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Human Impact on Erosion and Sedimentation

Author / Editor: D. E. Walling J.-L. Probst, Editors
Publication Number: 245
ISBN Number: 978-1-901502-30-5
Year: 1997
Pages: 311

Price: £15.00

Rabat Symposium, 1997, Human Impact on Erosion and Sedimentation

Contents for Human Impact on Erosion and Sedimentation

Title Pages File
Rabat Symposium, 1997, Human Impact on Erosion and Sedimentation
D. E. Walling J.-L. Probst, Editors
Walling, D., Probst, J-L., Diouri, A.
v-vi PDF Icon
Soil erosion in the vineyards of Champagne
3-11 PDF Icon
Soil erosion on dry farming land in two changing environments of the central Ebro Valley, Spain
Navas, A., Garcia-Ruiz, J. M., Machin, J., Lasanta, T., Valero, B., Walling, D. E., Quine,
13-20 PDF Icon
Simulation of runoff and erosion on mountainous roads in northern Thailand: a first look
Ziegler, A. D., Giambelluca, T. W.
21-29 PDF Icon
Developing a sheet erosion equation for a semiarid region
Augusto, C., Santos, G., Suzuki, K., Watanabe, M., Srinivasan, V. S.
31-38 PDF Icon
Impact d'un incendie de foret sur l'hydrologie et l'erosion hydrique d'un petit bassin versant mediterraneen
Lavabre, J., Martin, C.
39-47 PDF Icon
Impact sur l'environnement des travaux d'amenagement de la Station de Ski de Sierra Nevada (Espagne)
Pulido-Bosch, A., Gisbert, J., Al-Alwani, G.
49-56 PDF Icon
Transports de matieres en suspension sur petits bassins versants au Mali: influence des surfaces cultivees
Droux, J. P., Mietton, M., Olivry, J. C.
57-64 PDF Icon
Ecoulement et transfert de sediments dans les bassins versants de grande culture sur basalte du Rio Grande do Sul (Bresil)
Castro, N. M d R., Auzet, A-V., Bordas, M., Chevallier, P., Leprun, J-C., Mietton, M.
65-73 PDF Icon
The response of sediment yields to environmental change
Walling, D. E.
77-89 PDF Icon
The impact of hill land clearance and urbanization on runoff and sediment yield of small catchments in Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Ismail, W. R.
91-100 PDF Icon
Sediment delivery to streams from adjacent slopes on agricultural land in Denmark
Hasholt, B., Hansen, B. S., Olsen, C., Olsen, P., Sibbesen, E.
101-110 PDF Icon
Human impact upon sediment in rivers: some examples from Hong Kong
Peart, M. R.
111-118 PDF Icon
Assessing the impact of overgrazing on soil erosion in arid regions at a range of spatial scales
Sharma, K. D.
119-123 PDF Icon
Hydrological characteristics influenced by deforestation in tropical areas: the Mae Tang River basin, Thailand
Nishimura, K., Shimada, T., Yamada, T., Ishikawa, Y., Sukapunnaphan, T.
125-134 PDF Icon
Analysis of erosion in a catchment affected by a landslide
Adler, M-J., Stancalie, G., Dragoi, E.
135-144 PDF Icon
Land use changes and their effects on sediment transport and soil erosion within the Athi drainage basin, Kenya
Kithiia, S. M.
145-150 PDF Icon
Assessing the effects of land-use changes on sediment yield and channel dynamics in the central Spanish Pyrenees
Garcia-Ruiz, J. M., White, S. M., Lasanta, T., Marti, C., Gonzalez, C., Errea, M. P., Vale
151-158 PDF Icon
The role of unmetalled roads as a sediment source in the fluvial systems of the Polish Flysch Carpathians
Froehlich, W., Walling, D. E.
159-168 PDF Icon
Sediment yields in a changing environment: a historical reconstruction using reservoir bottom-sediments in three contrasting small catchments, North York Moors, UK
Lees, J., Foster, I., Jones, D., Owens, P., Walling, D., Leeks, G.
169-179 PDF Icon
Sediment management and flood protection of desert towns: effects of small catchments
Schick, A. P., Grodek, T., Lekach, J.
183-189 PDF Icon
The impact of erosion control measures on runoff processes
Ristic, R., Macan, G.
191-194 PDF Icon
Narrow stiff grass hedges for erosion control
Ritchie, J. C., Kemper, W. D., Englert, J. M.
195-203 PDF Icon
Use of satellite imagery to determine the land use management factors of the USLE
Roslan, Z. A., Tew, K. H.
205-211 PDF Icon
Application of a distributed Shallow Landslide Analysis Model (dSLAM) to managed forested catchments in Oregon, USA
Wu, W., Sidle, R. C.
213-221 PDF Icon
Application of a pedogeomorphic approach to sediment management strategies in the High Atlas mountains, southern Morocco
Price, J. P. N., Fox, H. R., Moore, H. M., Harrouni, H. C., El Alami, A.
223-230 PDF Icon
Soil erosion and reservoir sedimentation in the High Atlas Mountains, southern Morocco
Fox, H. R., Moore, H. M., Price, J. P. N., El Kasri, M
233-240 PDF Icon
Sediment deposition in the Barasona reservoir (central Pyrenees, Spain): temporal and spatial variability of sediment yield and land use impacts
Valero-Garces, B., Navas, A., Machin, J.
241-249 PDF Icon
Problems of sedimentation in small dams in Zambia
Sichingabula, H. M.
251-259 PDF Icon
The potential impact of neo-Castorization on sediment transport by the global network of rivers
Vorosmarty, C. J., Meybeck, M., Fekete, B., Sharma, K.
261-273 PDF Icon
Reservoir construction, river sedimentation and tributary sediment size
Milhous, R. T.
275-282 PDF Icon
River regulation and sediment transport in a semiarid river: the Murrumbidgee River, New South Wales, Australia
Olive, L. J., Olley, J. M.
283-290 PDF Icon
The influence of the Mosul dam on the bed sediments and morphology of the River Tigris
Al-Ansari, N. A., Rimawi, O.
291-300 PDF Icon
Human impact on sediment yield and channel dynamics in the Arno River basin (central Italy)
Billi, P., Rinaldi, M.
301-311 PDF Icon
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