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Sediment and Stream Water Quality in a Changing Environment: Trends and Explanation

Author / Editor: N. E. Peters & D. E. Walling
Publication Number: 203
ISBN Number: 0-947571-08-6
Year: 1991
Pages: 374

Price: £10.00

Vienna Symposium, 1991, Sediment and Stream Water Quality in a Changing Environment: Trends and Explanation

Contents for Sediment and Stream Water Quality in a Changing Environment: Trends and Explanation

Title Pages File
Vienna Symposium, 1991, Sediment and Stream Water Quality in a Changing Environment : Trends and Explanation
N. E. Peters D. E. Walling, Editors
Peters, N. E., Walling, D. E.
v-vi PDF Icon
Climatic and glaciological influences on suspended sediment transport from an alpine glacier
Collins, D. N.
3-12 PDF Icon
Disentangling land use effects on sediment yield from year to year climatic variability
Ferguson, R. I., Grieve, I. C., Harrison, D. J.
13-20 PDF Icon
Sediment production from unmetalled road surfaces
Froehlich, W.
21-29 PDF Icon
Long-term patterns of sediment transport after timber harvest, western Cascade Mountains, Oregon, USA
Grant, G. E., Wolff, A. L.
31-40 PDF Icon
Stop sediment on the watershed, not in the stream
Heede, B. H.
41-45 PDF Icon
The impact of environmental change and conservation measures on erosion and sediment loads in the Yellow River basin
Jinze, M.
47-52 PDF Icon
Suspended sediments in streamwater—indicators of erosion and bed load transport in mountainous basins
Keller, H. M., Weibel, P.
53-61 PDF Icon
Short-term sediment budget for a small drainage basin in a mountainous abandoned farming area
Llorens, P., Gallart, F.
63-71 PDF Icon
Assessing the impact of land use change on stream sediment transport in a variable environment
Olive, L. J., Rieger, W. A.,
73-81 PDF Icon
Influence of land use change on discharge and sediment transport of floods
Overland, H., Kleeberg, H. B.
83-92 PDF Icon
Changing patterns of erosion in a peri-urban catchment, Maseru, Lesotho
Rowntree, K. M., Ntsaba, M. M., Weaver, A. V. B.
93-102 PDF Icon
The diversity of sediment yield from abandoned fields of the central Spanish Pyrenees
Ruiz-Flano, P., Lasanta-Martinez, T., Garcia-Ruiz, J. M., Otrigosa-Izquierdo, L. M.
103-110 PDF Icon
Analysis of channel instability due to catchment land-use change
Thorne, C. R.
111-122 PDF Icon
Recent rates of soil loss from areas of arable cultivation in the UK
Walling, D. E., Quine, T. A.
123-131 PDF Icon
Some characteristics of sediment transport in the Lower Yellow River
Qinghua, Z., Wenhao, Z.
133-142 PDF Icon
Long-term sedimentation effects of different patterns of timber harvesting
Ziemer, R. R., Lewis, J., Lisle, T. E., Rice, R. M.
143-150 PDF Icon
Effects of land use (ski-resort vs. traditional grazing) on stream water quality of two Pyrenean basins
Alvera, B., Barrio, G. D., Puigdefabregas, J., Diez, J. C.
153-160 PDF Icon
Stream surveys—the importance of the relation between habitat quality and biological condition
Barbour, M. T.
161-168 PDF Icon
Recent trends in NO3-N concentration and loads in British rivers
Betton, C., Webb, B. W., Walling, D. E.
169-180 PDF Icon
A protocol for using surface-floating pupal exuviae of Chironomidae for rapid bioassessment of changing water quality
Ferrington Jr, L. C., Blackwood, M. A., Wright, C. A., Crisp, N. H., Kavanaugh, J. L., Sch
181-190 PDF Icon
River salination due to dryland agriculture in the Western Cape Province, Republic of South Africa
Flugel, W. A.
191-200 PDF Icon
Dissolved organic carbon trends in small streams, land use effects and models of temporal variation
Grieve, I. C.
201-208 PDF Icon
Predicting the effect of land use on stream water quality in the UK
Heathwaite, A. L., Burt, T. P.
209-218 PDF Icon
An investigation of the hydrological response to informal settlements on small catchments in South Africa
Kelbe, B. E., Bodenstein, B., Mulder, G. J.
219-227 PDF Icon
Effects of pasture runoff on water chemistry, Buffalo National River, USA
Mott, D. N., Steele, K. F.
229-238 PDF Icon
Human impact on the water quality in a small research basin in Germany
Rieg, A., Demuth, S., Leibundgut, C.
239-248 PDF Icon
The leaching of agrochemicals under different agricultural land uses and its effect on water quality
Rose, S. C., Harris, G. L., Armstrong, A. C., Williams, J. R., Howse, K. R., Tranter, N.
249-257 PDF Icon
Hydrology and water chemistry changes after harvesting small, indigenous forest catchments, Westland, New Zealand
Rowe, L. K., Fahey, B. D.
259-266 PDF Icon
Estimation of dissolved pollutant transport to rivers from urban areas: a modelling approach
Schumann, A. H., Koncsos, L., Schultz, G. A.
267-276 PDF Icon
The biological assessment of toxic metal impacts on receiving water quality, UK
Shutes, R. B. E., Ellis, J. B., Revitt, D. M., Bascombe, A. D.
277-284 PDF Icon
Effects of season and silvicultural practices on the chemistry of first-order streams in the Ozark National Forest, Arkansas, USA
Steele, K. F., Lybrand, M. S., Wheeler, G. L., Lawson, E. R., Waide, J. B.
285-292 PDF Icon
Temporal and spatial patterns in trace-metal concentrations of a mountain stream in west–central Colorado, USA
Steele, T. D., Weaver, R. M., Mott, D. E.
293-302 PDF Icon
Design and application of a sediment and contaminant transport modelling system
Bathurst, J. C., Purnama, A.
305-313 PDF Icon
Exchange of heavy metals between sediment and water in the Wloclawek Reservoir on the Vistula River
Dojlido, J. R., Taboryska, B.
315-320 PDF Icon
Lake sediments: a surrogate measure of sediment associated heavy metal transport in fluvial systems?
Foster, I. D. L., Charlesworth, S. M., Dearing, J. A., Keen, D. H., Dalgleish, H.
321-328 PDF Icon
Influence of erosion on the transport of suspended sediment and phosphorus
Hasholt, B.
329-338 PDF Icon
The use of sediment-trace element geochemical models for the identification of local fluvial baseline concentrations
Horowitz, A. J., Elrick, K. A., Demas, C. R., Demcheck, D. K.
339-348 PDF Icon
Water quality trends in the Windrush catchment: nitrogen speciation and sediment interactions
Johnes, P. J., Burt, T. P.
349-357 PDF Icon
Transport of particulate nutrients and pollutants in the low land River Spree
Kozerski, H. P., Kohler, J., Schellenberger, G.
359-366 PDF Icon
Heavy metals in the water and sediments of Guan-Ting Reservoir
Xian-Chen, S., Miao-Song, Y., Hui-Hua, F.
367-374 PDF Icon
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