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Erosion and Sediment Yields in the Changing Environment

Author / Editor: A. L. Collins, V. Golosov, A. J. Horowitz, X. Lu, M. Stone, D. E. Walling & Xinbao Zhang
Publication Number: 356
ISBN Number: 978-1-907161-33-9
Year: 2012
Pages: 452

Price: £90.00

The ICCE-2012 symposium, held in Chengdu, China, continued the highly successful, ongoing series of ICCE symposia and publications, and focused on understanding of the processes of erosion and sediment production in a world that is increasingly affected by anthropogenic activities. Four keynote papers open this volume, and the remaining 50 contributions are grouped by theme: -Dynamic processes of erosion and sediment transport in fluvial systems
-Impacts of climate change and human activities on erosion and sediment yield 
-Modelling erosion and sediment yields
-Mountain hazards and debris flows
-Monitoring and tracing methodology

Contents for Erosion and Sediment Yields in the Changing Environment

Title Pages File
Preface by A.L.Collins et al.
Collins, A.L.
v-vi PDF Icon
The role of dams in the global sediment budget
Des E. Walling
3-11 PDF Icon
Redistribution of sediment and sediment-associated contaminants in the River Chern basin during the last 50 years
Valentin Golosov, Elena Aseeva, Vladimir Belyaev, Maxim Markelov & Alisa Alyabieva
12-19 PDF Icon
Delineation of China’s reservoirs and lakes using remote sensing techniques
Xixi Lu, Xiankun Yang & Lishan Ran
20-28 PDF Icon
Impacts of eco-restoration on suspended sediment load in the upper Yangtze River, China
He Xiubin & Wei Jie
29-36 PDF Icon
Annual fluxes of sediment-associated trace/major elements, carbon, nutrients and sulfur from US coastal rivers
Arthur J. Horowitz, Verlon C. Stephens, Kent A. Elrick & James J. Smith
39-48 PDF Icon
Transport of suspended sediment by the Vistula River basin upstream of Kraków, southern Poland, and the human impact during the second half of the 20th century
Adam Lajczak
49-56 PDF Icon
Dynamics of bank erosion on the River Dane, England
Janet Hooke
57-64 PDF Icon
An update of the magnitude–frequency analysis of Rio Cordon (Italy) bedload data after 25 years of monitoring
L. Picco, L. Mao, E. Rigon, J. Moretto, D. Ravazzolo, F. Delai & M. A. Lenzi
65-71 PDF Icon
Sediment transport in the proglacial Fagge River (Kaunertal/Austria)
David Morche, Florian Haas, Henning Baewert, Tobias Heckmann, Karl-Heinz Schmidt & Michael
72-80 PDF Icon
Sediment and water quality in the Kam Tin River, Hong Kong
M. R. Peart, L. Fok & J. Chen
81-90 PDF Icon
Dynamics of sediment delivery in drain flow on clay soils across England and Wales
Yusheng Zhang, Adrian L. Collins & John R. Williams
91-97 PDF Icon
Suspended sediment transport by rivers in the different climatic zones of Cameroon (Central Africa)
Gaston Lienou, Gil Mahe, Luc Sigha-Mkamdjou, Jean Emmanuel Paturel, Jacob Nwalal & Justin
98-103 PDF Icon
Are riverine sediment discharges sufficient to offset the sinking coast of Louisiana?
Y. Jun Xu & Timothy Rosen
104-113 PDF Icon
Sediment quality in the water-level-fluctuation-zone of the Three Gorges Reservoir, China
Zhijing Cao & Yuhai Bao
114-121 PDF Icon
Assessing “modern background sediment delivery to rivers” across England and Wales and its use for catchment management
Adrian L. Collins, Ian Foster, Yusheng Zhang, Richard Gooday, David Lee, David Sear, Pamel
125-131 PDF Icon
Transient storage and release of sediment and phosphorus in a small urban impoundment
