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Exeter Symposium, 1982, Recent Developments in the Explanation and Prediction of Erosion and Sediment Yield

Author / Editor: D.E. Walling, Editor
Publication Number: 137
ISBN Number: 137
Year: 1982
Pages: 430

Price: £10.00

Exeter Symposium, 1982, Recent Developments in the Explanation and Prediction of Erosion and Sediment Yield

Contents for Exeter Symposium, 1982, Recent Developments in the Explanation and Prediction of Erosion and Sediment Yield

Title Pages File
Exeter Symposium, 1982, Recent Developments in the Explanation and Prediction of Erosion and Sediment Yield
D.E. Walling, Editor
Walling, D.E. & Hadley, R.F.
v-vi PDF Icon
Effects of water development on the hydrology and morphology of Platte River channels, south-central Nebraska (Commission lecture)
Hadley, R.F. & Eschner, T.R.
3-10 PDF Icon
Sediment production under various forest-site conditions
Chang, M., Roth II, F.A. & Hunt Jr, E.V.
13-22 PDF Icon
Effects of slope length and terracing on runoff and erosion on a tropical soil
Lal, R.
23-31 PDF Icon
Appreciations des phenomenes d'erosion hydrique des terres agricoles et de l'impact economique des travaux de protection
Michel, C.
33-38 PDF Icon
Impacts of soil characteristics on soil erodibility
Pall, R., Dickinson, W.T., Green, D. & McGirr, R.
39-47 PDF Icon
Variations in runoff and erosion under various methods of protection
Pinczes, Z.
49-57 PDF Icon
Erosion initiation
Rooseboom, A. & Mulke, F.J.
59-66 PDF Icon
Results of recent research on erosion processes in Hungary
Salamin, P.
67-71 PDF Icon
The role of subsurface water exfiltration in soil erosion processes
Tanaka, T.
73-80 PDF Icon
The development of sheet erosion on intensively used soils
Tregubov, P.S.
81-87 PDF Icon
Hydrological and geomorphological studies od debris slides on forested hillslopes in Japan
Tsukamoto, Y., Ohta, T. & Noguchi, H.
89-98 PDF Icon
Erosion and sediment transport processes in step-pool torrents
Whittaker, J.G. & Davies, T.R.H.
99-104 PDF Icon
The effect of soil characteristics on erosion and nutrient loss
Young, R.A. & Onstad, C.A.
105-113 PDF Icon
Long term prediction of the extremes of river bed level fluctuations
Branski, J. & Zelazinski, J.
117-122 PDF Icon
Surface flow and erosional processes in semiarid mesoscale channels and drainage basins
Bryan, R.B. & Campbell, I.A.
123-133 PDF Icon
Gully hydrology and related properties in Lesotho
Faber, T. & Imeson, A.C.
135-144 PDF Icon
Erosion and recovery of sediment concentration in the river channel downstream from Danjianko Reservoir
Qiwei, H., Yuchin, W. & Xilong, X.
145-152 PDF Icon
A proposed method for accurately calculating sediment yields from reservoir deposition volumes
Jolly, J.P.
153-161 PDF Icon
La degradation specifique des bassins versants et son impact sur l'envasement des barrages
Lahlou, A.
163-169 PDF Icon
Estimation of erosion and sediment yield by volume measurements on a lacustrine river delta
Lambert, A.M.
171-176 PDF Icon
Analysis of sediment yield and transport data for erosion control works
Mizuyama, T.
177-182 PDF Icon
Erosional processes and sediment yield in the upper Oldman River basin, Alberta, Canada
Neill, C.R. & Mollard, J.D.
183-191 PDF Icon
Erosion and sediment yield in the Krishna River basin, India
Subramanian, V.
193-198 PDF Icon
Slope length and sediment yield from hilly cropland
Tacconi, P., Billi, P. & Montani, C.
199-207 PDF Icon
Morphological investigations on the lower Salzach River downstream of Slzburg
Weiss, F.H. & Mangelsdorf, J.
209-218 PDF Icon
Mathematical simulation of erosion on graded terraces
Aka,, S.O. & Ezen, S.C.
221-228 PDF Icon
Applicability of the Universal Soil Loss Equation in mountain watersheds in semiarid and humid regions
Chinnamani, S., Venkata, V.S. & Sakthivadivel, R.
229-237 PDF Icon
On the development of drainage networks
Cordova, J.R., Rodriguez, I. & Vaca, P.
239-249 PDF Icon
Sediment modelling and data sources : a compromise in assessment
Fleming, G. & Al Kadhimi, A.
251-259 PDF Icon
Soil erosion and agriculture in the world : an assessment and hydrological implications
Golubev, G.N.
261-268 PDF Icon
Estimation of extreme sediment transport from torrential drainage basins in the East Alps
Kronfellner-Kraus, G.
269-273 PDF Icon
Development of a procedure to estimate runoff and sediment transport in ephemeral streams
Lane, L.J.
275-282 PDF Icon
Establishing soil loss and erosion hazard maps in a developing country : a West African example
Millington, A.C., Robinson, D.A. & Browne, T.J.
283-292 PDF Icon
A hydrodynamic model of sediment transport in rill flows
Prasad, S.N. & Singh, V.P.
293-301 PDF Icon
Predicting landslides in clearcut patches
Rice, R.M. & Pillsbury, N.H.
303-311 PDF Icon
Prediction of sediment yield for mountainous basins in Colombia, South America
van Vuuren, W.E.
313-325 PDF Icon
Sediment availability and the prediction of storm-period sediment yields
Walling, D.E. & Webb, B.W.
327-337 PDF Icon
Sediment quality related to discharge in a mineralized region of Wales
Bradley, S.B.
341-350 PDF Icon
Timescales of denudation : the lake-drainage basin approach
Dearing, J.A., Foster, I.D.L. & Simpson, A.D.
351-360 PDF Icon
The identification and quantification of sediment sources using 137Cs
Loughran, R.J., Campbell, B.L. & Elliott, G.L.
361-369 PDF Icon
Influence of season, source and distance on physical and chemical properties of suspended sediment
Ongley, E.D.
371-383 PDF Icon
The use of laminated lake sediments in the estimation and calibration of erosion rates
O'Sullivan, P.E., Coard, M.A. & Pickering, D.A.
385-396 PDF Icon
Particle size characteristics of fluvial suspended sediment
Peart, M.R. & Walling, D.E.
397-407 PDF Icon
Temporal variation of suspended sediment properties
Walling, D.E. & Kane, P.
409-419 PDF Icon
Analysis of the vertical distribution of high sediment concentrations in the Yellow River and studies of methods of observation
Boliang, Z. & Zhan, N.
421-430 PDF Icon
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