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Erosion Prediction in Ungauged Basins (PUBs): Integrating Methods and Techniques

Author / Editor: Dirk H. de Boer, Wojciech Froehlich & Takahisa Mizuyama & Alain Pietroniro
Publication Number: 279
ISBN Number: 978-1-901502-22-0
Year: 2003
Pages: 250

Price: £15.00

Human impact on runoff and erosion is increasing worldwide because of growing pressure to develop land and water resources. However, in many parts of the world runoff and erosion rates are not monitored, precluding an accurate assessment of human impact and sustainable practices. The objective of IAHS Symposium held at Sapporo, Japan, in July 2003, was to review recent developments in a wide range of methods and techniques that can be used to characterize runoff and erosion in ungauged basins, and to evaluate how to integrate the information obtained using remote sensing, GIS, modelling and other methods into a coherent view of the ungauged basin. This collection of 28 contributions thus provides an up-to-date overview of work worldwide in this field

Contents for Erosion Prediction in Ungauged Basins (PUBs): Integrating Methods and Techniques

Title Pages File
Sapporo Symposium, 2003, Erosion Prediction in Ungauged Basins (PUBs) :Integrating Methods and Techniques
Dirk H. de Boer, Wojciech Froehlich, Takahisa Mizuyama & Alain Pietroniro, Editors
Preface of Volume 279
de Boer, D., Froehlich, W., Mizuyama, T. & Pietroniro, A.
v-vii PDF Icon
Contents of Volume 279
ix-xi PDF Icon
Use of reconnaissance measurements to establish catchment sediment budgets: a Zambian example
Walling, D.E., Collins, A.L., Sichingabula,H.M. & Leeks, G.J.L.
3-12 PDF Icon
Erosion prediction in ungauged glacierized basins
Bogen J.& Bonsnes, T.E.
13-23 PDF Icon
Soil erosion in the republic of Moldova-the importance of institutional arrangements
Summer W. & Diernhofer, W.
24-32 PDF Icon
Identification of sources of sediment to Lake Samsonvale (North Pine Dam), southeast Queensland, Australia
Douglas, G., Ford, P., Jones, G. & Palmer, M.
33-42 PDF Icon
Chronology of alluvial sediment using the date of production of buried refuse: a case study in an ungauged river in central Japan
Kurashige, Y., Kibayashi, H. & Nakajima, G.
43-50 PDF Icon
Sediment yield estimation and check dams in a semiarid area (Sierra de Gádor, southern Spain)
Martin-Rosales, W.M., Pulido-Bosch, A., Gisbert, J. & Vallejos, A.
51-58 PDF Icon
Reconstructing upland sediment budgets in ungauged catchments from reservoir sedimentation and rainfall records calibrated using short-term streamflow monitoring
Holliday, V., Higgitt, D., Warburton, J. & White, S.
59-67 PDF Icon
Estimation of erosion and sediment outflow in the recent past
Mizuyama, T., Kimoto, A., Yasuda, Y., Tomomatsu, Y., Touhei, M. & Fujita, M.
68-78 PDF Icon
Mathematical model for predicting soil erosion by flowing water in ungauged watersheds
Sharma, U.C. & Sharma, V.
79-83 PDF Icon
Method for estimation of the delivery of sediments and solutes from Greenland to the ocean
Hasholt, B.
84-92 PDF Icon
A distributed model for estimating erosion and deposition of sediment in the Yellow River basin
Xu, Z.X., Takeuchi, K., Ishidaira, H. & Liu, C.M.
93-100 PDF Icon
Physically-based mathematical formulation for hillslope scale prediction of erosion in ungauged basins
Aksoy, H., Kavvas, M.L. & Yoon, J.
101-108 PDF Icon
Evaluation of an erosion simulation model in a semiarid region of Brazil
Srinivasan, V.S., de Aragão, R., Suzuki, K. & Watanabe, M.
109-116 PDF Icon
Application of a process-based model as a predictive tool for erosion loss in ungauged basins
Guimaraes Santos, C.A., Srinivasan, V.S. & de Oliveira Galvãão, C.
117-124 PDF Icon
Application of the Agricultural Non-Point Source Pollution (AGNPS) model for sediment yield and nutrient loss prediction in the Dumpul sub-watershed, Central Java, Indonesia
Nugroho, S.P.
125-130 PDF Icon
Reliability evaluation of rainfall-sediment-runoff models
Sayama, T., Takara, K. & Tachikawa, Y.
131-144 PDF Icon
Hydrological modelling of imperfectly gauged basins: a new challenge
Xia, J., Ge, T., Xin, L. & Yizhong, Z.
145-150 PDF Icon
Calibrating the SEDD model for Sicilian ungauged basins
Ferro, V., Di Stefano, C., Minacapilli, M. & Santoro, M.
151-161 PDF Icon
Effects of land-use change on runoff response in the ungauged Ta-Chou basin, Taiwan
Yu, P.-S., Wang, Y.-C. & Kuo, C.-C.
162-170 PDF Icon
Development of an interactive embeddable Geographic Information System (E-GIS) for soil erosion prediction
Munir, A. & Abdullah, M.N.
171-179 PDF Icon
Land-use based GIS-modelling for sedimentation reduction at Bili-Bili Dam, Indonesia
Abdullah, M.N., Munir, A. & Lyas, S.A.
180-187 PDF Icon
Assessment of gully erosion process dynamics for water resources management in a semiarid catchment of Swaziland, (Southern Africa)
Marker, M. & Sidorchuk, A.
188-198 PDF Icon
Predicting road erosion rates in selectively logged tropical rain forests
Douglas, I.
199-205 PDF Icon
Construction of sediment budgets in large scale drainage basins: the case of the upper Indus River
Khawaja, F.A. & De Boer, D.H.
206-215 PDF Icon
First-order analysis of overland flow buffering in an ungauged fragmented upland basin
Ziegler, A.D. & Giambelluca, T.W.
216-223 PDF Icon
Applicability of the Gavrilovic method in erosion calculation using spatial data manipulation techniques
Globevnik, L., Holjevic, D., Petkovšek, G. & Rubinic, J.
224-233 PDF Icon
Quantitative estimation of degradation in the Aliakmon River basin using GIS
Emmanouloudis, D.A., Christou, O.P. & Filippidis, E.I.
234-240 PDF Icon
Spaceborne radar interferometry: a promising tool for hydrological analysis in mountain alluvial fan environments
Catani, F., Farina, P., Moretti, S. & Nico, G.
241-248 PDF Icon
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