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Sediment Budgets 2

Author / Editor: Arthur J. Horowitz and Des E. Walling
Publication Number: 292
ISBN Number: 978-1-901-502-92-3
Year: 2005
Pages: 358

Price: £15.00

Volume 2 emphasizes the value of sediment budgets in providing an integrating framework, for both scientific investigations and environmental management:

Contents for Sediment Budgets 2

Title Pages File
Foz do Iguacu Symposium, 2005, Sediment Budgets 2
Des E. Walling Arthur J. Horowitz, Editors
Arthur J. Horowitz Des E. Walling
  PDF Icon
Using soil redistribution to understand soil organic carbon redistribution and budgets
Jerry C. Ritchie, Gregory W. McCarty, Erik R. Venteris Thomas C. Kaspar
3-8 PDF Icon
The role of organic matter in sediment budgets in forested terrain
Mary Ann Madej
9-15 PDF Icon
Evaluating sediment sources and delivery in a tropical volcanic watershed
Anton Rijsdijk
16-23 PDF Icon
Key controls and scale effects on sediment budgets: recent findings in agricultural upland Java, Indonesia
Albert I. J. M. Van Dijk L. A. Sampurno Bruijnzeel
24-31 PDF Icon
Major components of a sediment budget for four river catchments in Poland
Kazimierz Banasik, Mariusz Barszcz Jan Branski
32-36 PDF Icon
The sediment budget of an alpine catchment in a scaling context ;
Helmut M. Habersack Stephan Schober
37-47 PDF Icon
The sediment budgets of arctic drainage basins
Bent Hasholt
48-57 PDF Icon
Erosion and dam siltation in a Rif catchment (Morocco)
Ali Faleh, Ana Navas Abdelhamid Sadiki
58-64 PDF Icon
Targeting erosion control using spatially distributed sediment budgets
Scott N. Wilkinson, Jon M. Olley, Arthur M. Read Ron C. DeRose
65-72 PDF Icon
Predicting sediment rating curves with a cellular landscape model
Dirk H. De Boer
75-84 PDF Icon
Evaluation of a physically-based model to simulate the runoff and erosion processes in a semiarid region of Brazil
Ricardo De Aragao, Vajapeyam S. Srinivasan, Koichi Suzuki, Akihiro Kadota, Manabu Oguro Y
85-93 PDF Icon
Determination of sediment yields in the Vacacai-Mirim River basin using MUSLE
Leandro Casagrande Joao Batista Dias De Paiva
94-100 PDF Icon
Evaluation of optimized parameter values of a distributed runoff–erosion model applied in two different basins
Celso Augusto G. Santos, Vajapeyam S. Srinivasan Richarde Marques Da Silva
101-109 PDF Icon
Relationship between simulated sediment yield and scale in a semiarid region of Brazil
Eduardo E. De Figueiredo James C. Bathurst
110-118 PDF Icon
Digital elevation model error and its effect on modelling soil erosion and catchment geomorphology
G. R. Hancock
119-126 PDF Icon
Sediment transport in a small agricultural watershed—evaluation of WEPP simulations with measured data
Andreas Klik, Werner Jester Christian Rauter
127-135 PDF Icon
Sources of uncertainty in estimating suspended sediment load
Celina Smith Barry Croke
136-143 PDF Icon
Using remote sensing to investigate erosion rate variability in a semiarid watershed, due to changes in vegetation cover
Jaime Garatuza-Payan, Raquel Sanchez-Andres, Salvador Sanchez-Carrillo Jose M. Navarro
144-151 PDF Icon
Testing the SEDD model in Sicilian basins
Costanza Di Stefano, Vito Ferro Mario Minacapilli
152-161 PDF Icon
Modelling sediment yield in burned areas
Maria Cristina Rulli, Matteo Spada, Silvia Bozzi, Daniele Bocchiola Renzo Rosso
162-170 PDF Icon
