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The Structure, Function and Management Implications of Fluvial Sedimentary Systems

Author / Editor: Fiona J. Dyer, Martin C. Thoms & Jon M. Olley
Publication Number: 276
ISBN Number: 978-1-901502-96-1
Year: 2002
Pages: 484

Price: £15.00

This volume comprises the proceedings of a symposium of the same name held in September 2002 at Alice Springs in Australia, as a contribution to the UNESCO IHP-V Project 2.1: Vegetation, Land Use and Erosion. The 54 papers cover a wide range of topics pertaining to fluvial sedimentary systems, recognizing their role and the way in which they are managed for the health of riverine systems

Contents for The Structure, Function and Management Implications of Fluvial Sedimentary Systems

Title Pages File
Symposium, 2002, The Structure, Function and Management Implications of Fluvial Sedimentary Systems
Fiona J. Dyer, Martin C. Thoms & Jon M. Olley, Editors
Preface of Volume 276
Dyer, F.J., Thoms M.C. Olley, J.M.
v-vi PDF Icon
Contents of Volume 276
Dyer, F.J., Thoms M.C. Olley, J.M.
vii-x PDF Icon
Flume experiments and modelling of flow–sediment–vegetation interactions
James, C.S., Jordanova A.A. Nicolson, C.R.
3-10 PDF Icon
Associations between channel morphology and large woody debris in a lowland river
Hughes, V. Thoms, M.C.
11-18 PDF Icon
Connectivity and fragmentation of flood plain–river exchanges in a semiarid, anabranching river system
McGinness, H.M., Thoms, M.C. Southwell, M.R.
19-26 PDF Icon
Organic carbon supply to a large lowland river and implications for aquatic ecosystems
Olley, J.M.
27-34 PDF Icon
Techniques to quantify the variability of thalweg profiles
Bartley, R. Rutherfurd, I.
35-44 PDF Icon
Development of a method to assess ecological impact due to hydrological regime alteration of Scottish rivers
Black, A.R., Bragg, O.M., Duck, R.W. Rowan, J.S.
45-51 PDF Icon
Predicting channel type from catchment and hydrological variables
Young, W.J., Ogden, R.W., Hughes, A.O. Prosser, I.P.
53-60 PDF Icon
Hydraulic habitat in confluences: an ecological perspective on confluence hydraulics
Franks, C.A., Rice, S.P. Wood, P.J.
61-68 PDF Icon
Evaluation of small rivers by combining biological sampling with a structure analysis of river beds
Vogt, C. Symader, W.
69-76 PDF Icon
Physical and ecological associations in dryland refugia: waterholes of the Cooper Creek, Australia
Davis, L., Thoms, M.C., Fellows, C. Bunn, S.
77-84 PDF Icon
Restoration of dynamic flood plain topography and riparian vegetation establishment through engineered levee breaching
Mount, J.F., Florsheim, J.L. Trowbridge, W.B.
85-92 PDF Icon
Topographical change and sediment transport after habitat improvement in the Pankenai River, Japan
Kurashige, Y.
93-102 PDF Icon
The impact of reservoir regulation on the processes of erosion and sedimentation of the delta in Lake Øyeren, Norway
Bogen, J. Bonsnes, T.E.
103-112 PDF Icon
Eco-geomorphology: an interdisciplinary approach to river science
Thoms, M.C. Parsons, M.
113-120 PDF Icon
Linking the physical form and processes of rivers with ecological response (keynote paper)
Hudson, H.R.
121-140 PDF Icon
Heavy metal mining and flood plain response in the upper Clyde basin, Scotland
Rowan, J.S. Franks, S.W.
143-150 PDF Icon
Effective discharge for heavy metal deposition on the lower River Rhine flood plains
Middelkoop, H., Thonon, I. van der Perk, M.
151-160 PDF Icon
Sediment-associated mercury distribution within a major Amazon tributary: century-scale contamination history and importance of flood plain accumulation
Maurice-Bourgoin, L., Aalto, R. Guyot, J.L.
161-168 PDF Icon
Quantifying sediment sources in lowlying sugarcane land: a sediment budget approach
Visser, F., Roth, C.H., Wasson, R.J. Prosser, I.P.
169-176 PDF Icon
Late Holocene flood plain development following a cataclysmic flood
Erskine, W.D. Peacock, C.T.
177-184 PDF Icon
Channel and flood plain response to reforestation in the Dragonja basin, southwestern Slovenia: linking past and present
Keesstra, S.D.
185-194 PDF Icon
What happens when flood plains wet themselves: vegetation response to inundation on the lower Balonne flood plain
Sims, N.C. Thoms, M.C.
195-202 PDF Icon
Flood-driven formation and destruction of a forested flood plain and in-channel benches on a bedrock-confined stream: Wheeny Creek, southeast Australia
Webb, A.A., Erskine, W.D. Dragovich, D.
203-210 PDF Icon
Reconstructing historic floods using sediments from embanked flood plains: a case study of the River Tay in Scotland
Paine, J.L., Rowan, J.S. Werritty, A.
211-218 PDF Icon
