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Erosion, Debris Flows and Environment in Mountain Regions

Author / Editor: D. E. Walling, T. R. Davies & B. Hasholt
Publication Number: 209
ISBN Number: 0-947571-38-8
Year: 1992
Pages: 485

Price: £10.00

Chengdu Symposium, 1992, Erosion, Debris Flows and Environment in Mountain Regions

Contents for Erosion, Debris Flows and Environment in Mountain Regions

Title Pages File
Chengdu Symposium, 1992, Erosion, Debris Flows and Environment in Mountain Regions
D. E. Walling, T. R. Davies B. Hasholt, Editors
Walling, D., Davis, T., Hasholt, B.
v-vi PDF Icon
Threshold of sediment deposition in medium stream power flow
Bordas, M. P., Silvestrini, J. H.
3-13 PDF Icon
Erosion resistance of cohesive sediments in turbulent flow
Shuyou, C., Duo, F.
15-20 PDF Icon
Soil erosion studies using rainfall simulation on forest harvested areas in British Columbia
Commandeur, P. R.
21-28 PDF Icon
Erosion and sediment yield in mountain regions of the world
Dedkov, A. P., Moszherin, V. I.
29-36 PDF Icon
Ten-years of sediment discharge measurement in the Jasenica research drainage basin, Yugoslavia
Djorovic, M.
37-40 PDF Icon
Criteria for determining the current activity of torrents in their depositional areas
Emmanouloudis, D.
41-49 PDF Icon
A conceptual geomorphological model for the development of a Mediterranean river basin under neotectonic stress (Buonamico basin, Calabria, Italy)
Ergenzinger, P.
51-60 PDF Icon
The use of fallout radionuclides in investigations of erosion and sediment delivery in the Polish Flysh Carpathians
Froehlich, W., Walling, D. E.
61-76 PDF Icon
A new look at soil erosion processes on hillslopes in highland Ecuador
Harden, C. P.
77-85 PDF Icon
Use of caesium-137 to investigate sediment sources and sediment delivery in a small glacierized mountain drainage basin in eastern Greenland
Hasholt, B., Walling, D. E.
87-100 PDF Icon
Hydrodynamic averaging of overland flow and soil erosion over rilled hillslopes
Kavvas, M. L., Govindaraju, R. S.
101-111 PDF Icon
Some remarks on the determination of the sediment delivery ratio
Klaghofer, E., Summer, W., Villeneuve, J. P.
113-118 PDF Icon
Erosion evaluation and prediction in mountain regions of Taiwan
Lo, K. F. A., Chiang, S. H., Tsai, B. W.
119-128 PDF Icon
Using caesium-137 to assess sediment movement on slopes in a semiarid upland environment in Spain
Navas, A., Walling, D. E.
129-138 PDF Icon
Improved model for bed-level changes in mountain rivers
Okabe, T.
139-146 PDF Icon
Late Holocene sediment yields in small alpine and subalpine drainage basins, British Columbia
Owens, P., Slaymaker, O.
147-154 PDF Icon
Investigation of soil erosion on terraced fields near Yanting, Sichuan Province, China, using caesium-137
Quine, T. A., Walling, D. E., Zhang, X., Wang, Y.
155-168 PDF Icon
Modelling sediment transport in arid upland basins in India
Sharma, K. D., Dhir, R. P., Murthy, J. S. R.
169-176 PDF Icon
Determining the source of suspended particulate material
Symader, W., Strunk, N.
177-185 PDF Icon
Effect of logging on subsurface pipeflow and erosion: coastal northern California, USA
Ziemer, R. R.
187-197 PDF Icon
A preliminary study of the relationship between heavy rainfall and serious debris flows
Ze-Yi, C.
201-205 PDF Icon
Rheological modelling and peculiar properties of some debris flows
Coussot, P., Leonov, A. I., Piau, J. M.
207-216 PDF Icon
Debris flow behaviour—an integrated overview
Davies, T. R., Phillips, C. J., Zhang, X. B.
217-225 PDF Icon
Flow slide movements in clayey terrains of the Italian northern Apennines
Gori, U., Tonelli, G.
227-236 PDF Icon
A catastrophic flood/multiple debris flow in a confined mountain stream: an example from the Schmiedlaine, southern Germany
