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Effects of Scale on Interpretation and Management of Sediment and Water Quality

Author / Editor: W. R. Osterkamp, Editor
Publication Number: 226
ISBN Number: 0-947571-34-5
Year: 1995
Pages: 301

Price: £15.00

Boulder Symposium, 1995, Effects of Scale on Interpretation and Management of Sediment and Water Quality

Contents for Effects of Scale on Interpretation and Management of Sediment and Water Quality

Title Pages File
Boulder Symposium, 1995, Effects of Scale on Interpretation and Management of Sediment and Water Quality
W. R. Osterkamp, Editor
Osterkamp, W. R.
v-vi PDF Icon
Scale influence on water and sediment output in a first-order mountain basin in Nepal
Carver, M., Schreier, H.
3-9 PDF Icon
Decoupling of sediment sources in large river basins
Phillips, J. D.
11-16 PDF Icon
Runoff and sediment transport from glacierized basins at the Himalayan scale
Collins, D. N., Hasnain, S. I.
17-25 PDF Icon
Downstream changes in suspended-sediment fluxes in the River Severn, UK
Bull, L. J., Lawler, D. M., Leeks, G. J. L., Marks, S.
27-37 PDF Icon
Processes influencing pesticide transport in a drained clay catchment
Johnson, A. C., Batchelor, C. H., Haria, A. H.
39-46 PDF Icon
Stochastic geomorphology - implications for monitoring and interpreting erosion and sediment yields in mountain drainage basins
Benda, L.
47-54 PDF Icon
Changes in sediment discharge resulting from commercial logging in the Sungai Lawing basin, Selangor, Malaysia
Lai, F. S., Lee, M. J., Rizal, S. M.
55-62 PDF Icon
Suspended sediment characteristics and drainage basin scale on the Canadian prairies
Crosby, G., De Boer, D. H.
65-72 PDF Icon
Effects of a changing environment on sediment transport in two Austrian river systems
Habersack, H. M., Nachtnebel, H. P.
73-81 PDF Icon
Variability in stream sediment transport in Liaoning Province and its relation to environmental change
Hsueh-Chun, Y.
83-89 PDF Icon
Sediment transport by volcanic torrents of different scale
Suwa, H.
91-97 PDF Icon
Sediment and water quality of Klagan River tributary in tropical rainforest of Sabah, Borneo Island
Mokhtar, M. B., Awaluddin, A. B. T., Tian, O. E.
99-104 PDF Icon
Assessing the representativity of catchments according to their size from hydrochemical observations
Merot, P., Durand, P.
105-112 PDF Icon
Scale effects in particle-associated contaminants of river-bottom sediment
Symader, W., Schorer, M., Bierl, R.
113-117 PDF Icon
Analyse temporelle et spatiale des apports de crue sur un bassin mediterraneen : relation avec les processus hydrologiques
Gresillon, J. M., Taha, A., Le Meillour, F., Lavabre, J., Puech, C.
119-129 PDF Icon
Using GIS to delineate Chemical Hydrological Response Units (CHRUS) for hydrochemical modeling in a mesoscale catchment in Germany
Bende, U., Flugel, W-A., Kern, T. J.
133-139 PDF Icon
Scale behavior of hydraulic conductivity during a pumping test
Schulze-Makuch, D., Cherkauer, D. S.
141-146 PDF Icon
Spatial variability of cover affecting erosion and sediment yield in overland flow
Lane, L. J., Nichols, M. H., Simanton, J. R.
147-152 PDF Icon
Simulation models for conservative and nonconservative solute transport in streams
Runkel, R. L.
153-159 PDF Icon
A study on scale effects on sediment transport modeling in and regions
Shanna, K. D.
161-168 PDF Icon
Effect of temporal scale on runoff and erosion modeling
Stephenson, D.
169-174 PDF Icon
The impact of scale on the processes of channel-side sediment supply: a conceptual model
Lawler, D. M.
175-184 PDF Icon
Sediment-yield alteration of mountain rivers and climate change in central Asia
Glazyrin, G. E., Tashmetov, H. K.
187-190 PDF Icon
Deliberation on scale theory
Suxia, L., Xingguo, M., Changming, L.
191-197 PDF Icon
An approach to representing spatial variability when evaluating model uncertainty in process-based watershed models
Tiscareno-Lopez, M., Claveran, R., Weltz, M. A., Kidwell, M. R.
199-206 PDF Icon
Identifying trends in sediment discharge from alterations in upstream land use
Parker, R. S., Osterkamp, W. R.
207-213 PDF Icon
Total suspended load transport as a natural stochastic process
Skoklevski, Z., Velickov, S.
215-221 PDF Icon
The prediction of peak nitrate concentration from annual nitrate load at the field and catchment scales
Rodda, H. J. E., Scholefield, D., Lord, E., Webb, B. W.
223-230 PDF Icon
Scale-related water temperature behaviour
Webb, B. W., Zhang, Y., Nobilis, F.
231-239 PDF Icon
Sediment quality in Australian river basins: a compartmental approach to assessment of regional sediment-variability factor
Arakel, A., Hanna, R., McConchie, D.
243-252 PDF Icon
Detecting change in sediment loads: where and how is it possible ?
Bunte, K., MacDonald, L. H.
253-261 PDF Icon
Sedimentation in muddy estuaries and management of river flow
Kang, W.
263-267 PDF Icon
Evaluation of erosion-control works by turbidity at different scale drainage basins
Mizuyama, T., Nakano, M., Matsumura, K.
269-273 PDF Icon
Variations in sediment transport at a variety of temporal scales in the Murrumbidgee River, New South Wales, Australia
Olive, L. J., Olley, J. M., Murray, A. S., Wallbrink, P. J.
275-284 PDF Icon
Monitoring of rill formation
Hasholt, B., Hansen, B. S.
285-291 PDF Icon
Scale as a factor in designing sampling programs for determination of annual trace element fluxes
Horowitz, A. J.
293-301 PDF Icon
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