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Hamburg Symposium, 1983, Dissolved Loads of Rivers and Surface Water Quantity/Quality Relationships

Author / Editor: B.W. Webb, Editor
Publication Number: 141
Year: 1983
Pages: 431

Contents for Hamburg Symposium, 1983, Dissolved Loads of Rivers and Surface Water Quantity/Quality Relationships

Title Pages File
Hamburg Symposium, 1983, Dissolved Loads of Rivers and Surface Water Quantity/Quality Relationships
B.W. Webb, Editor
Preface of Volume 141
Webb, B.W. & Gras, R.A.
vii PDF Icon
Preface du volume 141
Webb, B.W. & Gras, R.A.
  PDF Icon
The disolved loads of rivers : a global overview (review paper)
Walling, D.E. & Webb, B.W.
3 PDF Icon
Variation in solute concentration within the River Almond and its effect on the estimated load
Al-Jabbari, M.H., Al-Ansari, N.A. & McManus, J.
21 PDF Icon
Physiogenic and anthropogenic controls of global and regional ionic runoff
Aurada, K.D.
31 PDF Icon
Solute yield from a glacierized high mountain basin
Collins, D.N.
41 PDF Icon
Evolution de la concentration en matieres dissoutes en Afrique. Deux exemples opposes : les fleuves du Togo et la Medjerdah en Tunisie
Colombani, J.
51 PDF Icon
Trend analysis of water quality in the Sabarmati River at Ahmedabad for a decade (1968-1978)
Datta, P.S.
71 PDF Icon
Dissolved loads in streams and rivers - discharge and seasonally related variations
Davis, J.S. & Keller, H.M.
79 PDF Icon
Multivariate analysis of quality parameters to determine the chemical transport of rivers
Feher, J.
91 PDF Icon
The mechanisms of dissolved solids transport in flysch drainage basins
Froehlich, W.
99 PDF Icon
Analyse statistique des relations liant les parametres de qualite de l'eau et le debit du Rhin en huit stations de 1959 a 1974
Sabaton, C.
109 PDF Icon
Runoff processes and dissolved substances during flood events in small differentially used drainage areas
Schulte-Wulwer-Leidig, A. & Mollenhauer, K.
121 PDF Icon
A regional analysis of water quality in major streams of the United States
Stele, T.D.
131 PDF Icon
Factors controlling the chemical composition of river waters in India
Subramanian, V.
145 PDF Icon
Stream solute behavior in the River Exe basin, Devon, UK
Webb, B.W. & Walling, D.E.
153 PDF Icon
Atmospheric inputs and river transport of dissolved substances (review paper)
Meybeck, M.
173 PDF Icon
Weathering reactions, water chemistry and denudation rates in drainage basins of different bedrock types : I - sandstone and shale
Afifi, A.A. & Bricker, O.P.
193 PDF Icon
Denudation of the Piceance Creek basin, Colorado
Andrews, E.D.
205 PDF Icon
Nutrient and sediment budgets for the tidal Potomac River and Estuary
Bennett, J.P.
217 PDF Icon
The chemical mass balance of a small basin in the wet monsoonal environment and the effect of fast-growing plantation forest
Bruijnzeel, L.A.
229 PDF Icon
Biogeochemical controls on river water quality in a forested drainage basin, Warwickshire, UK
Foster, I.D.L., Carter, A.D. & Grieve, I.C.
241 PDF Icon
Dissolved and particulate load in Danish water courses
Hasholt, B.
255 PDF Icon
Mesures d'erosion chimique dans le massif des Maures : l'exemple du bassin versant du Rimbaud (Var, France)
Martin, C.
265 PDF Icon
Budget of water and its constituents for Lake Taupo (New Zealand)
Schouten, C.J.
277 PDF Icon
Stream solute sources and variations in a temperate granite drainage basin
Williams, A.G., Ternan, J.L. & Kent, M.
299 PDF Icon
The effects of hydraulic projects and theirn management on water quality (review paper)
Gras, R., Albignat, J.P. & Gosse, P.
313 PDF Icon
Methodologies de quantification des flux de nutriments en riviere
Balland, P.
333 PDF Icon
Dissolved and suspended loads of the regulated River Nidda in the Rhine-Main area
Brinkmann, W.L.F.
347 PDF Icon
Simulation numerique de l'influence des pratiques culturales dans un bassin versant sur la qualite des eaux a son exutoire
Caussade, B. & Prat, M.
359 PDF Icon
The role of detention basins for stormwater quality control
Ferrara, R.A.
371 PDF Icon
Nitrate load/discharge relationships and nitrate load trends in Danish rivers
Hagebro, C., Bang, S. & Somer, E.
377 PDF Icon
Principles underlying the development of water quality monitoring systems in Hungary
Kovacs, G. & Pinter, G.
387 PDF Icon
Real time water quality forecasting models based on the water quantity/quality relationship
Marivoet, J.L.
395 PDF Icon
Heavy metal content in sediments of lakes in southern Bavaria as a sign of a long-term environmental impact
Michler, G.
405 PDF Icon
The influence of catastrophic floods on water quality asecorded in the sediments of Blagdon Lake, England
Smith, J.P., Bradley, S.B., Macklin, M.G. & Cox, J.J.
421 PDF Icon
Comparison of water quality in drainage basins under agricultural and forest land use
Sussmann, W.
431 PDF Icon
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