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Transport in Nutrient and Contaminant Transfer

Author / Editor: M. Stone
Publication Number: 263
ISBN Number: 978-1-901502-21-3
Year: 2000
Pages: 307

Price: £15.00

This publication comprises the proceedings of the International Symposium on The Role of Erosion and Sediment Transport in Nutrient and Contaminant Transfer held at Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, in July 2000. Increasing awareness of the effects of sediment-associated chemical transfer on water quality and ecosystem health has raised concern for the sus­tainable use of water resources worldwide. Consequently, there is global concern for the conveyance of sediment-associated nutrients and contaminants across eroding land surfaces and into receiving waters. The rates and magnitudes of nutrient and contaminant transfer vary in space and time according to the nature of erosion processes, sediment sources as well as conveyance and in-stream processes. Knowledge regarding the spatial and temporal variation of sediment sources as well as sediment properties and environmental factors affecting transport processes is re­quired to model sediment-associated nutrient and con­taminant transfer. Such information is necessary to plan and manage the sustainable use of water resources.

This volume contains 34 papers spread over five topics:

Variability in nutrient, contaminant and sediment transfer
Terrestrial transfer processes
Suspended sediment characteristics and transport processes 
Sinks and sources of nutrients and contaminants
Modelling nutrient and contaminant transfer

The symposium contributed to UNESCO IHP-V Project 2.1 Vegetation, Land Use and Erosion

Contents for Transport in Nutrient and Contaminant Transfer

Title Pages File
Waterloo Symposium, 2000, The Role of Erosion and Sediment Transport in Nutrient and Contaminant Transfer
M. Stone, editor
Stone, M.
v-vi PDF Icon
NASQAN*: the design and implementation of a large-river suspended sediment and trace element flux programme
Horowitz, A.J.
3-18 PDF Icon
Determining variations in sediment yield in large river basins: an example of the Upper Yangtze
Higgitt, D.L. Lu, X.
19-28 PDF Icon
Sensitivity analysis in sediment yield modelling
Tattari, S. Barlund, I.
29-35 PDF Icon
Temporal and spatial patterns of suspended sediment yields for selected rivers in the eastern United States: implications for nutrient and contaminant transfer
Conrad, C. Saunderson, H.
37-46 PDF Icon
Post-fallout redistribution of Chernobyl-derived caesium-137 in small catchments within the Lokna river basin, Russia
Golosov, V., Walling, D.E. Panin, A.
49-57 PDF Icon
The use of phosphorus as a tracer in erosion/sedimentation studies
Steegen, A., Govers, G., Beuselinck, L., van Oost, K., Quine, T.A. Rombaut, A.
59-66 PDF Icon
Soil erosion and sediment delivery through buffer zones in Danish slope units
Kronvang, B., Laubel, A.R., Larsen, S.E., Iversen, H.L. Hansen, B.
67-73 PDF Icon
Bank erosion as a source of sediment and phosphorus delivery to small Danish streams
Laubel, A.R., Kronvang, B., Larsen, S.E., Pedersen, M.L. Svendsen, L.M.
75-82 PDF Icon
The effectiveness of grass strips for the control of sediment and associated pollutant transport in runoff
Ghadiri, H., Hogarth, B. Rose, C.
83-91 PDF Icon
Nitrogen runoff in a potato-dominated watershed area of Prince Edward Island, Canada
Edwards, L., Burney, J., Brimacombe, M. MacRae, A.
93-97 PDF Icon
Impact of soil aggregates on the size selectivity of the sediment deposition process
Beuselinck, L., Govers, G., Steegen, A. Poesen, J.
99-107 PDF Icon
Nitrogen and phosphorus transfer in soil erosion processes
Mihara, M. Ueno, T.
109-115 PDF Icon
Appraisal of a simple sampling device for collecting time-integrated fluvial suspended sediment samples
Russell, M.A., Walling, D.E. Hodgkinson, R.A.
119-127 PDF Icon
Effective particle size characteristics of fluvial suspended sediment transported by lowland British rivers
Walling, D.E. Woodward, J.C.
129-139 PDF Icon
The influence of floc size, density and porosity on sediment and contaminant transport
Droppo, I.G., Walling, D.E. Ongley, E.D.
141-147 PDF Icon
Some observations on total carbon and nitrogen in suspended matter in the Kam Tin River, Hong Kong
Peart, M.R.
149-157 PDF Icon
Distribution of dioxins and furans in size-fractionated suspended solids in Canagagigue Creek, Elmira, Ontario
Stone, M. Haight, M.
159-166 PDF Icon
Pollutant sources and transport patterns during natural and artificial flood events in the Olewiger Bach and Kartelbornsbach basins, Germany
Krein, A. Symader, W.
167-173 PDF Icon
Time series analysis of chemistry in bottom sediments of the Kartelbornsbach, Germany
Symader, W. Bierl, R.
175-181 PDF Icon
Trace element chemistry of surficial fine-grained laminae in the South Saskatchewan River, Canada
Levesque, L.M.J. De Boer, D.H.
183-190 PDF Icon
Integrated river management of a small Flemish river catchment
Huygens, M., Verhoeven, R. De Sutter, R.
191-199 PDF Icon
Observations on sediment chemistry of the Slave River Delta, Northwest Territories, Canada
Milburn, D., Stone, M., English, M. Prowse, T.
203-209 PDF Icon
River flood plains as phosphorus sinks
Walling, D.E., He, Q. Blake, W.H.
211-218 PDF Icon
Spatial and temporal variability of the chromium content of suspended and flood-plain sediment in the River Aire, Yorkshire, UK
Carton, J., Walling, D.E., Owens, P.N. Leeks, G.J.L.
219-226 PDF Icon
Flood-plain sedimentation in a dryland river: the River Murray, Australia
Thoms, M.C., Foster, J.M. Gawne, B.
227-236 PDF Icon
Physical, chemical and rheological characteristics of bottom sediments in reservoirs and fish ponds, Poland
Madeyski, M. Bednarczyk, T.
237-241 PDF Icon
Assessment of sediment-fixed nutrient export from small drainage basins in central Belgium using retention ponds
Verstraeten, G. Poesen, J.
243-249 PDF Icon
Soil-sediment nutrient transport dynamics in a Himalayan watershed
Schreier, H., Brown, S. Shah, P.B.
251-257 PDF Icon
Transport of sediment mixtures
De Sutter, R., Huygens, M. Verhoeven, R.
261-268 PDF Icon
Modelling cohesive sediment transport in rivers
Krishnappan, B.G.
269-276 PDF Icon
Assessment of spatial redistribution of Chernobyl-derived radiocaesium within catchments using GIS-embedded models
Van der Perk, M., Jetten, V.G., Karssenberg, D., He, Q., Walling, D.E., Laptev, G.V., Voit
277-284 PDF Icon
Modelling phosphorus transport processes in a small southern German rural catchment
Scherer, U.
285-292 PDF Icon
Assessing in-stream erosion and contaminant transport using the end-member mixing analysis (EMMA)
Haag, I., Kern, U. Westrich, B.
293-300 PDF Icon
Estimating the yields of sediments and sediment-bound heavy metals using the EROSION 3D simulation model
Schmidt, J. von Werner, M.
301-307 PDF Icon
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