N. McLellan, L. Gray, D. Allin, K. Damude, A. DiFebo, K. McLean, E. Sararas, M. Stone & J.
132-137 PDF Icon
Landslide impacts on suspended sediment sources following an extreme event in the Magela Creek catchment, northern Australia
Wayne D. Erskine & Michael J. Saynor
138-145 PDF Icon
Driving forces in a floodplain restoration project: interaction between surface water, groundwater and morphodynamic processes during an ecological flooding
Peter Fischer, Florian Haas & Bernd Cyffka
146-154 PDF Icon
Fractal geometry of aggregates in natural grassland soils with different restoration stages
Zhou Ping, Wen Anbang, Zhuang Wenhua & Liu Guobin
155-160 PDF Icon
Decadal sediment yield from an Alpine proglacial zone inferred from reservoir sedimentation (Pasterze, Hohe Tauern, Austria)
Martin Geilhausen, Jan-Christoph Otto, David Morche & Lothar Schrott
161-172 PDF Icon
Efficiency of rice straw mulch as a soil amendment to reduce splash erosion
Leila Gholami, Seyed Hamid Reza Sadeghi & Mahdi Homaee
173-177 PDF Icon
Thirty years of vegetation cover dynamics and planform changes in the Brenta River (Italy): implications for channel recovery
E. Rigon, J. Moretto, L. Mao, L. Picco, F. Delai, D. Ravazzolo, M. A. Lenzi & G. Kaless
178-186 PDF Icon
Numerical simulation of non-equilibrium sediment transport in a flume
Donatella Termini
187-197 PDF Icon
Soil erosion under different land uses in the riparian zone of the Three Gorges Reservoir, China
Yuhai Bao, Xiubin He, Jie Wei, Qiang Tang & Feng Guo
198-201 PDF Icon
Sedimentation patterns and sediment composition in a Norwegian glacial lake during a large magnitude flood
Patricia Kennie & Jim Bogen
202-209 PDF Icon
Impact of climate change on glacial sediment delivery to Norwegian rivers and consequences for hydropower operations
Jim Bogen, Truls Bønsnes & Galina Ragulina
210-218 PDF Icon
A GIS-based model for ditch erosion risk assessment in peatland forestry
Tapio Tuukkanen, Harri Koivusalo, Hannu Marttila, Antti Leinonen, Bjørn Kløve, Ari Laurén
221-227 PDF Icon
Estimation of the spatial distribution of soil erosion in the hilly area of Sichuan, China
Xiaoli Jin, Genwei Cheng, C-Y Xu, Jihui Fan & Zelong Ma
228-234 PDF Icon
Model of water regulation in the Yangtze River Basin and its effects using remote sensing techniques
Xiankun Yang & X. X. Lu
235-243 PDF Icon
Characteristics of runoff processes on unmetalled loess roads under experimental rainfall conditions
Fengxia Tian, Xiubin He, Guiyu Li & Shiqing Zheng
244-250 PDF Icon
Mapping and spatial analysis of suspended sediment yields from the Russian Plain
Kirill Maltsev, Oleg Yermolaev & Vadim Mozzherin
251-258 PDF Icon
Estimating sediment trapping efficiency from Landsat images: a case study of the Yellow River basin
Lishan Ran & Xixi Lu
259-266 PDF Icon
Estimating the annual sediment yield of a small agricultural catchment in central Poland
Kazimierz Banasik, Dariusz Górski, Zbigniew Popek & Leszek Hejduk
267-275 PDF Icon
A Geomorphological Response Model for predicting sediment-related habitat change in ephemeral rivers
Bennie van der Waal & Kate Rowntree
276-283 PDF Icon
Estimation of sediment yield for geo-climatically diverse watersheds
Jui-Yi Ho, Chi-Cheng Yang, Kwan Tun Lee, Yu-Han Hsu, Shuyou Cao & Ravinder Kaur
284-290 PDF Icon
Quantification and modelling of debris flows in the proglacial area of the Gepatschferner, Austria, using ground-based LiDAR
Florian Haas, Tobias Heckmann, Ludwig Hilger & Michael Becht
293-302 PDF Icon
A rare occurrence of landslides initiated by an extreme event in March 2007 in the Alligator Rivers Region, Australia
