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Sediment TransferThrough the Fluvial System ICCE

Author / Editor: Valentin Golosov, Vladimir Belyaev & Des E. Walling
Publication Number: 288
ISBN Number: 978-1-901502-67-1
Year: 2004
Pages: 498

Price: £15.00

An improved understanding of sediment transfer, storage and redistribution has many important practical applications, including soil conservation, catchment management, control of diffuse-source pollution, predicting and managing reservoir sedimentation, and the maintenance of irrigation systems and navigation channels, which link closely to the sustainable management of land, water and other natural resources

Contents for Sediment TransferThrough the Fluvial System ICCE

Title Pages File
Moscow Symposium, 2004, Sediment Transfer Through The Fluvial System
Edited by Valentin Golosov, Vladimir Belyaev Des E. Walling
Golosov, V., Belyaev, V., Walling, D. E.
 v-vi PDF Icon
Table of Contents
Golosov, V., Belyaev, V., Walling, D. E.
vii-x PDF Icon
Climate-induced and local-scale erosion and sedimentation features in small catchments: Holocene history of two small valleys in Central Russia
Belyaev, Y. R., Panin, A. V., Belyaev, V. R.
3-12 PDF Icon
Episodic sediment pulses generated by forested flood plain stripping: Bruces Creek, Nadgee State Forest, southeastern Australia
Webb, A. A., Dragovich, D.
13-20 PDF Icon
Temporal and spatial interactions of slope and catchment processes in the Central Spanish Pyrenees
Garcia-Ruiz, J. M., Lana-Renault, N., Begueria, S., Valero-Garces, B., Lasanta, T., Arnaez
21-28 PDF Icon
The role of pipe erosion and slopewash in sediment redistribution in small rainforest catchments, Sabah, Malaysia
Sayer, A. M., Walsh, R. P. D., Clarke, M. A., Bidin, K.
29-36 PDF Icon
Change of fluvial sediment transport rates after a high magnitude debris flow event in a drainage basin in the Northern Limestone Alps, Germany
Haas, F., Heckmann, T., Wichmann, V., Becht, M.
37-43 PDF Icon
Identification of sediment sources in a small rural drainage basin
Minella, J. P. G., Merten, G. H., Clarke, R. T.
44-51 PDF Icon
Sediment redistribution following wildfire in the Sydney region, Australia: a mineral magnetic tracing approach
Blake, W. H., Wallbrink, P. J., Doerr, S. H., Shakesby, R. A., Humphreys, G. S.
52-59 PDF Icon
Erosion in basin geosystems of the Middle Volga (from a landscape analysis perspective)
Yermolaev, O.
60-66 PDF Icon
Using Cs-137 measurements and reservoir deposits to investigate the effects of ceasing cultivation on sediment yields and sediment sources in a small catchment on the Loess Plateau of China
Zhang, X., Feng, M., Wen, A.
67-74 PDF Icon
Validating the use of caesium-137 measurements to estimate erosion rates in three small catchments in Southern Italy
Porto, P., Walling, D. E., Callegari, G.
75-83 PDF Icon
Process interaction and sediment delivery in the Pleiser Hugelland, Germany
Preston, N. J., Dikau, R.
84-92 PDF Icon
Applying various methods for assessing soil and sediment redistribution within an intensively cultivated dry valley subcatchment
Belyaev, V. R., Markelov, M. V., Golosov, V. N., Belyaev, Y. R., Tishkina, E. V.
93-103 PDF Icon
Predicting slope–channel connectivity: a national-scale approach
Walling, D. E., Zhang, Y.
107-114 PDF Icon
Land–ocean sediment transfer in palaeotimes, and implications for present-day natural fluvial fluxes
Panin, A.
115-124 PDF Icon
Recent trends in turbidity and suspended sediment loads in the Murrumbidgee River, NSW, Australia
Olley, J., Wallbrink, P.
125-129 PDF Icon
Investigation of sediment yield of lowland rivers in Ukraine
Kovalchuk, I. P., Vishnevskiy, V. I.
130-137 PDF Icon
Soil erosion, suspended sediment sources and deposition in the Maw-Ki-Syiem drainage basin, Cherrapunji, northeastern India
Froehlich, W.
138-146 PDF Icon
A sediment budget for the Herbert River Catchment, North Queensland, Australia
Bartley, R., Olley, J., Henderson, A.
147-154 PDF Icon
The impact of erosion protection work on sediment transport in the River Graelva, Norway
Bogen, J., Bonsnes, T. E.
155-164 PDF Icon
Sources of fine grained sediment in incised and un-incised channels, Jugiong Creek, NSW, Australia
Wallbrink, P., Olley, J.
165-169 PDF Icon
Relative effects of fluvial processes and historical land use on channel morphology in three sub-basins, Napa River basin, California, USA
Pearce, S. A., Grossinger, R. M.
170-178 PDF Icon
Erosion and fluvial sediment supply in undisturbed and cultivated basins: the case of the Desix and Maury river basins (western Mediterranean area)
Serrat, P., Ludwig, W.
179-186 PDF Icon
Drainage basin controls on geochemical heterogeneity of modern stream sediments in the Guadalhorce basin (Spain)
Aseyeva, E. N., Kasimov, N. S., Kroonenberg, S. B., Weltje, G. J.
187-194 PDF Icon
The relationship between sediment yield and drainage basin area
Dedkov, A.
197-204 PDF Icon
Morphological expressions of river sediment transport and their role in channel processes
Chalov, R. S.
205-211 PDF Icon
