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Erosion and Sediment Transport Monitoring Programes in River basins

Author / Editor: J. Bogen, D.E. Walling & T.J. Day
Publication Number: 210
ISBN Number: 0-947571-43-4
Year: 1992
Pages: 538

Price: £10.00

Oslo Symposium, 1992, Erosion and Sediment Transport Monitoring Programes in River basins

Contents for Erosion and Sediment Transport Monitoring Programes in River basins

Title Pages File
Oslo Symposium, 1992, Erosion and Sediment Transport Monitoring Programes in River basins
J. Bogen, D.E. Walling & T.J. Day, Editors
Bogen, J., Walling, D., Day, T.
v PDF Icon
Suspended load and bed load transport in mountain streams determined by different methods
Bartnik, W., Madeyski, M. & Michalik, A.
3-9 PDF Icon
Bed sediment characterization in river engineering problems
Billi, P. & Paris, E.
11-20 PDF Icon
Direct measurement of in-channel abrasion processes
Brewer, P.A., Leeks, G.J.L. & Lewin, J.
21-29 PDF Icon
Measuring changes in micro and macro roughness on mobile gravel beds
de Jong, C.
31-40 PDF Icon
Using COSSY (CObble Satellite SYStem) for measuring the effects of lift and drag forces
Ergenzinger, P. & Jupner, R.
41-49 PDF Icon
The impact of particle size controls on stream turbidity measurements; some implications for suspended sediment yield estimation
Foster, I.D.L., Millington, R. & Grew, R.G.
51-62 PDF Icon
Applications of sandwave measurements in calculating bed load discharge
Jinchi, H.
63-70 PDF Icon
Turbidimeter measurements in a tropical river, Costa Rica
Jansson, M.B.
71-78 PDF Icon
Recording bedload discharge in a semiarid channel, Nahal Yatir, Israel
Laronne, J.B., Reid, I., Yitshak, Y. & Frostick, L.E.
79-86 PDF Icon
Determining event bedload volumes for evaluation of potential degradation sites due to gravel extraction, N.S.W., Australia
Laronne, J.B., Outhet, D.N., Duckham, J.L. & McCabe, T.J.
87-94 PDF Icon
River bank erosion events on the Upper Severn detected by the photoelectronic erosion pin (PEEP) system
Lawler, D.M. & Leeks, G.J.L.
95-105 PDF Icon
A study of field methods for measuring sediment discharge
Miyamoto, K., Kurihara, J., Sawada, T. & Itakura, Y.
107-114 PDF Icon
Quantification of soil detachment by raindrop impact : performance of classical formulae of kinetic energy in Mediterranean storms
Torres, D. S., Salles, C., Creutin, J. D., Delrieu, G.
115-124 PDF Icon
Tracing the source of recent sediment using environmental magnetism and radionuclides in the karst of the Jenolan Caves, Australia
Stanton, R.K., Murray, A.S. & Olley, J.M.
125-133 PDF Icon
A new acoustic sensor for sediment discharge measurement
Taniguchi, S., Itakura, Y., Miyamoto, K. & Kurihara, J.
135-142 PDF Icon
The use of caesium-137 measurements in soil erosion surveys
Walling, D.E. & Quine, T.A.
143-152 PDF Icon
Use of radiometric fingerprints to derive information on suspended sediment sources
Walling, D.E. & Woodward, J.C.
153-164 PDF Icon
Separate in-situ entrapment of sand and silt in river systems
Witter, J.V. & Waajen, A.N.
165-174 PDF Icon
Measuring techniques of bed load in the Yangtze River
Zhian, X. & Gangyan, Z.
175-180 PDF Icon
Monitoring grain size of suspended sediments in rivers
Bogen, J.
183-190 PDF Icon
Reliability and representativeness of a suspended sediment concentration monitoring programme for a remote alpine proglacial river
Gurnell, A.M., Clark, M.J., Hill, C.T. & Greenhalgh, J.
191-200 PDF Icon
Monitoring sediment load from erosion events
Hasholt, B.
201-208 PDF Icon
The use of automatically collected point samples to estimate suspended sediment and associated trace element concentrations for determining annual mass transport
Horowitz, A.J., Elrick, K.A., Von Guerard, P.B., Young, N.O., Buell, G.T. & Miller, T.L.
209-218 PDF Icon
Calculating the suspended sediment load of the Dez River
Jahani, A.
219-224 PDF Icon
Towards the design of a strategy for sampling suspended sediments in small headwater catchments
Johnson, R.C.
225-232 PDF Icon
Temporal variability of suspended sediment flux from a subarctic glacial river, southern Iceland