M. J. Saynor, W. D. Erskine, G. Staben & J. Lowry
303-310 PDF Icon
Study of viscous debris-flow surges moving on a residual layer in a flume
Mi Tian, Kai-Heng Hu, Chuan-Chang Wang, Chao Ma & Fa-Hong Lei
311-316 PDF Icon
Determining soil erosion by water using high resolution remotely-sensed data
Magdalena Fitrzyk
319-326 PDF Icon
Evaluation of two sediment tracers under simulated rainfall
Peter Strauss, Gema Guzman, Axel Mentler, Rosemarie Hösl, Shengping Wang, Jose Alfonso Gom
327-331 PDF Icon
Cartographic-geoinformational estimation of spatio-temporal erosion dynamics of arable soils in forest-steppe landscapes of the Russian Plain
Oleg Yermolaev & Alina Avvakumova
332-337 PDF Icon
Using 137Cs measurements and sediment yield monitoring to document catchment-scale sediment dynamics and budgets
Jean P. G. Minella, Gustavo H. Merten, Desmond E. Walling & Michele Moro
338-344 PDF Icon
Hydrodynamic and sediment measurements in estuaries of Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil: methodology and application
Geraldo Wilson Junior
345-355 PDF Icon
MODIS-based remote sensing of suspended sediment concentrations of the Middle and Lower Yangtze River, China
Xi-Xi Lu, Jian-jun Wang & Cheng Liu
356-363 PDF Icon
Potential use of synthetic color-contrast aggregates and a digital image processing technique in soil splash measurements
Abdulvahed Khaledi Darvishan, Seyed Hamidreza Sadeghi, Mahdi Homaee & Mahmood Arabkhedri
364-368 PDF Icon
Understanding polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon transfers at the catchment scale combining chemical and fallout radionuclides analyses
David Gateuille, Olivier Evrard, Irène Lefevre, Elodie Moreau-Guigon, Fabrice Alliot, Marc
369-377 PDF Icon
Use of 137Cs and 210Pbex peaks produced by events in the catchment for dating sediments in the Jiulongdian Reservoir, Chuxiong, Yunnan Province, China
Xinbao Zhang, Yi Long, Xiubin He, Anbang Wen & Dongchun Yan
378-384 PDF Icon
Further investigation of the relationship between 137Cs and 210Pbex flux and sediment output from two small experimental catchments in Calabria, southern Italy
Paolo Porto, Desmond E. Walling, Giovanni Callegari & Carmelo La Spada
385-393 PDF Icon
Quantification of the sediment budget of a river basin, based on reconstruction of the post-fallout redistribution of Chernobyl particle-bound 137Cs
Vladimir Belyaev, Eugenia Shamshurina, Maxim Markelov, Valentin Golosov, Nadezda Ivanova,
394-403 PDF Icon
Sediment source tracing in the Thina catchment, Eastern Cape, South Africa
Kate Rowntree, Pearl Mzobe & Bennie van der Waal
404-411 PDF Icon
Tracing the dispersion of sediment contaminated with radionuclides in catchments exposed to Chernobyl and Fukushima fallout
Olivier Evrard, Vladimir Belyaev, Caroline Chartin, Catherine Ottlé, Nadezda Ivanova, Maxi
412-417 PDF Icon
Assessing morphological changes in gravel-bed rivers using LiDAR data and colour bathymetry
J. Moretto, E. Rigon, L. Mao, F. Delai, L. Picco & M. A. Lenzi
419-427 PDF Icon
Using a Terrestrial Laser Scanner to assess the morphological dynamics of a gravel-bed river
L. Picco, L. Mao, M. Cavalli, E. Buzzi, E. Rigon, J. Moretto, F. Delai, D. Ravazzolo & M.
428-437 PDF Icon
Investigating an Alpine proglacial sediment budget using field measurements, airborne and terrestrial LiDAR data
Tobias Heckmann, Florian Haas, David Morche, Karl-Heinz Schmidt, Joachim Rohn, Michael Mos
438-447 PDF Icon
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