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Modelling Soil Erosion, Sediment Transport and Closely Related Hydrological Processes

Author / Editor: W. Summer, E. Klaghofer & W. Zhang
Publication Number: 249
ISBN Number: 978-1-901502-50-3
Year: 1998
Pages: 453

Price: £15.00

Vienna Symposium, 1998, Modelling Soil Erosion, Sediment Transport and Closely Related Hydrological Processes

Contents for Modelling Soil Erosion, Sediment Transport and Closely Related Hydrological Processes

Title Pages File
Vienna Symposium, 1998, Modelling Soil Erosion, Sediment Transport and Closely Related Hydrological Processes
W. Summer, E. Klaghofer W. Zhang, Editors
Summer, W.
v-vi PDF Icon
Table of Contents
Summer, W.
vii-ix PDF Icon
Surface erosion, sediment transport, and reservoir sedimentation
Yang, C. T., Randle, T. J., Hsu, S-K
3-12 PDF Icon
The linkage between hydrological processes and sediment transport at river basin scale
Krysanova, V., Becker, A., Klöcking, B.
13-20 PDF Icon
A framework for modelling erosion and sediment transport in a large drainage basin
Green, T. R., Jakeman, A. J., Zhang, L., Beavis, S. G., Dietrich, C. R.
21-30 PDF Icon
Developments in physically-based overland flow modelling
Summer, W.
33-43 PDF Icon
Rill erosion on a sandy soil: preliminary field experiment and quasi-3D numerical simulation
Ferraris, S., Carra, G., Gallo, C., Manzini, G.
45-51 PDF Icon
A self-organizing dynamic systems approach to hillslope rill initiation and growth: model development and validation
Favis-Mortlock, D., Guerra, T., Boardman, J.
53-61 PDF Icon
Factors influencing the velocity-discharge relationship in rills
Takken, I., Govers, G., Ciesiolka, C. A. A., Silburn, D. M., Loch, R. J.
63-69 PDF Icon
Freeze-thaw effects on vehicular ruts and natural rills: importance to soil-erosion and terrain modelling
Gatto, L. W.
71-79 PDF Icon
Multi-scale Green's function Monte Carlo approach to erosion modelling and its application to land-use optimization
Mitas, L., Mitasova, H.
81-90 PDF Icon
Experiments on sediment deposition by overland flow
Beuselinck, L., Gover, G., Steegen, A., Hairsine, P. B.
91-96 PDF Icon
An Optical Spectro Pluviometer for the measurement of raindrop properties
Salles, C., Poesen, J.
97-102 PDF Icon
A mathematical model of water movement through porous media
Denisov, Y., Sergeev, A., Bezborodov, G., Bezborodov, Y.
103-109 PDF Icon
Numerical modelling of air flow over complex terrain concerning wind erosion
Du, M., Wu, P., Maki, T., Kawashima, S.
111-118 PDF Icon
Simulating soil erosion and phosphorus transport on loess soils using advanced hydrological and erosional models
Gerlinger, K., Scherer, U.
119-127 PDF Icon
Modelling badlands erosion with SHETRAN at Draix, southeast France
Bathurst, J. C., Lukey, B., Sheffield, J., Hiley, R. A., Mathys, N.
129-136 PDF Icon
Comparison between two mathematical models for the computation of sediment yield from a basin
Hrissanthou, V.
137-142 PDF Icon
A site-specific systems-approach model for soil erosion and silt yield studies for hilly watershed management
Adinarayana, J., Rao, K. G., Krishna, N. R., Venkatachalam, P., Suri, J. K.
143-148 PDF Icon
Application of formulae of transporting flow capacity for the computation of suspended sediment in the Lena River
Bobrovitskaya, N. N., Zubkova, C. M.
149-156 PDF Icon
A physically-based sediment delivery model for arid regions
Sharma, K. D.
157-164 PDF Icon
Modelling suspended sediment supply to the River Rhine drainage network; a methodological study
van Dijk, P. M., Kwaad, F. J. P. M.
165-176 PDF Icon
Variations in sediment yield from an agricultural drainage basin in central Belgium
Steegen, A., Govers, G., Beuselinck, L., Nachtergaele, J., Takken, I., Poesen, J.
177-185 PDF Icon
Flooding of properties and sedimentation in retention ponds in central Belgium
Verstraeten, G., Poesen, J.
187-193 PDF Icon