Lawler, D.M., Dolan, M., Tomasson, H. & Zophoniasson, S.
233-243 PDF Icon
Stream suspended sediment transport monitoring - why, how and what is being measured ?
Olive, L.J. & Reiger, W.A.
245-254 PDF Icon
Critical reflections on long term sediment monitoring programmes demonstrated on the Austrian Danube
Summer, W., Klaghofer, E., Abi-Zeid, I. & Villeneuve, J.P.
255-262 PDF Icon
A sampling strategy for an investigation on particle associated contaminants
Symader, W.
263-268 PDF Icon
Monitoring of suspended sediment concentration in discharge from regulated lakes in glacial deposits
Tesaker, E. & Dahl, T.E.
269-278 PDF Icon
Some sampling considerations in the design of effective strategies for monitoring sediment-associated transport
Walling, D.E., Webb, B.W. & Woodward, J.C.
279-288 PDF Icon
A comparison of methods used to measure suspended sediment in Canada's federal monitoring programs
Yuzyk, T.R., Gummer, W.D. & Churchland, L.M.
289-297 PDF Icon
Erosion and sediment transport in South America. Monitoring programmes and strategies
Arduino, G.
301-307 PDF Icon
River morphology, sediments and fish habitats
Bellamy, K., Beebe, J.T., Saunderson, H.C. & Imhof, J.
309-315 PDF Icon
Environmental studies in Western Europe using overbank sediment
Bogen, J., Bolviken, B. & Ottesen, R.T.
317-325 PDF Icon
Problems of monitoring erosion and sediment yields in southern Africa
Chakela, Q.K.
327-335 PDF Icon
Network evaluation and planning : Canada's sediment monitoring program
Day, T.J.
337-342 PDF Icon
Planning sediment monitoring programs using a watershed model
Dickinson, W.T., Rudra, R.P., Sharma, D.N. & Ahmed, S.M.
343-352 PDF Icon
Refining a tributary monitoring program for the Great Lakes basin
Droppo, I.G., Ongley, E.D. & Marsalek, J.
353-362 PDF Icon
River reach characterization : a survey strategy for river regime and environmental monitoring and analysis
Hudson, H.R.
363-372 PDF Icon
The design and operation of sediment transport measurement programmes in river basins : the Chinese experience
Yuqian, L.
373-378 PDF Icon
Environmental quality : changing times for sediment programs
Ongley, E.D.
379-390 PDF Icon
A sediment monitoring program for North America
Day, T.J. & Parker, R.S.
391-396 PDF Icon
The Vigil Network - long-term monitoring to assess landscape changes
Osterkamp, W.R. & Emmett, W.W.
397-404 PDF Icon
Multipurpose studies of erosion and sedimentation in the Upper Ob basin
Snishchenko, B.F.
405-411 PDF Icon
The Swedish network of sediment transport
Wennerberg, G. & Brandt, M.
413-420 PDF Icon
Sediment delivery in large prairie river basins, western Canada
Ashmore, P.
423-432 PDF Icon
Hydrological and sediment dynamics network design in a Mediterranean mountainous area subject to gully erosion
Balasch, J.C., Castelltort, X., Lorens, P. & Gallart, F.
433-442 PDF Icon
Assessment of catchment erosion in the southern Pennines, United Kingdom, using reservoir sedimentation monitoring
Butcher, D.P., Labadz, J.C., Potter, A.W.R. & White, P.
443-454 PDF Icon
Spatial and temporal variations in erosion and sediment yield
Campbell, I.A.
455-465 PDF Icon
Assessment of the impact of farmland erosion on sediment quality : the Saskatchewan River basin, western Canada
Carson, M.A. & Hudson, H.R.
467-472 PDF Icon
Suspended sediment dynamics of a riverine lake of the St. Lawrence River
De Boer, D.H. & Lemieux, C.
473-482 PDF Icon
A programme of monitoring sediment transport in north central Luzon, the Philippines
Dickinson, A. & Bolton, P.
483-492 PDF Icon
Channel erosion and erosion monitoring along the Rhine River
Droge, B., Engel, H. & Golz, E.
493-503 PDF Icon
Monitoring radionucleide and suspended-sediment transport in the Little Colorado River basin, Arizona and New Mexico, USA
Gray, J.R. & Fisk, G.G.
505-516 PDF Icon
Erosion and sediment transport in Papua New Guinea. Network design and monitoring. Case study : Ok Tedi Coppermine
Markham, A. & Repp, K.
517-526 PDF Icon
The new sediment yield map for southern Africa
Rooseboom, A. & Lotriet, H.H.
527-538 PDF Icon
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