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Drainage Basin Sediment Delivery

Author / Editor: R. F. Hadley, Editor
Publication Number: 159
ISBN Number: 0-947571-80-9
Year: 1986
Pages: 487

Price: £10.00

Drainage Basin Sediment Delivery, Proceedings of a symposium held at Albuquerque, August 1986

Contents for Drainage Basin Sediment Delivery

Title Pages File
Drainage Basin Sediment Delivery, Proceedings of a symposium held at Albuquerque, August 1986
R. F. Hadley, Editor
Hadley, R.F.
ix-x PDF Icon
Identification and evaluation of watershed sediment sources
Coleman, D.J. & Scatena, F.N.
3-18 PDF Icon
Sediment sources and yield from small drainage basins
Jinze, M.
19-29 PDF Icon
Construction phase sediment budget for forest roads on granitic slopes in Idaho USA
Megehan, W.F., Seyedbagheri, K.A., Moski, T.L. & Ketcheson, G.L.
31-39 PDF Icon
Fingerprinting sediment sources : the exemple of a drainage basin in Devon, UK Royaume Uni
Peart, M.R. & Walling, D.E.
41-55 PDF Icon
Sediment budgets in forested and unforested basins in upland Scotland Ecosse
Stott, T.A., Ferguson, R.I., Johnson, R.C. & Newsom, M.D.
57-68 PDF Icon
The siltation and soil erosion in Zimbabwe
Van Den Wall Bake, G.W.
69-80 PDF Icon
The impact and economic effects of soil conservation practice on river aggradation
Connor, T.B.
81-91 PDF Icon
Sediment movement in disequilibrium gully fan systems
Gryta, J.L.
95-104 PDF Icon
Relationship between sediment supply and sediment transport for the Roaring River, Colorado, USA
Bathurst, J.C., Leeks, G.J.L. & Newsom, M.D.
105-117 PDF Icon
Conveyance losses of suspended sediment within a floodplain system
Walling, D.E., Bradley, S.B. & Lambert, C.
119-131 PDF Icon
Delivery of pollutants from nonpoint sources
Novotny, V., Simsiman, G.V. & Chesters, G.
133-140 PDF Icon
Gully bank erosion of loessial soil in urbanizing watersheds
Nicklin, M.E., Remus, J.I. & Conroy, J.M.
141-151 PDF Icon
Seasonal variation in the sediment delivery ration of a forested drainage basin in Luxembourg
Duijsings, J.J.
153-164 PDF Icon
Complex response of a chaparral drainage basin to fire
Laird, J.R. & Harvey, M.D.
165-183 PDF Icon
Mass transport in Krishna River basin, India Inde
Ramesh, R. & Subramanian, V.
185-197 PDF Icon
Sediment transport in the Burhi Dihing River, India Inde
Sarma, J.N.
199-215 PDF Icon
Sediment delivery of unusual sediment yield in a mountain drainage basin
Yazawa, A. & Mizuyama, T.
217-223 PDF Icon
Suspended and solute loads on the lower Diyala River, Iraq Irak
Al-Ansari, N.A., Al-Sinawi, G.T. & Jamil, A.K.
225-235 PDF Icon
A delivery ratio approach for seasonal transport of sediment
Dickinson, W.T., Rudra, R.P. & Clark, D.J.
237-252 PDF Icon
Scale effects in predicting soil erosion from large watersheds
Julien, P.Y. & Frenette, M.
253-259 PDF Icon
Suspended-sediment storage in river channels : a case study of the River Exe, Devon, UK Royaume Uni
Lambert, C.P. & Walling, D.E.
263-276 PDF Icon
Sediment remobilization and storage by discontinuous gullying in humid southeastern Australia Australie
Melville, M.D. & Erskine, W.D.
277-286 PDF Icon
Channel storage of fine-grained sediment in the Potomac River USA
Miller, A.J. & Shoemaker, L.L.
287-303 PDF Icon
A geological perspective of sediment storage and delivery along the lower Rio Puerco, Central New Mexico USA
Love, D.W.
305-322 PDF Icon
Periodic surges and sediment remobilization
Heggen, R.J.
323-333 PDF Icon
Types and processes of short-term sediment and uranium-tailings storage in arroyos : an example from the Rio Puerco of the West, New Mexico USA
Miller, J.R. & Wells, S.G.
335-353 PDF Icon
Low Australian sediment yields - a question of inefficient sediment delivery Australie
Olive, L.J. & Rieger, W.A.
355-364 PDF Icon
Modelling the transport of stored sediment in a gravel-bed river, nothwestern California USA
Kelsey, H.M.
367-391 PDF Icon
Mathematical model for the computation of sediment yield from a basin
Hrissanthou, V.
393-401 PDF Icon
Sediment delivery model for the Homerka drainage basin Poland Pologne
Froehlich, W.
403-412 PDF Icon
Use of the modified USLE for average annual sediment yield estimates on small rangeland drainage basins
Jackson, W.L., Van Haveren, B.P. & Gebhardt, K.
413-422 PDF Icon
A Caesium-137 budget approach to the investigation of sediment delivery from a small agricultural drainage basin in Devon, UK Royaume Uni
Walling, D.E., Bradley, S.B. & Wilkinson, C.J.
423-435 PDF Icon
Mapping drainage basin sediment sources using Caesium-137
Campbell, B.L., Loughren, R.J., Elliott, G.L. & Shelly, D.J.
437-446 PDF Icon
Determination of "diffusion" erosion coefficients for some tributaries of Oaklimiter Creek, north-central Mississippi
Begin, Z.B.
447-462 PDF Icon
Computerizing remote field data acquisition
Clune, R.T.
465-475 PDF Icon
A comparison of base flow separation techniques
Rieger, W.A. & Olive, L.J.
477-481 PDF Icon
Frequency domain analysis of sediment delivery processes
Rieger, W.A. & Olive, L.J.
483-487 PDF Icon
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