The relationship between sediment yield and catchment characteristics in the middle Yellow River basin of China
Jinfa, L., Xiuhua, H.
212-219 PDF Icon
Sediment yields and erosion rates in the Napo River Basin: an Ecuadorian Andean Amazon tributary
Laraque, A., Ceron, C., Armijos, E., Pombosa, R., Magat, P., Guyot, J. L.
220-225 PDF Icon
The grain size characteristics of overbank deposits on the flood plains of British lowland rivers
Walling, D. E., Fang, D., Nicholas, A. P., Sweet, R. J.
226-234 PDF Icon
Decreasing sediment yields in northern California: vestiges of hydraulic gold-mining and reservoir trapping
James, L. A.
235-244 PDF Icon
Patterns of erosion and sediment transport in the Murray-Darling Basin
De Rose, R., Prosser, I., Weisse, M.
245-252 PDF Icon
The assessment of Ukrainian riverbed deformation
Obodovsky, A. G.
253-260 PDF Icon
Monitoring of channel processes on the interfluve between the Kama and the Vyatka rivers
Rysin, I., Petukhova, L.
261-268 PDF Icon
Analysis of coarse sediment connectivity in semiarid river channels
Hooke, J. M.
269-275 PDF Icon
Channel adjustments in response to human alteration of sediment fluxes: examples from Italian rivers
Surian, N., Rinaldi, M.
276-282 PDF Icon
The settling behaviour of fine sediment particles: some preliminary results from LISST instruments
Williams, N. D., Walling, D. E., Leeks, G. J. L.
283-290 PDF Icon
In-channel storage of fine sediment in rivers of southwest England
Wilson, A. J., Walling, D. E., Leeks, G. J. L.
291-299 PDF Icon
Alluvial relief structure and bottom sediments of the lower Volga River
Korotaev, V. N., Ivanov, V. V., Sidorchuk, A. Y.
300-307 PDF Icon
Sediment transport and morphodynamics of the Tanaro River, northwestern Italy
Siviglia, A., Federici, B., Becchi, I., Rinaldi, M.
308-315 PDF Icon
The stratigraphy, mode of deposition and age of inset flood plains on the Barwon-Darling River, Australia
Thoms, M. C., Olley, J. M.
316-325 PDF Icon
On sediment transport in the Łososina River in the Polish Carpathians
Bednarczyk, T., Radecki-Pawlik, A., Baran, P., Slowik-Opoka, E.
326-331 PDF Icon
Sedimentological assessment of the Tucurui Reservoir (Tocantins River, Brazil)
Carvalho, N. O., Coimbra, A. R. S. R., Payolla, B. L., De Castro, T. L. C., Mendes, A. B.
332-335 PDF Icon
Soil erosion at the mesoscale: comparison of two erosion models for a pre-alpine Austrian basin
Wolkerstorfer, G., Strauss, P.
339-344 PDF Icon
Probability distribution function approach in stochastic modelling of soil erosion
Sidorchuk, A., Smith, A., Nikora, V.
345-353 PDF Icon
A model of rill erosion by snowmelt
Sukhanovski, Y. P., Demidov, V. V., Ollesch, G.
354-360 PDF Icon
Hydrophysical model of soil erosion: a basic equation and influence of bed load and suspended sediment on soil detachment by shallow water flow
Larionov, G. A., Dobrovolskaya, N. G., Kiryukhina, Z. P., Krasnov, S. F., Litvin, L. F.
361-369 PDF Icon
Spatial modelling of debris flows in an alpine drainage basin
Wichmann, V., Becht, M.
370-376 PDF Icon
Computation of the regime configuration of a meandering stream
Termini, D., Yalin, M. S.
377-385 PDF Icon
Using computer modelling for regulation of sediment transport under hydraulic structures on a large river
Zaitsev, A. A., Belikov, V. V., Militeev, A. N.
386-394 PDF Icon
Movement of bed forms and sediment yield of rivers
Alekseevskiy, N. I.
395-403 PDF Icon
A particle tracking method to simulate sediment transfer over flood plains
Thonon, I., De Jong, K., Van Der Perk, M., Middelkoop, H.
404-409 PDF Icon
Monitoring and modelling flow and suspended sediment transport processes in alluvial cutoffs
Sutton, R. I., Nicholas, A. P., Walling, D. E.
410-416 PDF Icon
Monitoring suspended sediment and associated trace element and nutrient fluxes in large river basins in the USA
Horowitz, A. J.
419-428 PDF Icon
Sediment–contaminant interactions and transport: a new perspective
Droppo, I. G., Leppard, G. G.
429-436 PDF Icon
Transport and retention of copper fungicides in vineyards
Van Der Perk, M., Jetten, V., Heskes, E., Segers, M., Wijntjens, I.
437-443 PDF Icon
The role of soil phosphorus in controlling sediment-associated phosphorus transfers in river catchments
Owens, P. N., Deeks, L. K.
444-450 PDF Icon
Soil erosion, nutrient migration and surface water pollution in Russia
Litvin, L. F., Kiryukhina, Z. P.
451-458 PDF Icon
Hydrological and biological event based variability in the fine-grained sediment structure of a small undisturbed catchment
McConnachie, J. L., Petticrew, E. L.
459-465 PDF Icon
Transport of phosphorus, wash load and suspended sediment in the River Varde A in southwest Jutland, Denmark
Thodsen, H., Hasholt, B., Pejrup, M.
466-473 PDF Icon
Nitrogen content of suspended matter in the Kam Tin River, Hong Kong
Peart, M. R.
474-480 PDF Icon
Spatial distribution of particulate phosphorus forms in the Slave River Delta, Northwest Territories, Canada
Stone, M.
481-487 PDF Icon
Implications of nutrient and soil transfer with runoff in the northeastern region of India
Sharma, U. C., Sharma, V.
488-493 PDF Icon
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