simulation by the IPTM-CS model of pesticides found in surface water and groundwater of the Fucino Plain, Italy
Eva Pacioni, Marco Petitta & Miguel A. Marino
188-196 PDF Icon
Some reflections on the future of the water quality of the Corumbatai River basin, Sao Paulo State, Brazil
Daniel Marcos Bonotto & Jorge Luis Nepomuceno De Lima
197-204 PDF Icon
An assessment of water quality changes within the Athi and Nairobi river basins during the last decade
Shadrack Mulei Kithiia
205-212 PDF Icon
Flood flow water quality analysis using low-cost samplers in small rivers
Janana Bezerra Mesquita Lima & Sergio Koide
213-216 PDF Icon
Community-based monitoring and the science of water quality - C. Conrad
C. Conrad
217-228 PDF Icon
Future impacts of freshwater resource management: sensitivity of coastal deltas
Charles J. Vorosmarty, Jason P. Ericson, S. Lawrence Dingman, Larry G. Ward & Michel Meybe
231-238 PDF Icon
Appropriate use of catchment models for water-quality target setting and land-use management
Bradford S. Sherman, Jon Brodie, Lex Cogle & Chris Carroll
239-250 PDF Icon
Development and application of a Watershed Information System (WIS) for water quality analyses
Conceicao De Maria Albuquerque Alves & Daniel Pete Loucks
251-264 PDF Icon
Groundwater of the future in the Roussillon flood plain: present-day situation and solutions for the 21st century
Pierre Serrat
261-270 PDF Icon
Nitrate contamination in groundwater of the Yellow River Delta and its effect on the marine environment
Mitsuyo Saito, Shin-ichi Onodera, Kunihide Miyaoka, Jianyao Chen, Makoto Taniguchi, Guanqu
271-277 PDF Icon
The assessment of groundwater vulnerability in China
Tang Lihua, Zhang Sicong & Yao Wenfeng
278-285 PDF Icon
Hydrogeochemistry of groundwater in a part of the hard rock terrain of central India
L. P. Chourasia
286-292 PDF Icon
Runoff erosion control for a sustainable water supply in Niamey, Niger Republic
Issoufou Abdoulkader
293-299 PDF Icon
The effect of parent material and land use on soil erosion: a case study of the Taleghan drainage basin, Iran
Sadat Feiznia & Kazem Nosrati
300-305 PDF Icon
Sediment yield in the Daryacheh-Namak drainage basin, Iran, and its relation to land-use changes
Sadat Feiznia, Abdolhossein Mohammadi & Sepideh Zakikhani
306-311 PDF Icon
Implications of changes in river sediments during the 21st century for freshwater ecosystems in northeast India
U. C. Sharma & Vikas Sharma
312-320 PDF Icon
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