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Sediment Problems: Strategies For Monitoring, Prediction, And Control

Author / Editor: Richard F. Hadley Takahisa Mizuyama, Editors
Publication Number: 217
ISBN Number: 0-947571-78-7
Year: 1993
Pages: 284

Price: £10.00

Yokohama Symposium, 1993, Sediment Problems: Strategies For Monitoring, Prediction, And Control

Contents for Sediment Problems: Strategies For Monitoring, Prediction, And Control

Title Pages File
Yokohama Symposium, 1993, Sediment Problems: Strategies For Monitoring, Prediction, And Control
Richard F. Hadley Takahisa Mizuyama, Editors
Hadley, R. F., Mizuyama, T.
v-vi PDF Icon
Sediment yield in a semiarid basin: sampling equipment impacts
Simanton, J. R., Osterkamp, W. R., Renard, K. G.
3-9 PDF Icon
Incorporating social and environmental factors into a regional soil erosion system analysis
Hengyue, G., Xiarong, Q., Douglas, I., Min, H.
11-21 PDF Icon
Characteristics and control of soil erosion in Hubei Province, China
Huaxia, Y.
23-27 PDF Icon
Seasonal variation of sediment yield on a gentle slope in a semi-arid region, Tanzania
Onodera, S., Wakui, J., Morishita, H., Matsumoto, E.
29-37 PDF Icon
Correlation analysis of rainfall: classification method of rainfall in view of sediment yield and transport
Shimada, T., Miyamoto, K.
39-43 PDF Icon
Underlying rock type controls of hydrological processes and shallow landslide occurrence
Onda, Y.
47-55 PDF Icon
Characteristics of pyroclastic flows and debris flows accompanying the Mt Unzen-Fugendake eruption
Ikeya, H., Ishikawa, Y.
57-66 PDF Icon
Model of pyroclastic flow and its numerical simulation
Yamashita, S., Miyamoto, K.
67-74 PDF Icon
Study for prediction of occurrence of hillside landslides
Hiramatsu, S., Mizuyama, T., Ogawa, S., Ishikawa, Y.
75-81 PDF Icon
Inference of landslide susceptible areas by Landsat Thematic Mapper data
Samarakoon, L., Ogawa, S., Ebisu, N., Lapitan, R., Kohki, Z.
83-90 PDF Icon
An overview of reservoir sedimentation in some African river basins
Shahin, M. M. A.
93-100 PDF Icon
Investigation on sediment deposition in a designed Carpathian reservoir
Banasik, K., Skibinski, J., Gorski, D.
101-108 PDF Icon
Influence of recent climate on sedimentation in Burrinjuck Reservoir
Srikanthan, R., Wasson, R. J.
109-118 PDF Icon
A simulation model for sedimentation process in gorge-type reservoirs
Okabe, T., Amou, S., Ishigaki, M.
119-126 PDF Icon
Reservoir sedimentation for different size particles
Ito, R.
127-131 PDF Icon
Development of an on site sediment prediction model for forest roads and timber harvest areas
Robichaud, P. R., Foltz, R. B., Luce, C. H.
135-140 PDF Icon
Development of debris flow
Mizuyama, T., Kobashi, S., Guogiang, O.
141-145 PDF Icon
Measurement of sediment transport components in a drainage basin and comparison with sediment delivery computed by a soil erosion model
Hasholt, B., Styczen, M.
147-159 PDF Icon
Monitoring streambank and gully erosion by airborne laser
Ritchie, J. C., Murphey, J. B., Grissinger, E. H., Garbrecht, J. D.
161-166 PDF Icon
Erosion and runoff monitoring and modelling in a semiarid region of Brazil
Srinivasan, V. S., Galvao, C. O.
167-173 PDF Icon
Forest clearcutting and site preparation on a saline soil in East Texas: impact on sediment losses
Sayok, A., Chang, M., Watterston, K. G.
177-184 PDF Icon
An investigation of the influence of edaphic, topographic and land-use controls on soil erosion on agricultural land in the Borrowdale and Chinamora areas, Zimbabwe, based on caesium-137 measurements
Quine, T. A., Walling, D. E., Mandiringana, O. T.
185-196 PDF Icon
Experimental study on the rheological properties and hydrological mechanism of the occurrence of a volcanic mudflow
Taniguchi, Y.
197-206 PDF Icon
Environmental and hydrological implications of the development of multipurpose reservoirs in some catchments of Kenya: meeting Kenya's water demands by the year 2010
Ongwenyi, G. S., Kithiia, S. M., Denga, F. O., Abwao, P. O.
207-215 PDF Icon
An overview of the soil erosion and sedimentation problems in Kenya
Ongwenyi, G. S., Kithiia, S. M., Denga, F. O.
217-224 PDF Icon
A method for estimating soil erosion caused by surface runoff using sloping lysimeters
Banzai, K., Hayase, Y.
227-237 PDF Icon
Motion, debris size and scale of debris flows in a valley on Mount Yakedake, Japan
Suwa, H., Okunishi, K., Sakai, M.
239-248 PDF Icon
Examining the transition from sediment transport in water to mass movement
Rose, C. W., Presbitero, A. L., Misra, R. K.
249-255 PDF Icon
A comparative study on suspended-sediment discharge initiated by snow- or glacier-melting
Chikita, K.
257-267 PDF Icon
Modelling soil erosion in arid zone drainage basins
Sharma, K. D., Dhir, R. P., Murthy, J. S. R.
269-276 PDF Icon
Influence of heterogeneous sediment transport on the function of sediment control of a check dam
Maita, H.
277-284 PDF Icon
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