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Sediment Dynamics in Changing Environments

Author / Editor: Jochen Schmidt, Tom Cochrane.Chris Phillips, Sandy Elliott, Tim Davies & Les Basher
Publication Number: 325
ISBN Number: 978-1-901502-84-8
Year: 2008
Pages: 620

Price: £105.00

To understand Sediment Dynamics in Changing Environments we need to advance our knowledge of sedimentary processes and systems, and in particular of associated scaling issues. This knowledge, derived from information and analysis of historical sediment archives and system analysis and modelling, enhances our abilities to assess impacts of global change on sedimentary systems. Most importantly, we need to find ways to link our understanding and models of sedimentary systems with impacts on human environments, including hazard and risk assessment, improvement of management, and feedback into policy frameworks. The papers in this book, first presented at an IAHS Symposium in New Zealand in December 2008, document the international research efforts going into the themes of: 1. Unlocking the archives - dating and source tracing technologies 2. Processes and scales in sedimentary systems - from point to continents 3. Global change and erosion 4. Linking erosion with environmental and societal impacts

Contents for Sediment Dynamics in Changing Environments

Title Pages File
Sediment Dynamics in Changing Environments, Symposium held at Christchurch, December 2008
Jochen Schmidt, Tom Cochrane, Chris Phillips, Sandy Elliott, Tim Davies & Les Basher, Edit
Preface of Volume 325
Jochen Schmidt, Tom Cochrane, Chris Phillips, Sandy Elliott, Tim Davies & Les Basher
  PDF Icon
Hydrology in Mountain Regions : Observations, Processes and Dynamics, Symposium held in Perugia, Italy, 2007
Danny Marks, Editor
Recent advances in dating and source tracing of fluvial deposits
A. Lang
3-12 PDF Icon
Assessing the remobilisation of recently deposited sediment from river flood plains during single overbank flood events, using caesium-134 and cobalt-60 as tracers
P. Greenwood, D. E. Walling & T. A. Quine
13-22 PDF Icon
Influence of particle size on geochemical suspended sediment tracing in Australia
Baihua Fu, Lachlan T.H. Newham & John B. Field
23-30 PDF Icon
Sediment source fingerprinting: testing hypotheses about contributions from potential sediment sources
Jean P. G. Minella, Robin T. Clarke, Gustavo H. Merten & Des E. Walling
31-37 PDF Icon
Mass balance models for use with 210Pbex measurements to estimate soil loss from cultivated land
Xinbao Zhang, Des Walling, Xiubin He & Yunqi Zhang
38-42 PDF Icon
Use of Beryllium-7 to assess soil redistribution by erosion in two contrasting Mediterranean environments
A. Navas, D. E. Walling, L. Gaspar & J. Machin
43-51 PDF Icon
The sources and dispersal of sediment within a large flood plain complex
M. C. Thoms, S. Brennan & S. W. Franks
52-59 PDF Icon
Determination and interpretation of sediment provenance in a sedimentary sequence affected by post-depositional changes
R. Cossart, M. C. Thoms & M. A Reid
60-67 PDF Icon
Flood plain nutrient dynamics: patterns, controls and the influence of changing hydrology
A. G. Lowes, M. R. Southwell & M. C. Thoms
68-75 PDF Icon
Recent tidal-flat evolution and mangrove-habitat expansion: application of radioisotope dating to environmental reconstruction
A. Swales & S. J. Bentley
76-84 PDF Icon
Identifying relationships between flood history, flood frequency and the provenance of surface sediments in a semi-arid terminal wetland
