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Variability in Stream Erosion and Sediment Transport

Author / Editor: L. J. Olive, R. J. Loughran J. A. Kesby, Editors
Publication Number: 224
ISBN Number: 0-947571-19-1
Year: 1994
Pages: 498

Price: £10.00

Canberra Symposium, 1994, Variability in Stream Erosion and Sediment Transport

Contents for Variability in Stream Erosion and Sediment Transport

Title Pages File
Canberra Symposium, 1994, Variability in Stream Erosion and Sediment Transport
L. J. Olive, R. J. Loughran J. A. Kesby, Editors
Olive, L., Kesby, J., Loughran, B.
v-vi PDF Icon
Variability of gravel movement on the Virginio gravel-bed stream (central Italy) during some floods
Cencetti, C., Tacconi, P., del Prete, M., Rinaldi, M.
3-11 PDF Icon
The significance of extreme events in the development of mountain river beds
de Jong, C.
13-24 PDF Icon
Interpreting the temporal and spatial dynamics of bed load transport phases according to FAST (Fluid and Sediment Transfer Model)
de Jong, C., Ergenzinger, P.
25-31 PDF Icon
Relationships between rill sediment and flow time varying with freezing, groundcover, compaction and slope on a Prince Edward Island (Canada) fine sandy loam
Edwards, L., Burney, J. R., Frame, P. A.
33-41 PDF Icon
The susceptibility of valley slopes and river beds to erosion and accretion under the impact of climatic change - Alpine examples
Ergenzinger, P.
43-53 PDF Icon
Quantifying soil erosion and sediment transport in drainage basins; some observations on the use of 137Cs
Foster, I. D. L., Dalgleish, H., Dearing, J. A., Jones, E. D.
55-64 PDF Icon
Origins of variability in the 230Th/232Th ratio in sediments
Olley, J. M., Murray, A. S.
65-70 PDF Icon
Some observations on bed load movement in a small stream in Hong Kong
Peart, M. R., Jayawardena, A. W.
71-76 PDF Icon
A comparison of the roles of tillage and water erosion in landform development and sediment export on agricultural land near Leuven, Belgium
Quine, T. A., Desmet, P. J. J., Govers, G., Vandaele, K., Walling, D. E.
77-86 PDF Icon
Sediment movement on hillslopes measured by caesium-137 and erosion pins
Saynor, M. J., Loughran, R. J., Erskine, W. D., Scott, P. F.
87-93 PDF Icon
Measuring soil movement using 137Cs: implications of reference site variability
Wallbrink, P. J., Olley, J. M., Murray, A. S.
95-102 PDF Icon
Sediment production and storage in an urbanizing basin, Lake Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia
Whitelock, B., Loughran, R. J.
103-110 PDF Icon
Cyclical construction and destruction of flood dominated flood plains in semiarid Australia
Bourke, M. C.
113-123 PDF Icon
Lake sediments as indicators of recent erosional events in an agricultural basin on the Canadian prairies
de Boer, D. H.
125-132 PDF Icon
The record of extreme hydrological and geomorphological events inferred from glaciolacustrine sediments
Desloges, J. R., Gilbert, R.
133-142 PDF Icon
Sand slugs generated by catastrophic floods on the Goulburn River, New South Wales
Erskine, W. D.
143-151 PDF Icon
Variability in the physical, chemical and magnetic properties of reservoir sediments; implications for sediment source tracing
Foster, I. D. L., Charlesworth, S. M.
153-160 PDF Icon
Use of Chernobyl-derived radiocaesium to investigate contemporary overbank sedimentation on the flood plains of Carpathian rivers
Froehlich, W., Walling, D. E.
161-169 PDF Icon
Temporal variability in streambank response to individual flow events: the River Arrow, Warwickshire, UK
Lawler, D. M.
171-180 PDF Icon
Rates of formation of forms in a river channel hierarchy: the case of the River Yana in northeast Russia
Matveev, B., Panin, A., Sidorchuk, A.
181-186 PDF Icon
Post-glacial temporal variability of sediment accumulation in a small alpine lake
Owens, P., Slaymaker, O.
187-195 PDF Icon
Channel processes and erosion rates in the rivers of the Yamal Peninsula in western Siberia
Sidorchuk, A., Matveev, B.
197-202 PDF Icon
Rates of overbank sedimentation on the flood plains of several British rivers during the past 100 years
Walling, D. E., He, Q.
203-210 PDF Icon
Temporal and spatial variations in erosion and sedimentation in alternating hydrological regimes in southeastern Australian rivers
Warner, R. F.