de Jong, C.
237-245 PDF Icon
A study of the relationship between deposit density and debris flow type
Zhicheng, K., Yuzhang, W.
247-252 PDF Icon
The σ-effect in the formation of rockslides ; sigma
Pei, L., Tianchi, L.
253-261 PDF Icon
A decade of earthflow research and inter-related studies in the North Island of New Zealand
Marden, M., Phillips, C. J., Jackson, R. J., Zhang, X. B., Ekanayake, J.
263-271 PDF Icon
A mathematical model of shear debris flow
Mironova, E. M., Yablonskiy, V. V.
273-281 PDF Icon
Mudflood activity in the foothills of central Asia
Salikhova, D. H., Liahovskaya, L. F.
283-288 PDF Icon
Shallow landslide analysis in terrain with managed vegetation
Sidle, R. C., Terry, P. K. K.
289-298 PDF Icon
Reconstructing debris flow frequency in the southern Alps back to AD 1500 using dendrogeomorphological analysis
H. Strunk
299-306 PDF Icon
An index system for delineating landslide regions
Chenghua, W., Wanpei, T.
307-314 PDF Icon
Conversion mechanism of gravelly soil to viscous debris flow
Ying, W., Bifan, Z.
315-323 PDF Icon
Meteorological conditions associated with severe regional debris flows in China
Zuo-Shu, W.
325-328 PDF Icon
Studies of ice-snow melt debris flows in the western Tian Shan Mountains, China
Wenshou, W., Cunhai, G.
329-336 PDF Icon
Predicting debris-flow runout and deposition on fans: the importance of the flow hydrograph
Whipple, K. X.
337-345 PDF Icon
Major landslides and associated rehabilitation measures in urban areas of the republic of Korea
Woo, B. M.
347-354 PDF Icon
Characteristics of erosion and deposition from debris flows
Jishan, W.
355-360 PDF Icon
Debris flows in the Ukraine: some results of field and experimental studies
Yablonskiy, V. V., Tishchenko, A. S., Deziron, A. V., Boeva, E. G.
361-367 PDF Icon
A discussion on the velocity of debris flow
Pengcheng, Z.
369-374 PDF Icon
Reducing soil erosion associated with forestry operations through integrated research: an example from coastal British Columbia, Canada
Chatwin, S. C., Smith, R. B.
377-385 PDF Icon
Development of bioengineering strategies in rural mountain areas
Clark, J. E., Howell, J. H.
387-397 PDF Icon
The effectiveness of soil conservation structures in steep cultivated mountain regions of the Philippines
Dano, A. M., Siapno, F. E.
399-405 PDF Icon
A study of soil loss and measures for its control in the mining areas of the middle Yellow River basin
Fang Xuemin
407-411 PDF Icon
A tentative appraisal of the environmental impact of railway construction in mountain areas
Lasa, J., Jiangfang, N.
413-418 PDF Icon
Environmental degradation in the Hercynian and Alpine-Carpathian mountain regions of Czechoslovakia
Kirchner, K.
419-422 PDF Icon
The effectiveness of check dams in controlling upstream channel stability in northeastern Taiwan
Liu, C. M.
423-428 PDF Icon
The effects of forest in controlling gully erosion
Zhuo, L.
429-437 PDF Icon
A preliminary study of soil erosion and land degeneration
Chonghuan, N., Lixian, W.
439-445 PDF Icon
Landslides, degradation and erosion in Hong Kong
Peart, M. R.
447-453 PDF Icon
Benggang erosion in sub-tropical granite weathering crust geo-ecosystems: an example from Guangdong Province
Jiongxin, X., Guohua, Z.
455-469 PDF Icon
An evaluation of the initial stages of natural succession on abandoned land in mountain areas
Chenghua, Y., Heping, A.
465-469 PDF Icon
Degradation and protection of grassland on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau
Dingguo, Y.
471-476 PDF Icon
A study of land degradation and restoration in mountain environments in Liaoning Province
Huanchen, Z., Baopin, L., Guilian, L., Wenjing, Z.
477-485 PDF Icon
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