S. C. Rayburg & M. C. Thoms
85-93 PDF Icon
Uncertainty assessment in suspended sediment fingerprinting based on tracer mixing models: a case study from Luxembourg
N. Martinez-Carreras, F. Gallart, J. F. Iffly, L. Pfister, D. E. Walling & A. Krein
94-105 PDF Icon
Response of a small arable catchment sediment budget to introduction of soil conservation measures
V. N. Golosov, V. R. Belyaev, J. S. Kuznetsova, M. V. Markelov & E. N. Shamshurina
106-113 PDF Icon
Combining direct observations, modelling, and 137Cs tracer for evaluating individual event contribution to long-term sediment budgets
V. R. Belyaev, V. N. Golosov, K. S. Kislenko, J. S. Kuznetsova & M. V. Markelov
114-122 PDF Icon
Connecting the disconnected: longitudinal correlation of river terrace remnants
M. D. Cheetham, A. F. Keene, W. D. Erskine, R. T. Bush & G. Jacobsen
123-129 PDF Icon
Intensity of soil erosion and sedimentation inferred from spatial distribution of radionuclide 137Cs in hillslope catchments, South Korea
A. Orkhonselenge, K. Kashiwaya & Y. K. Kim
130-134 PDF Icon
Redistribution of soil and soil organic carbon on agricultural landscapes
J. C. Ritchie & G. W. McCarty
135-138 PDF Icon
Post-European settlement impacts on erosion and land degradation: a case study using farm reservoir sedimentation in the Eastern Cape, South Africa
Kate Rowntree, Ian Foster, Tim Mighall, Leanne DuPreez & John Boardman
139-142 PDF Icon
Sediment fingerprinting in New Zealand: a pilot study into the feasibility of the application of the technique
B. P. Roddy, J. L. McWhirter, V. G. Moon, M. R. Balks & F. J. Dyer
143-146 PDF Icon
Scaling sediment flux across landscapes
J. P. M. Syvitski & A. J. Kettner
149-156 PDF Icon
Sediment yield modelling at micro-basin and basin scales in semi-arid regions of Brazil
E. E. De Figueiredo
157-166 PDF Icon
Soil armouring and weathering: toward catchment scale computational modelling
S. Cohen, G. R. Willgoose & G. R. Hancock
167-174 PDF Icon
An evaluation of the role of physical models in exploring form-process feedbacks in alluvial fans
L. E. Clarke, T. A. Quine & A. P. Nicholas
175-183 PDF Icon
The signature of an extreme erosion event on suspended sediment loads: Motueka River Catchment, South Island, New Zealand
D. M. Hicks & L. R. Basher
184-191 PDF Icon
Changing suspended sediment dynamics due to extreme flood events in a small pluvial-nival system in northern Japan
A. C. Whitaker, H. Sato & H. Sugiyama
192-199 PDF Icon
The effect of local-scale valley constrictions on flood inundation and catchment-scale sediment delivery in the Fitzroy River Basin, Australia
J. C. Croke, D. Purvis-Smith, C. J. Thompson & Leo Lymburner
200-207 PDF Icon
Sediment yield from seismically-disturbed mountainous watersheds revealed by multi-temporal aerial LiDAR surveys
Akira Matsuoka, Takao Yamakoshi, Keiji Tamura, Jun Maruyama & Kiichiro Ogawa
208-216 PDF Icon
A study of spatial scaling in suspended sediment yield along a rural river system - the River Eden, Cumbria, UK
C. F. Mills, J. C. Bathurst & P. F. Quinn
217-224 PDF Icon
Using remote sensing to quantify sediment budget components in a large tropical river - Mitchell River, Gulf of Carpentaria
A. P. Brooks, J. Spencer, J. G. Shellberg, J. Knight & L. Lymburner
225-236 PDF Icon
Off-slope sediment delivery from landsliding during a storm, Muriwai Hills, North Island, New Zealand
N. J. Preston
237-241 PDF Icon
