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Erosion and Sediment Transport Measurement in Rivers: Technological

Author / Editor: by J. Bogen, T. Fergus & D. E. Walling
Publication Number: 283
ISBN Number: 978-1-901502-42-8
Year: 2003
Pages: 238

Price: £15.00

The growing awareness of the important role of fluvial sediment in a wide range of environmental problems has accentuated the need for better and more consistent information, yet data collection in this field still lags behind other areas of hydrology. New problems call for new approaches, new strategies and new methods, in order to develop an improved understanding of cause and effect relationships for different activities within a river basin. Developments in what can be measured in the field, or on samples returned to the laboratory, and in how the data can be used, are moving forward apace. In the case of instream measurements, the environment is often hostile but innovative use of new technology enables data collection that was previously unthought of. This volume comprises a selection of 24 papers from the Oslo Workshop (2002) of the same title. They are grouped into three topics:

Contents for Erosion and Sediment Transport Measurement in Rivers: Technological

Title Pages File
Oslo Symposium, 2002, Erosion and Sediment Transport Measurement in Rivers : Technological and Methodological Advances
J. Bogen, T. Fergus & D. E. Walling, Editors
Preface of Volume 283
Bogen, J., Fergus, T. & Walling, D.E.
v-vi PDF Icon
A new definition of suspended sediment: implications for the measurement and prediction of sediment transport
Droppo, I.G.
3-12 PDF Icon
Turbidity-controlled sampling for suspended sediment load estimation
Lewis, J.
13-20 PDF Icon
Testing laser-based sensors for continuous in situ monitoring of suspended sediment in the Colorado River, Arizona
Melis, T.S., Topping, D.J. & Rubin, D.M.
21-27 PDF Icon
Continuous measurement of suspended-sediment discharge in rivers by use of optical backscatterance sensors
Schoellhamer, D.H. & Wright, S.A.
28-36 PDF Icon
Measuring suspended sediment characteristics using a LISST-ST in an embanked flood plain of the River Rhine
Thonon, I. & Van Der Perk, M.
37-44 PDF Icon
Modelling and monitoring flow and suspended sediment transport in lowland river flood plain environments
Nicholas, A.P.
45-56 PDF Icon
Using environmental radionuclides as tracers in sediment budget investigations
Walling, D.E.
57-78 PDF Icon
Sediment transport in agricultural catchments-the need for methods to trace sediment sources
Oygarden, L., Deelstra, J., Eggestad, H.O. & Vandsemb, S.M.
79-87 PDF Icon
Application of an improved PEEP system to bank erosion investigations on the River Wharfe, UK
Lawler, D.M.
88-95 PDF Icon
Development of a sediment yield model for Ghana using sediment transport data
Bambury, M. & Elgy, J.
96-102 PDF Icon
Suspended and bed load sediment transport dynamics in two lowland UK streams-storm integrated monitoring
Evans, D.J., Johnes, P.J. & Lawrence, D.S.
103-112 PDF Icon
Perspectives on bed load measurement
Ergenzinger P. & de Jong, C.
113-125 PDF Icon
Sampler size and sampling time affect bed load transport rates and particle sizes measured with bed load traps in gravel-bed streams
Bunte, K. & Abt, S.R.
126-133 PDF Icon
The continuous monitoring of bed load flux in various fluvial environments
Laronne, J.B., Alexandrov, Y., Bergman, N., Cohen, H., Garcia, C., Habersack, H.M., Powell
134-145 PDF Icon
Event bed load yield measurement with load cell bed load traps and prediction of bed load yield from hydrograph shape
Sear, D.A.
146-153 PDF Icon
Sediment monitoring of glacial rivers in Iceland: new data on bed load transport
Hardardottir, J. & Snorrason, A.
154-163 PDF Icon
An assessment of the accuracy of the Spatial Integration Method (SIM) for estimating coarse bed load transport in gravel-bedded streams using tracers
Sear, D.A., Lee, M.W.E., Carling, P.A., Oakey, R.J. & Collins, M.B.
164-171 PDF Icon
Use of radio-tracking techniques in bed load transport investigations
Habersack, H.M.
172-180 PDF Icon
Bed load measurements with a new passive acoustic sensor
Bogen, J. & Moen, K.
181-192 PDF Icon
Acoustic gravel-transport sensor: description and field tests in Little Granite Creek, Wyoming, USA
Downing, J., Farley, P.J., Bunte, K., Swingle, K., Ryan, S.E. & Dixon, M.
193-200 PDF Icon
Monitoring bed load transport using acoustic and magnetic devices
Froehlich, W.
201-210 PDF Icon
Bed load measurements with a passive magnetic induction device
Gottesfeld, A.S. & Tunnicliffe, J.
211-221 PDF Icon
Measurement of bed load with the use of hydrophones in mountain torrents
Mizuyama, T., Fujita, M. & Nonaka, M.
222-227 PDF Icon
An instrument to record sediment movement in bedrock channels
Richardson, K., Benson, I. & Carling, P.A.
228-236 PDF Icon
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