Simulating long-term erosion effects on soil productivity for central Switzerland using the EPIC model
Schaub, D., Meier-Zielinski, S., Goetz, R. U.
195-201 PDF Icon
Runoff modelling in northern Algeria using a distributed physically-based model integrating remote sensing data
Belz, S. Beldjoudi, L., Lahlah, S.
203-209 PDF Icon
Runoff and soil loss from bench terraces in upland West Java, Indonesia and implications for process modelling
Bruinjnzeel, L. A., van Eijk, B., Purwanto, E.
211-220 PDF Icon
Hydrological processes and sediment yield on devastated slopes in JiangXi Province, China
Kimoto, A., Uchida, T., Ohte, N., Mizuyama, T., Changhua, L.
221-227 PDF Icon
Influence of the moisture-tension parameter on sedigraphs and hydrographs from a semiarid region in Brazil
Santos, C. A. G., Watanabe, M., Suzuki, K., Srinivasan, V. S.
231-240 PDF Icon
Assessment of suspended load trapped in a small reservoir related to the erosion in a loess basin
Bednarczyk, T., Madeyski, M.
241-247 PDF Icon
Assessment of erosion and some implications for model validation
Hasholt, B.
249-260 PDF Icon
Radio-ecological risk assessment (RRA) provided by databases of radioisotope pollution of Ukrainian water bodies
Samoylenko, V. M., Tavrov, Y. S.
261-266 PDF Icon
Use of fallout 137Cs measurements for validating and calibrating soil erosion and sediment delivery models
Walling, D. E., He, Q.
267-278 PDF Icon
Analysis of river morphological and environmental changes with the integration of historical data and image processing
Globevnik, L.
279-285 PDF Icon
Evaluation of the impacts of projects to reduce human-induced soil losses in watersheds
Abernethy, C. L., Wijayarathna, C. M.
287-295 PDF Icon
Numerical sediment transport models - theoretical and practical aspects
Habersack, H. M.
299-308 PDF Icon
Sediment transport and erosion in mountain streams
Koll, K., Dittrich, A.
309-316 PDF Icon
Short-time relations between runoff and bed load transport in a steep mountain torrent
Hegg, C., Rickenmann, D.
317-324 PDF Icon
Initial design of a model for Himalayan river sediments
Johnson, R., Bronsdon, R., Collins, R.
325-332 PDF Icon
Model for estimating gully morphology
Sidorchuk, A., Sidorchuk, A.
333-343 PDF Icon
Development of AYT gravel bed-load sampler and method for bed-load measurement
Yang, X., Gao, H.
345-352 PDF Icon
Sediment transport analysed by energy derived concepts
Summer, W., Zhang, W.
355-362 PDF Icon
The effects of inaccurate input parameters on the modelling of deposition of suspended sediment
Maurer, M., Kelanemer, Y., Bechteler, W.
363-374 PDF Icon
Sediment transport functions and their evaluation using data from large alluvial rivers of Bangladesh
Hossain, M. M., Rahman, M. L.
375-382 PDF Icon
Characterization of sediment transport and storage in the upstream portion of the Fraser River (British Columbia, Canada)
Petticrew, E. L., Biickert, S. L.
383-391 PDF Icon
Contribution à l'étude du transport solide en Algérie du nord
Meddi, M., Khaldi, A., Meddi, H.
393-397 PDF Icon
The use of relative celerities of bed forms to compute sediment transport in the Parana River
Vionnet, C., Marti, C., Amsler, M., Rodriguez, L.
399-406 PDF Icon
Transport characteristics of tile drain sediment in clay loam soils
Stone, M., Krishnappan, B. .
407-414 PDF Icon
Process-based estimation of suspended-sediment concentration during the thaw season in a small headwater basin
Kurashige, Y.
415-422 PDF Icon
The particle bound contaminant transport during low flow conditions in a small heterogeneous basin
Udelhoven, T., Symader, W., Bierl, R.
423-435 PDF Icon
Suspended sediment structure: implications for sediment and contaminant transport modelling
Droppo, I. G., Walling, D. E., Ongley, E. D.
437-444 PDF Icon
Spatial and temporal variability in fractal dimensions of suspended solids in two southern Ontario rivers
de Boer, D. H., Stone, M.
445-453 PDF Icon
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