SPARROW regional regression for sediment yields in New Zealand rivers
A. H. Elliott, U. Shankar, D. M. Hicks, R. A. Woods & J. R. Dymond
242-249 PDF Icon
Morphometric analysis of interfluve topography for scaling soil erosion rates from local to regional scales
Y. Kuznetsova & V. Golosov
250-257 PDF Icon
Sediment storage in Alpine sedimentary systems - quantification and scaling issues
J.-C. Otto, J. Goetz & L. Schrott
258-265 PDF Icon
Stochastic sediment–vegetation dynamics in an Alpine braided river
P. Perona, P. Molnar, M. Savina & P. Burlando
266-274 PDF Icon
Connectivity in steep-land environments: gully-fan coupling in the Tarndale system, Waipaoa catchment, New Zealand
Ian C. Fuller & Mike Marden
275-282 PDF Icon
Channel incision and sand compartmentalization in an Australian sandstone basin subject to high flood variability
W. D. Erskine
283-290 PDF Icon
Multi-scale sediment dynamics in an upland catchment, southeastern Australia: a synthesis
Hugh G. Smith & Deirdre Dragovich
291-297 PDF Icon
Holocene alluvial sediment deposition in contrasting environments in northwestern Europe
B. Notebaert & G. Verstraeten
298-301 PDF Icon
Flood-induced changes in the step-pool morphology of a steep mountain stream
P. Molnar, A. L. Densmore, B. W. McArdell & P. Burlando
302-307 PDF Icon
Suspended sediment dynamics and transport into the Babitonga Bay, southern Brazil
F. A. Oliveira & J. L. S. Ross
308-311 PDF Icon
Recent sedimentation rates for the Rees-Dart braided river delta
Michelle Wild, Thomas Cochrane, Tim Davies, Murray Hicks, David Painter & Gavin Palmer
312-315 PDF Icon
Sediment movement from small catchments within the Moldavian Plateau of eastern Romania
I. Ionita
316-320 PDF Icon
The changing sediment loads of the world’s rivers
D. E. Walling
323-338 PDF Icon
Gully erosion and sediment load: Waipaoa, Waiapu and Uawa rivers, eastern North Island, New Zealand
Michael Marden, Harley Betts, Gregory Arnold & Randolph Hambling
339-350 PDF Icon
Sediment sources in a dry-tropical catchment: central Queensland, Australia
A. O. Hughes, J. M. Olley, J. C. Croke & L. A. McKergow
351-358 PDF Icon
Chemical and physical weathering in a mountainous tributary of the Zhujiang (Pearl River), China
Shu-Rong Zhang & X. X. Lu
359-366 PDF Icon
Sensitivity of Alpine fluvial environments in the Swiss Alps to climate forcing during the Late Holocene
L. Schulte, R. Julia, M. Oliva, F. Burjachs, H. Veit & F. Carvalho
367-374 PDF Icon
An overlooked sediment trap in arid environments: ancient irrigation agriculture in the coastal desert of Peru
Jussi Baade & Ralf Hesse
375-382 PDF Icon
Glacial-interglacial cycles, soil erosion and natural desertification in the Middle East
Yoav Avni
383-390 PDF Icon
Changing sediment supply in Arctic rivers
Irina Overeem & James P. M. Syvitski
391-397 PDF Icon
Mapping potential soil erosion in East Africa using the Universal Soil Loss Equation and secondary data
Lieven Claessens, Paulo Van Breugel, An Notenbaert, Mario Herrero & Jeannette Van De Steeg
398-407 PDF Icon
The Waipaoa Sedimentary System: research review and future directions
N. Litchfield, K. Berryman, H. Brackley, L. Carter, M. Marden, M. Page & N. Trustrum
408-416 PDF Icon
Climatic and anthropogenic effects on soil transport rates and hillslope evolution
P. C. Almond, J. J. Roering, M. W. Hughes, F. S. Lutter & C. Lebouteiller
417-424 PDF Icon
Will human catalysts or climate change have a greater impact on the sediment load of the Waipaoa River in the 21st century?