An improved method for evaluation of sediment loads for river management
De Bonis, P., Fattoruso, G., Grauso, S., Onori, F. Pagano, A.
219-225 PDF Icon
Flood plain contribution to open channel flow structure
Carling, P.A., Cao, Z. Ervine, D.A.
227-238 PDF Icon
Land-use options for the flood plains of the northeastern region of India
Sharma, U.C.
239-244 PDF Icon
Assessing the hydrological changes to flood plain wetland inundation caused by river regulation
Dyer, F.J.
245-254 PDF Icon
Channel flood plain linkages on the Kam Tin River, Hong Kong
Peart, M.R. Wong, H.
255-262 PDF Icon
Storage of sediment and nutrients in littoral zones of a shallow tropical reservoir: a case of Timah Tasoh Reservoir, Perlis, Malaysia
Ismail, W.R., Abu-Bakar, K.R., Rahaman, Z.A., Kamaruzzaman, N., Ali, A.B. Mansor, M.
263-270 PDF Icon
Emerging issues in flood plain research (keynote paper)
Nanson, G.C. Croke, J.C.
271-278 PDF Icon
Hydrological response of Ngarradj—a seasonal stream in the wet–dry tropics, Northern Territory, Australia
Moliere, D.R., Boggs, G.S., Evans, K.G. Saynor, M.J.
281-288 PDF Icon
Magnitude–frequency analysis of suspended sediment loads in the subtropical Richmond River basin, northern New South Wales, Australia
McKee, L.J., Hossain, S. Eyre, B.D.
289-296 PDF Icon
Discharge magnitude and frequency as a control on proglacial fluvial sedimentary systems
Marren, P.M., Russell, A.J. Knudsen, O.
297-304 PDF Icon
The role of hydrograph shape in controlling glacier outburst flood (jökulhlaup) sedimentation
Rushmer, E.L., Russell, A.J., Tweed, F.S., Knudsen, O. Marren, P.M.
305-314 PDF Icon
Suspended sediment concentrations and the geomorphic effect of sub-bankfull flow in a central Australian stream
Bourke, M.C.
315-324 PDF Icon
Sediment and organic matter transfer following bushfires in the Blue Mountains, Australia
Dragovich, D. Morris, R.
325-332 PDF Icon
Changes in chemical characteristics of river bed samples caused by exceptional high floods in the Kartelbornsbach basin near Trier
Symader, W. Roth, M.
333-338 PDF Icon
Fluvial transport of sediment across a pristine tropical foreland basin: channel–flood plain interaction and episodic flood plain deposition
Aalto, R., Dunne, T., Nittrouer, C.A., Maurice-Bourgoin, L. Montgomery, D.R.
339-344 PDF Icon
Temporal–spatial variations in the sediment delivery ratio of small drainage basins: the Russian Plain example
Golosov, V.
345-354 PDF Icon
Magnitude and frequency controlling fluvial sedimentary systems: issues, contributions and challenges (keynote paper)
Dollar, E.S.J.
355-362 PDF Icon
Sediment budgets and self-organization in a cellular landscape model
De Boer, D.H. Ali, K.F.
365-372 PDF Icon
New views of the morphodynamics of large braided rivers from high-resolution topographic surveys and time-lapse video
Hicks, D.M., Duncan, M.J., Walsh, J.M., Westaway, R.M. Lane, S.N.
373-380 PDF Icon
Assessment of the hydraulic roughness of river flood plains using laser altimetry
Asselman, N.E.M., Middelkoop, H., Ritzen, M.R. Straatsma, M.W.
381-388 PDF Icon
Assessment of historic flood plain sedimentation rates along the River Meuse in The Netherlands using 137Cs dating with PHAROS
van Wijngaarden, M., Rigollet, C. De Meijer, R.J.
389-398 PDF Icon
Sediment movement on steep slopes to the Mekong River: an application of remote sensing
Gupta, A. Ping, C.
399-406 PDF Icon
The role of flood plain sedimentation in catchment sediment and contaminant budgets
Walling, D.E. Owens, P.N.
407-416 PDF Icon
Iffezheim field test—three years experience with a petrographic tracer
Golz, E.
417-424 PDF Icon
Estimating residence times of fine sediment in river channels using fallout 210Pb
Wallbrink, P., Olley, J.M., Hancock, G.
425-432 PDF Icon
The possible role of agricultural land drains in sediment delivery to a small reservoir, Worcestershire, UK: a multiparameter fingerprint study
Foster, I.D.L., Lees, J.A., Jones, A.R., Chapman, A.S., Turner, S.E. Hodgkinson, R.
433-442 PDF Icon
Quantitative sediment fingerprinting using a Bayesian uncertainty estimation framework
Small, I.F., Rowan, J.S. Franks, S.W.
443-450 PDF Icon
Using multivariate statistical techniques to interpret patterns of flood plain sedimentation
Foster, J.M., Thoms, M.C. Parsons, M.
451-462 PDF Icon
A critical reflection of computational fluid dynamics applications to fluvial sedimentary systems
Cao, Z. Carling, P.A.
463-470 PDF Icon
Sediment budgets, dynamics, and variability: new approaches and techniques (keynote paper)
Wasson, R.J.
471-478 PDF Icon
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