211-219 PDF Icon
Sediment transport in the Rio Grande, an Andean river of the Bolivian Amazon drainage basin
Guyot, J. L., Bourges, J., Cortez, J.
223-231 PDF Icon
Sediment transport in the Fly River basin, Papua New Guinea
Markham, A., Day, G.
233-239 PDF Icon
Spatial variation in suspended sediment transport in the Murrumbidgee River, New South Wales, Australia
Olive, L. J., Olley, J. M., Murray, A. S., Wallbrink, P. J.
241-249 PDF Icon
Spatiotemporal variability of sediment transport in arid regions
Sharma, K. D., Vangani, N. S., Menenti, M., Huygen, J., Vich, A.
251-258 PDF Icon
Sediment transport observations in Switzerland
Spreafico, M., Lehmann, C.
259-268 PDF Icon
Annual and decadal variation of sediment yield in Australia, and some global comparisons
Wasson, R. J.
269-279 PDF Icon
Temporal and spatial variation of sediment yield in the Snowy Mountains region, Australia
Yu, B., Neil, D.
281-289 PDF Icon
Sediment transport in the Yangtze basin
Gangyan, Z., Zhian, X.
291-296 PDF Icon
Temporal variability of suspended sediment transport in a Mediterranean sandy gravel-bed river
Batalla, R. J., Sala, M.
299-305 PDF Icon
The contribution of gully erosion to the sediment budget of the River Leira
Bogen, J., Berg, H., Sandersen, F.
307-315 PDF Icon
Long-term variability of sediment transport in the Ombrone River basin (Italy)
Frangipane, A., Paris, E.
317-324 PDF Icon
Water and sediment discharge from glacier basins: an arctic and alpine comparison
Gurnell, A. M., Hodson, A., Clark, M. J., Bogen, J., Hagen, J. O., Tranter, M.
325-334 PDF Icon
Variability in discharge, stream power, and particle-size distributions in ephemeral-stream channel systems
Lane, L. J., Nichols, M. H., Hernandez, M., Manetsch, C., Osterkamp, W. R.
335-342 PDF Icon
Recent changes in rates of suspended sediment transport in the Jokulsa a Solheimasandi glacial river, southern Iceland
Lawler, D. M.
343-350 PDF Icon
Comparative modelling of large watershed responses between Walnut Gulch, Arizona, USA, and Matape, Sonora, Mexico
Nichols, M. H., Lane, L. J., Arias, H. M., Watts, C.
351-358 PDF Icon
Debris flows in northeastern Victoria, Australia: occurrence and effects on the fluvial system
Rutherfurd, I. D., Bishop, P., Loffler, T.
359-369 PDF Icon
Erosion and sediment yields in the Kakadu region of northern Australia
Duggan, K.
373-383 PDF Icon
Analysis of sediment transport developments in relation to human impacts
Habersack, H. M., Nachtnebel, H. P.
385-393 PDF Icon
Land-use effects on magnitude-frequency characteristics of storm sediment yields: some New Zealand examples
Hicks, D. M.
395-402 PDF Icon
Suspended sediment from two small upland drainage basins: using variability as an indicator of change
Johnson, R. C.
403-410 PDF Icon
The impact of run-of-river hydropower plants on temporal suspended sediment transport behaviour
Summer, W., Stritzinger, W., Zhang, W.
411-419 PDF Icon
A study of the accumulation rate of the lower Yellow River in the past 10 000 years
Jiongxin, X.
421-430 PDF Icon
Variability of sediment load and its impacts on the Yellow River
Yuqian, L., Yiying, Q., Guishu, X., Mingquan, X.
431-436 PDF Icon
LISEM: a new physically-based hydrological and soil erosion model in a GIS-environment, theory and implementation
de Roo, A. P. J., Wesseling, C. G., Cremers, N. H. D. T., Offermans, R. J. E., Ritsema, C.
439-448 PDF Icon
A methodology for quantifying river channel planform change using GIS
Downward, S. R., Gurnell, A. M., Brookes, A.
449-456 PDF Icon
Spatial distribution of sediment discharge to the coastal waters of South and Southeast Asia
Gupta, A., Krishnan, P.
457-463 PDF Icon
Long-term records of sediment yield from coral skeletons: results from ion beam analyses
Neil, D., Newman, S., Isdale, P.
465-472 PDF Icon
Estimating the impacts of global change on erosion with stochastically generated climate data and erosion models
Nicks, A. D., Williams, R. D., Gander, G. A.
473-478 PDF Icon
Flocculation of fine-grained suspended solids in the river continuum
Stone, M., Droppo, I. G.
479-489 PDF Icon
Temporal variations of environmental pollutants in channel sediments
Symader, W., Schorer, M., Bierl, R.
491-498 PDF Icon
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