A. J. Kettner, B. Gomez & J. P. M. Syvitski
425-431 PDF Icon
The impact of climate change on glacial sediment delivery to rivers
Jim Bogen
432-439 PDF Icon
Reconstructing historical sediment yields from the infilling of farm reservoirs, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Ian D. L. Foster, John Boardman & John B. Gates
440-447 PDF Icon
National-scale sediment delivery to watercourses across England and Wales under recent (1970-2004) land-use change
A. L. Collins, D. Duethmann & P. Taylor
448-452 PDF Icon
Land-use impacts on catchment erosion for the Waitetuna catchment, New Zealand
J. Schmidt, S. Elliott & L. McKergow
453-457 PDF Icon
The effects of rapid and catastrophic sedimentation in tectonically active areas
James Goff
458-461 PDF Icon
Impacts of the 921 Ji-Ji earthquake, Taiwan, on channel morphology and channel evolution
Y. H. Hsu & Y. S. Hsu
462-466 PDF Icon
Linking erosion with environmental and societal impacts in a rapidly changing environment
M. J. Crozier
469-476 PDF Icon
Erosion without sediment supply? The crux of a flood-plain restoration project downstream of dammed headwaters
Bernd Cyffka & Florian Haas
477-484 PDF Icon
Sediment dynamics and improvised control technologies in the Athi River drainage basin, Kenya
Shadrack Mulei Kithiia
485-490 PDF Icon
Recurrent displacement of a forested earthflow and implications for forest management, East Coast Region, New Zealand
Michael Marden, Chris J. Phillips & Donna Rowan
491-501 PDF Icon
Estimating the spatial distribution of sediment concentration in the Manawatu River, New Zealand, under different land-use scenarios
A.-G. E. Ausseil & J. R. Dymond
502-509 PDF Icon
Impacts of wildfire and post-fire salvage logging on sediment transfer in the Oldman watershed, Alberta, Canada
Uldis Silins, Micheal Stone, Monica Emelko & Kevin Bladon
510-515 PDF Icon
Managing coastal erosion: from long-term coastal evolution to seasonal shoreline changes
L. S. Esteves, P. Teixeira & J. J. Williams
516-523 PDF Icon
Hydrological and sedimentological connectivity of unsealed roads
C. J. Thompson, I. Takken & J. Croke
524-531 PDF Icon
Hydrological recovery of rangeland following cattle exclusion
A. A. Hawdon, R. J. Keen, D. A. Post & S. N. Wilkinson
532-539 PDF Icon
Improved sediment-management strategies for the sustainable development of German waterways
E. Goelz
540-549 PDF Icon
Predicting decadal-scale estuarine sedimentation for planning catchment development
M. O. Green
550-558 PDF Icon
Testing the capability of a sediment budget model for targeting remediation measures to reduce suspended-sediment yield
Scott N. Wilkinson
559-566 PDF Icon
Impacts of native forest harvesting on in-channel erosion and sediment yields in unmapped headwater catchments
Ashley A. Webb
567-575 PDF Icon
Reformation of pool-riffle sequences and induced bed armouring in a sand-bed stream following river rehabilitation
A. F. Keene, R. T. Bush, M. D. Cheetham & W. D. Erskine
576-583 PDF Icon
Evidence for catastrophic shifts in the trophic structure of flood-plain lakes associated with soil erosion
Michael Reid
584-590 PDF Icon
The effect of increasing urbanization and population density on the concentrations of sediment-associated constituents for the conterminous US
A. J. Horowitz & V. C. Stephens
591-598 PDF Icon
Towards improving the prediction of longshore sediment transport
J. J. Williams, L. S. Esteves & M. A. Lisniowski
599-606 PDF Icon
Changes in sediment discharge after the collapse of Mount Bawakaraeng in South Sulawesi, Indonesia
L. L. Dhanio, T. Mizuyama, K. Kosugi & D. A. Rampisela
607-611 PDF Icon
Influence of the changing environment on sediment loads of the Lower Mekong River
J. J. Wang & X. X. Lu
612-615 PDF Icon
Modelling hillslope soil erosion at ANZAC Cove, Turkey
S. Matthews & M. N. Neave
616-620 PDF Icon
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