Dynamic and modelling of sediment associated nutrients in a low mountain environment
Gregor Ollesch, Irina Kistner, Yuri Sukhanovski Michael Rode
171-178 PDF Icon
Some experience on the prediction of suspended sediment concentrations and fluxes in Croatia
Josip Petras, Neven Kuspilic Duska Kunstek
179-184 PDF Icon
Prediction of erosion and deposition in a mountainous basin
Kwang Ik Son Jae Joon Lee
185-193 PDF Icon
Simulation and scenario analysis of soil erosion in the Miyun reservoir watershed
Baolin Su, Haifeng Jia, Jianping Wang, Yuan'an Hu Shengtong Cheng
194-204 PDF Icon
Land degradation and sediment dynamics in the South African Karoo
Ian D. L. Foster, John Boardman, James Keay-Bright Michael E. Meadows
207-213 PDF Icon
The impact of hydropower development on the sediment budget of the River Beiarelva, Norway
Jim Bogen Truls E. Bonsnes
214-222 PDF Icon
Using tracer based sediment budgets to assess redistribution of soil and organic material after severe bush fires
Peter Wallbrink, William Blake, Stefan Doerr, Rick Shakesby, Geoff Humphreys Pauline Engl
223-230 PDF Icon
Can reservoir bottom sediments be used in the estimation of long-term catchment sediment budgets
Ingrid F. Small, John S. Rowan, Robert W. Duck, Tom D. Dyer, Stewart W. Franks Adam Wyatt
231-238 PDF Icon
Impact on sediment yield due to intensification of tobacco production in a catchment in southern Brazil
Gustavo Henrique Merten Jean Paolo Gomes Minella
239-244 PDF Icon
Distribution and sediment yield in the upper basin of the Paraguay River and in the Pantanal Matogrossense, Brazil
Newton De Oliveira Carvalho, Carlos Nobuyoshi Ide, Luiz Augusto Araujo Do Val, Manoel Afon
245-252 PDF Icon
Impact of ground-based timber harvesting on suspended sediment yield in the Sungai Weng Experimental Watersheds, Kedah, Peninsular Malaysia
F. S. Lai, I. Akkharath K. S. Low
253-261 PDF Icon
Sediment budget as evidence of land-use changes in mountainous areas: two stages of evolution
Luc Descroix, Emmanuele Gautier, Anne Laure Besnier, Okechukwu Amogu, David Viramontes Jo
262-270 PDF Icon
Climate change and changes in sediment transport capacity in the Colorado Plateau
Robert T. Milhous
271-278 PDF Icon
Regulation du Fleuve Senegal et flux de matieres particulaires vers l'estuaire depuis la construction du Barrage de Diama
Alioune Kane
279-290 PDF Icon
Impact des modifications climatiques et anthropiques sur les flux de matieres de quelques bassins fluviaux du Cameroun
L. Sigha-Nkamdjou, D. Sighomnou, G. Lienou, J. R. Ndam, M. Bello, R. Kamgang, G.E. Ekodeck
291-298 PDF Icon
Influence of reservoir sedimentation on water yield in the semiarid region of Brazil
Jose Carlos De Araujo, Axel Bronstert Andreas Guntner
301-307 PDF Icon
Reassessment of Porto Primavera Reservoir sedimentation in view of updated sediment measurements
Aloisio Celeri, Carlos F. Castro Alves Newton De Oliveira Carvalho
308-314 PDF Icon
Estimation of soil erosion and sedimentation in Ramganga Reservoir (India) using remote sensing and GIS
Sanjay K. Jain, Sharad K. Jain K. D. Sharma
315-323 PDF Icon
Sediment delivery and budgets in reservoir watersheds
Su-Chin Chen Yi-Cheng Lai
324-332 PDF Icon
Impact des lachers du barrage El-Moustakbal sur l'envasement d'un barrage de prise d'irrigation, Blida, Algerie
Benina Touaibia, Mohamed Touaibia, Bachir Benlaoukli, Abdelaziz Bessalem Mohamed Fewzi Si
333-340 PDF Icon
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